Betty White Celebrates 60 Years in Show Business

Betty White recently celebreated 60 years in show business with her former Mary Tyler Moore Show co-stars, among others. White, who portrays the mother of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Stephanie Forrester, Ann Douglas is an entertainment icon and has legions of fans. 

I thought it might be fun for fans to share their favorite moments from her long career. What are your favorite Betty White roles, characters, moments or appearances?

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    The Mary Tyler Moore show show started the year I was born and ended when I was 7, I watched it here and there, and basically when my mother said I could, so that’s that!  Although she was briefly on Mama’s Family as Ellen Harper Jackson, my favorite character that Betty ever played was Rose Nylund! She played the ditzy loveable St. Olafian so well!  My favorite lines from that was when she would say ‘Back in St. Olaf….’ or one of my favorite episodes was when Rose mistakenly put an ad in the paper for Dorothy under the personal’s ad saying she’ll do anything for eight dollars an hour! LOL  I actually still watch her to this day on the Golden Girls as I bought the DVD’s!!!.   

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    I loved her on Mary Tyler Moore!! For any Betty White fan that hasn’t seen that show – it’s a must!! The show is great and Betty is unbelievably funny in it – Sue Ann Nivens was a scream!

    I loved her on the Golden Girls, B&B, and Lake Placid :) And I’ve seen a bunch of clips of her game show appearances and she’s hysterical.

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    Betty Whited played was Rose Nylund
    I favorites line from her was “Back in Saint Olive”.. And then there was that one when they where caught on the island and got lost, and Rose acted alla bitchy and started ording everybody around.. And I still watch GG, till this day.. Even though i seen every single episode.. They where soo funny..

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/B&B/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!

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    Back in the very ealy days, about 1950 she did a series called, Life With Elizabeth, that has remained a favorite of mine all these years.
    is that Rhoda next to Murray? If so she really got thin!

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    Of course loved her on Golden Girls(what I remember, I was really little!), but also a really quick guest appearance on “My Wife And Kids” as a Mary Poopins-ish Nanny. It was pretty funny and different….she even flew away at the end!

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    I loved her recent work on Boston Legal and also the Roast of William Shatner. I loved her guest spot on The Wayne Brady Show. Something about seeing this Octogenarian talk like a trucker and dispel this image she created on The Golden Girls as Rose.. well I find it all that much more hilarious.

    I also enjoy catching “vintage” episodes of various game shows from years ago – most often the Match Game.

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    Her role as Catherine Piper in “Boston Legal” was just fantastic. But I also loved her as Rose in “Golden Girls” and as Stephanie’s Mom in “Bold and the Beautiful”.

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