Y&R: Victoria and Adam’s Smackdown, Worth the Wait?

Adam’s been asking for it since he came to town. Last week big brother Nick almost rearranged his face.

Now after months of the digs and undermining, Victor II finally got his just rewards from older sister Victoria on today’s episode of The Young and the Restless.  Was it really worth the wait?

Y&R: Victoria and Adam's Smackdown, Worth the Wait?

  • No. I'm still waiting for old school Victoria's return to crush Adam (46%, 109 Votes)
  • Yes I loved it. Ferocious Victoria's back (54%, 129 Votes)

Total Voters: 238


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    The only Victoria I know is Amelia’s, so I don’t know what old school refers to…but I loved the slap yesterday. I wish Nick’s smackdown would have lasted longer.

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    I hate to beat a dead horse but Heather Tom is Victoria. Although, the writing for Victoria hasn’t been up to par for a while maybe w/ the changes this show is making Amelia will be able to show us what she can really do because as we all know Victoria is really Victor II.

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    I hate to agree but this is the fact, Heather Tom, while a stupendous actress no matter what the role, is “Victoria.” She owns it. As B&B has recreated their show around her worthy talents, Katie is so boring compared to the character of Vicky and less daring, ball-busting and strong which no one does like Heather. Yes, they should trade actresses because the actresses themselves are better fits for those characters but can they do that without insulting Amelie? The writing has improved so drastically and now Victoria is more like herself but not completely. Amelie does not have that edge that makes Heather such a dominant “Vicky” and the writers are pandering to Amelie’s weaknesses and her goody-goody personality. The slap yesterday was a good beginning but Heather would alreay have been there and made it the slap heard round the world, not just the slap heard throughout the office they were in. Victoria should be a much more equal to Adam and I hope they go there but I am afraid it will just never be the same without Heather in the role.

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    I hate to get someone’s name wrong but how is her first name spelled again, Amelia or Amelie. I wrote Amelia but I swore her first name ended w/ an e.

    Also, if their roles were switched it sure would be interesting to see how they work that out. Many questions would arise especially about Amelie on B&B since we already know who well Heather would fit back in the fold. Although, how would Thad fit into Heather’s return, he is her baby daddy. I still wish the baby had been Brad’s. Victor’s expression alone would have been worth the price of admission.

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    Oh, hi Dax. I’m Best. :)

    I like Amelia Heinle, but Heather Tom will always be Victoria. What we’re seeing now is nothing but a pod person until the real Vicky returns. Maybe Katie Logan can go crazy and head to Genoa City to take over the heiress’ life. }:)

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