Michael Easton Reserves Judgement on John and Blair

Nelson Branco has a new interview with One Life to Live’s Michael Easton up at TV Guide Canda in which Easton reveals that he’s reserving judgment on the Blair and John pairing. Here is an excerpt.

TVG: Are you psyched about the burgeoning Todd-Blair-John-Marty quadrangle? It’s quite the controversial and risky storyline.

ME: Yeah, but Susan Haskell, speaking of Toronto people, and Trevor are doing really interesting things with the story. Susan’s a fantastic actress. Hopefully, we’ll build towards something explosive with this group of characters. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about John and Blair’s romance, but [I’m reserving judgment until I see it play out]. I try not to ask a lot of questions. I don’t think I’ve ever had a meeting with Ron Carlivati about storyline. I never sat with Dena Higley nor Josh Griffith and Michael Malone. There was a story out there once that I liked to sit down with the writers all the time, but that’s not true. We’ll talk when we pass each other in the hallway, but that’s it.

Check out the entire interview by visiting TV Guide Canda.

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    There are no words for this interview….really Nelson? I love ME, but…..no words….I mean…haven’t I read all this stuff before??(shaking my head)

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    I enjoyed the interview. ME is so down to earth, intelligent and seems to have a real respect for soaps. And Branco is certainly a straight shooter – I can’t believe he brought up how “hated” John is by some OLTL fans! And I think ME was correct in saying that part of the issue is that John is closed off emotionally so it’s difficult for fans to warm to him. Personally, I LOVE John and ME :)

    As for Blair and John, I’m not sure if I want them to be a longterm item, but I am SO looking forward to the fallout!!

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    Sorry!!! I tried…. He’s coming to Toronto so I agreed to interview him. He’s a really sweet guy, actually. But there’s not that much new to broach with him other than his Toronto visit. I didn’t know his fiancee was Canadian. This was more for our Canuck readers, I guess.

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    I liked the interview; I was glad to hear what he thought about the perspective a lot of viewers have on his character. Maybe it’s been said before, but I’ve never read it. And I agree with you daisyclover that he seems to have a lot of respect for soaps. A guy like him, who TPTB at ABC seem to fall all over themselves to keep on the show, and who has also played some of the more ridiculous roles on soaps (e.g., a vampire) could easily have an embarrassed or holier-than-thou attitude about the whole thing. He does not seem to, at all. I like that. I cannot stand soap actors who make their living off soaps but act like they are too good for them.

    As for John and Blair…I, too, am withholding judgment on it all for now. There are other storylines I would have preferred for Blair, who is one of my favorite characters. And I really don’t want her making googley eyes at John like he is the bestes man evah, like all women in Llanview seem to do at some point. I mean, really. He is an emotional cripple–hasn’t Blair had enough of those to last her a lifetime? But I agree the fallout could be some good soap.

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    exactly kerfuffles!!

    btw, just as an aside, I heard an interview with Tom Casiello (soap writer who’s worked on DAYS and OLTL) in July and he said Kassie Depaiva has been asking for a Blair/John hook up for years… thought that was kind of interesting

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    I heard that same interview, daisyclover. I don’t blame the gal for trying to hitch her wagon to another lead male character on the show, especially during the Higley era when DH pretty much decimated Todd and Blair and was turning Blair into ‘Ho-for-Hire.

    But dayum, if the writers are going to do the John and Blair thing, do they have to have Blair acting all starry eyed over John? The gal has been around the block, to put is as euphemistically as possible. And this is JOHN–almost all of of his exes are either dead, presumed dead, or in a coma. If that does not scream approach with caution, I don’t know what does. But Blair, like all the women preceding her, treats him like male catnip. I guess never underestimate the power of a leather coat, hands-on-hips, and blue eyes. They make the Llanview women stooopid.

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    Yeah, seeing Blair starry-eyed over John has been really weird, lol. And is it me or are they kind of writing Blair as Todd’s victim? Don’t get me wrong, Todd is a total bastard and he did some f*cked up stuff to Blair, but she can be H*ll on Wheels and she used to be as crazy and dysfunctional as he is. Sometimes I like Blair and sometimes I don’t, but I want her to always have an edge…

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    I agree. Blair is acting too much like a victim when she should be acting like Todd’s female dysfunctional equivalent. I want to see her acting like a scheming Bitch on Wheels, not like the star of a Lifetime movie of the week with John McBain co-starring as her savior. Don’t get me wrong….I love RC’s writing for this show and the show in general, but I do wonder where he is taking her character and John.

    So back to the original topic….yeah, withholding judgment. I just hope Blair starts acting stronger and John gets a chance to crack some more jokes (I agree with ME’s interview perspective that John needs to use his humor more instead of walking around acting like he just ate a sour pickle). But I have high hopes good soap will prevail in the end!

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