Y&R: Cane and Lily Fell Off the Turnip Truck Lately?

Just when I thought the residents of Genoa City were starting to smarten up,  Cane Ashby and Lily Winters make me take it all back. I guess Tammy Wynette’s song, "Stand by Your Man,"  doesn’t ring true with Lily does it?

Her ultimate answer to everyone’s problems: "You should marry Chloe!"

As the child who came from the loins of Drucilla and Malcolm Winters, Lily proves street smarts can skip a generation. I keep wondering what the junior model’s mom, La Diva, Drucilla would say if she were around to hear her daugther’s solution to her current romantic entanglement?

The same can be said for the long lost Chancellor heir. After the debacle he had with Amber why isn’t he trying to double check the DNA results and ask for an explanation of the results?

I sat and waited for Cane’s mama Jill, to slap some sense into that boy and say, "tell me exactly what the results said word for word and don’t leave a THING out!" Alas, Jill also drank from the tainted Kool-Aid that Cane’s sipping on these days.

Maybe she decided to believe what her son says…

Just goes to show that the saying, "the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree," is just that… A worn out saying because after today it makes me realize that genetics means nothing when people are stuck on stupid.

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    I hate Lily & Cane together, so who cares, really? I always wondered why Lily was never paired with a black guy. All of her men have been hot, but can we get another black supercouple in daytime, please????

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    I am a big fan of Lily and Cane as a couple, and I couldn’t agree with daytime confidential comments more. All of these characters in the storyline has had to deal with DNA issues before, (Jill, Neil, Cane and Lily) and no one is asking any kind of questions about the results. But what I find more upsetting is the writers attempt to break up this couple and the idiotic storyline they are using to do it.

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    Jillian Bowe

    neist, I am a fan of Cane and Lily also but it boggles my mind as to how they are falling for this trap. Jill should smell the BS if Cane or Lily can’t and for her to just go by what Cane says and not investigate like she usually would… Makes me wonder…

    Best, I’ve wondered what it would be like for Lily and a brother to hook up.. The race issue with her romantic pairing doesn’t bother me but I did think about that before… I think he’d make Lily think outside her sheltered life though…

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    In this day and age, the faked pregnancy or whose the daddy storylines are just unbelievable and stupid. That’s why I can’t get into this story. I like Cane and Lily, but I hate it when characters are dumbed down in order to have a story.

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    The way the s/l is being handled is beyond stupid. Someone’s already said it–the writers dumbed down the characters to serve the pathetic story they cooked up. Bad decision. The new regime is supposed to be turning Y&R around, but it looks like more of the same uninspired drivel to me.

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    for me these two are like gh’s liz and jason – they have no chemistry, are mismatched, and never make sense. i always wonder what the character of lily would be up to if the recast were still in the role. i imagine she would have torn daniel a new one for his screw ups and chloe would be in the hospital from injuries not for an ultra sound.

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    Jillian Bowe

    blackjack21 I’ve always felt that if Davetta S were still playing Lily, she’d get all up in Daniel’s you know what for his foolishness. If she were with Cane and Chloe tried that mess, she’d be using her as a mop affter she beat her down.

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    I cannot stand Lily and Cane. They are just so booooring and simple and sweet with eachother. I’ve always thought Lily was a bit of a cipher, but she is downright lobotomized around Cane, and this is just another example of that. And sure Cane is all Knight in Shining Armor with Lily, but that is boring as hades, too. He needs his armor tarnished pronto. I wish Amber would come along and do that for him. Lily can just sit around and look at shiny objects, as that seems about all she is mentally capable of doing these days anyway.

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    they can only make this storyline/triangle better by making the returning Billy Abbott (Cane’s brother) the father of Chole’s baby, or at least hint to it. By doing it right, it could potentially drive storylines for years.

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    I love Lily and Cane. They may not have a lot of drama attached to them, but simply put, they are different because they are real. It says alot about a pairing when they can captivate an audience by simply being themselves (no drama necessary, unlike another fashionista on the show). Not at all happy with the pathetic “switch and bait” routine TPTB (writers and producers) did on the viewers by using Lily and Cane’s huge fan base only to promote their new “super couple”, Cane and C. Are you kidding me? Y & R has to come out of the dark ages and live with the times. Interracial couples are a reality for many. Shame on them! They tried to get out of this pairing by taking away any backbone these characters had (Lily and Cane), but in the end, the only thing they will accomplish is jeopardising the integrity of the characters. No integrity = No believability = No viewership

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    HATE LILY and CANE. They are boring together. Cane is such a waste in every scene with Lily. Send Lily off to Paris or somewhere so she can model and bring her back with Davetta in the role.

    I fastforward everytime they are on.

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