What is your soap name?

Have you ever imagined playing a character on your favorite soap and going toe-to-to with the likes of Victor Newman, Erica Kane or Brooke Logan? Have you imagined falling in love with, or having a torrid affair, with a character like Shawn Christian’s Daniel Jonas (wink wink Nicki), Brandon Beemer’s Owen Knight, Van Hansis Luke Snyder, Kelly Monaco’s Sam McCall or Kirsten Storms Maxie Jones?

Here’s something fun to do on a Friday while you are waiting for the clock to count down to the weekend.

Determine what your soap charater’s name would be by combining your middle name with the name of the street you grew up on. Then give a brief description of what type of character he or she would be and who you’d like to see them paired with and who would you like to see be their biggest rival. Would she be a vixen or a good girl? Would he be a corporate shark or a hunky detective?  Let your imagination be your inspiration.

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    Lisa K.

    Hmm….my character’s name would be Mae Francis.

    Of course I’d have to have my character on All My Children….the new vixen in Pine Valley to give Erica and Kendall a run for their money. She’d definately be a smart, sophisticated corporate rader-type that tries to take Enchantment/Fusion away from the gals…but succeeds! Then for the nice soap opera twist….I’d have to be a long-lost relative of Palmer Cortlant. I’d use my power at Cortlant Industries to help take over Fusion and drive a wedge between Opal and Erica while I’m at it!

    What do you think?
    LOL….that was fun!

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    This doesn’t work in my case. I would be Ann Route 8, lol. Okay, modifying that, I’d be Ann Root, a frumpy, clumsy yet comedic type who sets her sights on Spinelli. His feelings aren’t recriprocated until his laptop crashes one night and I magically fix it. Then Sam and Maxie team up to help glam me up and Spin can’t keep his hands off me. I convince him to start his own software company and soon he’s the next Bill Gates of Port Charles.

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    elbugten, Spinelli as Bill Gates? I likey, I likey. It would be interesting to see him in a business meeting w/ Tracy and Edward. That would be comedic gold.

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    Joyce Morris.

    I’d be a strong bitch with a secret lineage. I’d always go after the bad boys like OLTL’s Todd or GH’s Jason. I’d kick ass and take names and make every woman in town hate me.

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    My name would be Jessica Fonthill.
    I have had this GH fantasy for a while (way before Courtney came on the scene and way before Jason took over the mob). I would be a secret sister of Sonny’s that has lived either in Puerto Rico or on the island all this time. I come to Port Charles because I am tired of being hidden away. Sonny has me stay with Jason for my protection and we fall in love. :)

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    Bernard Grenville.

    Half-brother of Clayton Boudreaux.

    Uncle to Remy and Melissande.

    Married to Gilly Grant Speakes-Grenville, new station manager of WSPR.

    Shares secret past with Felicia Boudreaux, which produced a love child.

    Owner and CEO of LTA, oil company formerly owned by Josh Lewis, Amanda Spaudling and Ross Marler.

    Interested in taking over Lewis Oil, based on hidden, long time grudge against HB Lewis who I blame for “stealing” my grandfather’s share of the profits from the first oil well they discovered together which would later become LO.

    Best friends with Reva Lewis, whom I got to know after Josh had left her in Oklahoma.

    Very interested in Olivia Spencer, much to Gilly’s chagrin.

    Determined to keep the secret the love child’s identity:

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    Long Time Reader, 1st Post, Thought this was really cool.

    My name would be Durell Copeland. Id arrive in Port Charles as a brand new artist signed to L&B Records. To pay the bills I find work around the docks and that’s where I meet Sam McCall. She shows me around the city, helping me settle in and also meeting people my age like Maxie and Spinelli. One night at the penthouse , I tell Spinelli & Maxie that I’m actually in Port Charles to find my father. My mother, Keisha Ward, left many years ago and now I came back to find the other half of my family. My friends and I team up to find out who my real father is; AJ or Jason?

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    Jo Elgin.

    Secret love child of Sonny and an exotic dancer. Crazy about Spinelli. Seduce Maxie in order to clear the way with Spin and end up torn between Maxie and Spin!

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    Mine would be Marie Spafford. I’d be a daughter of a oil tycoon arriving in Llanview PA to see my  cousins  Bo Buchanan and Clint Buchanan.  Since my father’s untimely death, I have taken over the company and hope partner up with BE.  The only problem is my cousin Bo and I don’t get along and I need to get into his good graces.  I may start chumming up with Vicki first!

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    My birth name would be Rochelle Marcy.

    I’d arrive in Genoa City roughly around the same time of the arrival of Jack’s older son Keemo Volien Abbott as played by Takeshi Kaneshiro. I would be hired as CFO of Newman Enterprises (the youngest in the company’s history). While Jack has reclaimed control of Jabot after discovering that Gloria was behind the tainted cream incident and that Jill is not the biological daughter of Katherine. He hires Keemo and they work side by side.

    Since, Newman and Jaobt are constantly battling, Keemo and I are constantly going at it (a la Tracy and Hepburn). But, of course, our constant bickering turns into passion. We become closer despite our work relationship. Keemo has a young daughter w/ his ex-wife, who comes to town only to announce that they aren’t divorced, which puts an end to our relationship because I can no longer trust him. After months of her constant scheming she is found dead, while there are more than enough suspects, she has managed to piss off the whole town practically, I’m arrested in connection w/ her murder.

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    Jillian Bowe

    ***OMFG: That means my soap name is Lynn Marie Latham!***

    LMAO! Now that’s a name change ala Adam Wilson.

    My soap name would be Sarah Jane "Sassy" Barker and people would call me Sass or Sassy like they did jazz singer Sarah Vaughn. I’d be one of those chick’s they’d say, "Her name really fits," because my character would be sassy and ready to bite or bark (hence Barker) back on anyone messing with me or my family.

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