The Young and the Restless: Quote of the Day

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Jack Abbott gave me the quote of the day on Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless. He was discussing the article he wanted to have written about David Chow’s (Vincent Irizarry) life, including his marriage to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Sharon (Sharon Case) was discussing the possible impact that it would have on Victor (Eric Braeden) when Jack informed her that he is missing.

Jack: "He’s disappeared."
Sharon: "What? He’s disappeared, like you think something bad happened to him?"
Jack: "The Moustache? I doubt it. You could drop a nuclear bomb on Genoa City; only Victor and the cockroaches would survive."

That sums up the nature of their relationship. Jack’s observation of Victor is very perceptive. Victor has the propensity to drop off the radar and somehow survive. Let the games begin!

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    Jack’s line was good, but Nikki’s move was much better! I literally jumped up and down when she poured David’s ashes right where they belonged! The only thing to make it better would’ve been for her to mix the ashes in the crap with a shovel to make sure they didn’t blow away or couldn’t be recovered.

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