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Here’s the Scoop! 08.12.08

The LuSam Reveal… not quite as scandalous as I make it sound but Elizabeth does show up at Sam’s after Lucky and Sam have hit the sheets sofa.  During their post sex bliss, the couple discuss their relationship. Is this when Lucky drops the I Love You? Not sure but SPOILERS say Elizabeth shows up at Sam’s most likely trying to once again get her one-time enemy to reunite with Lucky.  LuSam fills Liz in on the details of their fake out. 

More RUMBLINGS that Jagger will be back on General Hospital.  Antonio Sabato Jr’s
return to Port Chuck via Night Shift had the fans wondering if we’d see Jagger back on our daytime TV and we’re hearing it COULD be happening.

Nikolas consults Alexis… will his aunt suggest mental illness as a defense?

When Jax returns he’s not happy.  He’ll find his wife way too deep in the mob world they fought to get the boys away from. 


Sam McCall, Police Officer? That’s one CRAZY RUMOR out there.


Liason Push?  Have the fans been heard or is someone trying to get Liason Fan’s hopes up?  RUMORS sugggest that what was once stalled MAY now be getting a little pick me up.  We will see what happens as I know evey Liason fan will be waiting for their couple to happen. With every bit of hope however, there’s always something/someone waiting in the wings to shatter it.  Some insiders say that while we’ll get the few Liason scenes what we’ll start to see is Jason and Elizabeth more with other characters than each other. Also out there is that Jason may start liking being the mob king pin more and more.  Will he become a power addict too?

Anna and Robert leaving together?  That’s a RUMOR out there for Night Shift.  I mentioned that we should look for Finola Hughes to pop up on the primetime sudser towards the end of the show’s second season run.  Now RUMORS say that a cured Robert will leave PC with Anna at his side.

Another RUMOR making the rounds…
someone gets married on September 26th but it’s not Sonny and Kate.  Who?  Scrubs!  There are more RUMORS popping up surrounding Sonny and Kate’s nuptials.  I am STILL hearing that Skate’s wedding takes a dire turn and there MAY be blood shed.  There are some that claim despite the RUMORS, Sonny and Kate will in fact marry. 

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    Thanks Regan, As a huge Liason fan, I’m hoping the fans have been heard, but I am also used to disappointment. Tuned out GH for 3 years when Jason started up with Courtney and it maybe time to tune out again.

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    Thank you for the scoops Regan :) :) :) :) :)
    I also hope that they the fans cry about LIASON got to someone ther.
    and they understood that ther is a limit on what we can stand!!!!
    But if it only helped that we will now see Liason in very small scenes, it means that they didnt understand us at all.
    we want LIASON together as a couple and as a family that its not in a safehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is what we want!!!!!!
    I hope they will not change Jason into power adict, at first he loved the power but he changed ,so now after he has a child they will change him in to Sonny, that is a stupid idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you again Regan
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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    Hi reagan, thanks for the spoilers. I have a question, do you know how this Jolu story is going to play out. Does Lulu ever admit guilt or does Johnny keep it up that he was one? Thanks

  4. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Is there a reason that no one in town ever makes it as far as the bedroom? Carly and Jax are the only ones ever seen in the bedroom.
    I really wish they would find something else for Liz to do besides wandering the town and giving advice to everyone else.
    Carly is an idiot. How exactly was Sonny dangerous? Oh yeah, because proximity could get her kids shot. How is it OK for her to hang out with Jason? Silly girl.

  5. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    If they bring Jagger onto GH, doesn’t that mean that he’ll be a good guy with brains? It would be interesting to see who would win… the mobsters or Jagger considering Jagger has a lot of mmmm appeal too. They better not dumb him down if they do bring him on. It’ll be interesting too… this Jason won’t remember Jagger but they used to be rivals and then friends. It’s a whole new dynamic though.

  6. Profile photo of Trisha

    You know, I loved Liason the first time around, but not this time. One of the reasons I didn’t want them to be a couple was the obvious problems when it comes to the mob. I didn’t want Liz to become a hypocrite and forget everything that made her hide Jake’s paternity in the first place. And now that Jason took over and forced Sonny to give up his rights to Morgan and Michael, I can’t see him being happy with Liz without being a hypocrite as well. Will Guza find a way to get beyond those hypocritical boundaries that inevitably keeps Liason apart?

    Secondly, why is it that Guza can’t seem to write for any couple? Everyone seems to be stuck in a loop. He can write rivalries and mob stuff, but he can’t write romance anymore.

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    Kelev Ra

    Thanks for the scoops… again not getting my hopes up for Liason, I already don’t watch, so if they don’t happen, I just won’t come back to GH. **** sigh ***** Not much else on GH interests me.. Maxie and Spin and Jason that’s about it.. but Jason without Liz is like toast without butter… What’s the point?

  8. Profile photo of season1217

    When you think about it I don’t know why everyone is so upset w/ the whole Liason thing. This is how Jason has been written as long as he’s been Jason M. He always chooses the mob over a woman. The only way the two of them can be together is for him to quit the mob. It wouldn’t make sense any other way. Elizabeth blasted Lucky for this use of drugs but she’d be willing to be w/ a mobster? Doesn’t make sense. And the fact of the matter is Jason is not getting out of the mob any time soon. Jason always picks the mob, that is the real love of his life.

  9. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan for the scoops as always. I really hope that they will please give us the fans what we want with Jason and Elizabeth. If they give us what we want, we will give them what they want, the ratings to increase. Don’t they see that? I too don’t want Jason to become another Sonny, been there, done that, don’t need to see it happen again. Jason needs to be with Elizabeth and his family and make a story around that which they can do if they would all just put their heads together. We still have to have the Q’s involved with Alan’s will, the Q’s need to drive Jason nuts again about a great grandchild being in the picture, so much story to tell, lets get it going please.

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    Regan Cellura

    I have a question, do you know how this Jolu story is going to play out. Does Lulu ever admit guilt or does Johnny keep it up that he was one? Thanks

    At this time, I am not sure how Jolu’s story plays out.  Johnny does turn himself in and it appears that Lulu is in Shadybrook with her mama.  Whether or not the true killer is revealed… I am not sure.

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    Kelev Ra

    ITA LizznJas4ever.. ASJ might spice things up a little.. as long as they keep him far far away from the town Ho’s As far as Liason goes.. if they can bring people back from the dead, they can make this couple work.. it’s not that far fetched IMO. ;)

  12. Profile photo of season1217

    PI would be better for Sam and Lucky, as well. But aren’t any of you afraid of what would happen if Jagger came on to GH. The way he would be written gives me the chills. Although, I would love for him to give Sonny another one-two punch the way he did back in the day when Sonny was dopin’ up Karen.

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    BbyBoi06, I’ll NEVER let go of JaSam!! Even better than a Lucky/Sam/Jagger triangle would be a Lucky/Sam/Jason triangle!! OMG, I wouldn’t know what to do!! It would be awesome, but I’d be torn, LOL

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    What is really confusing to me as a Liason fan since JJ left GH…is why there is so much stalling.
    I know that TPTB didn’t expect LuSam to be such a hit, but they were and then after a while of not knowing what to do with them, they became a hot couple. Yes, the writing for them is pathetic, but at least they are together and they do get screen time together.
    The LuSam decision was made quickly – relatively speaking – compared to Liason.
    Yes, there was Courtney (WHY?) and that stalled it but this is beyond ridiculous. There is no other couple in soap history that has been this “star crossed”.
    What is the hold up for 10 years? I would love an explanation if anyone knows. Theoretically, this could help GH ratings and it would make SB and RH happy as well, and there is the fan base.
    Hey, and there’s even a mob connection for General Mobster

  15. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I can’t see Sam being accepted into the Police Academy. That isn’t a slam on Sam but there is a background check for these things. Heck, I had to go through all kinds of background checks and I work for a corporation. Police Officers since 911 have a lot more rigorous checks to go through. It would be really silly if they just overlooked her criminal past. She would have multiple identities popping up. Come to think of it, Sam shouldn’t really have a license to carry a weapon. She should face charges everytime she pulls a gun near children in the park.

  16. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    mrsnoahdrake, just my personal take is that for the last 10 years Liason have not been written as “star crossed lovers.” They were written as two people who had feelings for each but weren’t able to make a relationship work. And who were, for the most part, friends for 10 years (there were moments when they didn’t get along, but that was during her marriage to Ric.)

    I suspect Guza and TPTB don’t see it as “it’s taken 10 years for Liason to be a couple” but more of “we decided to go with a Liason pairing a year and a half ago.”

    They’ve had a relationship for 10 years, but it hasn’t been a romantic one… This I think is different from a parted couple who loved each other, and only each other, for years and years (SB’s Cruz and Eden come to mind.)

    Though I think true “star-crossed lovers” are those who will never be together…

  17. Profile photo of lizznJas4ever

    Love your comparasion Kelev, toast without butter! I agree, nothing worth watching. Now, if Jagger comes back on, I may have to rethink things. As long as they don’t stick him with one of the hos.

  18. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Oh yeah….I forgot that Jagger DOES know Sonny and knows that Sonny operated a strip club employing underage girls (Karen) and Sonny, the “I don’t deal in drugs” mobster, hooked Karen onto drugs.

    Yeah… punch his lights out!!

  19. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    sueboo, background checks are for the real world and we all know how close to reality GH is… yeah, if we get some flying pigs, GH might get closer to that reality.

    Sam, a con artist, being a cop isn’t unheard of in GH. Sean Donely, who had to be pardoned by the governor to remain free, became police comissioner. Think what he could have been had he stayed in prison! Mac (poor underused Mac) became police comissioner with absolutely no background in being a cop, spy or what not… his only qualification was he was Robert’s brother. Frisco became a cop the regular way, through the academy but then became a police detective in less than a year by disobeying Chief Anna Devane at every opportunity and going rogue most of the time.

    So…. Sam would fit in at the PCPD. At least maybe she’d be able to get Mac’s brain out of the dumpster. (C’mon writers, did Mac’s brains ooze out of his head when Felicia left him?)

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