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Here’s the Scoop! 08.11.08

It’s gonna be a quickie, I’m a busy gal today!  Check back for updates!

The Scrubs Proposal…. is it at GH? At Jake’s?  Remember, there are a possible three proposals before Robin agrees to become Mrs. Drake. The scenery may be suspect for a marriage proposal but from what I keep seeing, Patrick is 1000% serious. Still hearing that the ultrasound is happening on screen on General Hospital.  So much for the sync up with Night Shift.

Johnny calling in for sisterly back-up?  SPOILERS say that Johnny asks Claudia to look into Laura’s breakdown.

Liason scene this week!  Will the fan favorite couple be on two days this week?  I am hearing they’re scenes are Wednesday and Thursday.  I don’t want to get any Liason fan’s hopes up, namely mine, but I am also seeing that these are some pretty good scenes. RUMORS of a goodbye just may be an intended goodbye kiss that goes much further. Will Jason realize what he took from Sonny when he blackmailed him to give up Michael and Morgan? 

StoneCold and the Jackal stake out should be tomorrow. 
Maxie succeeds in rescuing Spinelli today.

Jerry is hurt, again.

LuSam… Lucky says I love you. Will Sam return the sentiment?  RUMORS say she’s a shocked lady when Lucky professes his love. RUMORS also there is a LuSam love scene as well. Remember I already SPOILED that Sam and Lucky come clean with Elizabeth about the fake break-up. How will Elizabeth take the news? At first, not well. She’s been running all over town trying to get her ex reunited with her one-time enemy.  She may be a little ticked, but it should be short lived.

Naudia… are they giving in to the sexual tension?

Sonny is going after ZaCrazy!
  Remember the whack job threatens Kristina.

Finola Hughes on Night Shift
Look for Anna Devane to make the primetime jump towards the end of the season. 

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  1. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I guess we couldn’t hope for continuity between GH and NS since Guza is GH Mobsters and this writer is all about the hospital, love it! The spoilers for Liason sound great, hopefully just a goodbye kiss and not an offical goodbye. Thank you Reagan……:)

  2. Profile photo of wannanewGH

    Good morning and thank you for the spoilers. I am looking forward to the scrubs interaction. I think it is so refreshing to have the girl save the day . I am talking about Maxie saving Spin. She does it in a way that is fun and cute. Not like Carly trying to save the day. That just comes off annoying and infuriating.

  3. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I don’t mean to be cynical but isn’t it kind of mean to have a big goodbye scene with Liason and a kiss go farther than it’s suppose to and then have them say goodbye and not see each other again for a while….Then again I suppose you guys are accustomed to the give and take….I would be furious…..that’s why I could never bring myself to be excited for this couple…..
    I’m pumped for the Lusam stuff and really excited to see Alexis….Do you know if she has any scenes with Sam???????

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Jason and Elizabeth are going to find it harder and harder to stay apart.  It’s being RUMORED as a goodbye that goes further… not a permanent goodbye.  However, as a Liason fan the push and pull is old but I love them to pieces and will take all I can get.

  5. Profile photo of ghaddict

    wow it really amazes me at how loyal their fans are and then it kind of pisses me off that Guza doesn’t seem to really care…I really don’t understand his reasoning (if any) for not having that couple together….especially since he broke Jasam up for it…I sometimes wonder if he brought Liz so heavily back into the picture only to be a catalyst in the Jasam break up and never intended to have Liason be together……

  6. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I sometimes wonder if he brought Liz so heavily back into the picture only to be a catalyst in the Jasam break up and never intended to have Liason be together……

    ghaddict: I would think that too except for the fact that he gave them Jake. I assume that since they have a child together that Liason is going to be a go for at least a couple of years…

  7. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Honestly, I don’t give Guza any credit for knowing what he wants or for long range planning. I would think that if he wants Jason and Liz together, he would get on with it before he alienates every viewer. Their fans are pissed and the non-fans are bored. I love you but we can’t be together but I will see you in a few weeks so I can tell you that again. Honestly, they had more screen-time together when he was with Sam. Guza – Give us all a break and go play with monster trucks somewhere and leave the romance to someone who knows how to write. Please!!!

  8. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree with you LIASON need to be together now, that what is left from the people that watch GH, will stay and watch!!!!
    I just hope that the LIASON scene that is coming this week will at least be gooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  9. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan for the morning spoilers. So looking forward to this week of GH, never look forward to GH anymore but since we have some good scenes coming up with Liason, I am locking my bedroom door so my kids don’t bother me, and making the answering machine go on and hopefully relaxing with some romance in the afternoon.

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura


    Johnny’s in lock up!  Yup the mafia prince lands himself in the slammer, most likely to get Lulu some help. Lulu will have scenes with Jason and Lucky.

    Sam’s hurt and Lucky plays doctor.

  11. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I can’t even begin to express my disappointment with GH these days….even with my favorite couple getting some screen time… they really plan to have Johnny and Lulu on everyday while they are on the run…what’s with GH and over exposure of characters….everytime they have a storyline they are excited about the entire show becomes about that…this storyline would have been so much better if they were on like three days a week so that maybe the viewers can start to wonder what they’re up to like the entire cast is….this entire storyline is stupid and contrived i’m actually thinking about not watching until Laura returns (when is that by the way???) and i’ll keep up with the Sam and Lucky storyline on you tube…..

  12. Profile photo of jasonsgrl28

    I’m excited about the maybe Liason scenes I love this couple so much and have to admith I haven’t watched GH since may 20th except for the few days they have been on for 30 sec anyway I hope Guza gets his head out of his *** and give us some love in the afternoon By the way is all the talk about the uproar with fans and ratings really true?

  13. Profile photo of BigDede

    Lusam love. SWOON! :)

    I just love them. I really hope Sam responds to Lucky’s ILY because I remember during the Lucky/Sam/Liz/Jason stuff of 2007 Sam told Liz she was falling for Lucky.

    More Liason, thank gawd!

  14. Profile photo of liason4real

    Go Liason!t Thank you Regan! I had to turn to all of the wonderful Liason fanfic’s in order to keep my habit going. BTW, thanks to those folks who write the Liason fanfic’s, they keep me one happy camper, until I get the real thing on TV.

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