Y&R: King and Queen of Ghouldom Finally Bite It

For all you Kevin and Jana fans, get ready for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

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    This actually looks kind of touching and sweet. I saw it first on EW.com and it has upped my expectations for the wedding. Y&R needs a little love right now anyway with all this emotional and dramatic stuff going on. With Brad plotting against Nikki and Jill, Victor “soul” searching in Mexico after Sabrina’s death and disappearing from GC, Chloe’s pregnancy plot to steal Cane away from Lily and Daniel and Amber not being together, this show needs some gentle loving care and why not be it an ex-psycho’s wedding to another ex-psycho to bring on the tender-hearts and cuddly-bumps to share that love with the viewers. What started as a half-assed attempt to redeem both of these characters may just end in succeeding. Thank you Hogan Sheffer because of his immediate, obvious influence on the show that has Y&R being THE show of the summer ’08!

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    Jamey Giddens

    WOW! Look at our little Kevin. It seemed like only yesterday he gave Lily VD
    LMAO Maybe they’ll be great friends 20 years from now like Paul and Nikki, as I have read, those two also shared some scratchy crotch critters when they were kids!

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