BREAKING NEWS: Vincent Irizarry Returns To All My Children!

He’s back! is reporting that Vincent Irizarry is returning to All My Children as the villian we all love to hate Dr. David Hayward. David was last seen in Pine Valley in 2006. He is set to return in early to mid-fall. It looks like All My Children is going back to the dark side.

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    Jamey Giddens

    If they were smart, they’d say that Dr. Feelbad faked Dixie’s death. It would make perfect sense. He was a suspect in the serial killings and he’s always been obsessed with the fragile, greedy little pancake eater.

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    YEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love me some David Hayward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David, please knock some sense into your sister-in-law, although she’s married, she pining over Ryan again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great News! All My Children and the outright villainous Dr. David Hayward are a much better fit for Vincent Irizarry’s talents. And AMC could definitely use him, like, RIGHT NOW.

    I wonder if Guiding Light made an offer?

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    Even if GL did make him an offer, short of offering him Bill Gates’ salary there was no way he was going to that show. Not that AMC is really any better, right now.

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    Oh wow tanyia2, I didn’t even think about Jesse! Can’t wait to see their interaction together along w/ Angie. David and Angie working side by side at the hospital. It’s only making his return that more euphoric.

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    He was so wasted on Y&R as David Chow. grrr!

    Hurray!!! David Hayworth is HOME!!!!!!! He adds so much to the show…YAY!!! [doing happy dance now!!]

    Good for VI!! (Good for us!!)

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    EEEEEE!!! Fantastic news! Look at AMC, trying to make fans happy and everything! Let Dixie be in tow when he blows back in town, and I’ll be a happy camper.

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    I love to hate David. Lord, PLEASE let this be a way to get Dixie back. We’re one step closer…

    Jack & Erica are the IT couple.
    End of story. :)

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    Yes, yes YES!!! This is the best news I’ve gotten all week. Now, use bim to bring back Dixie to Tad so Kystal can go back to Adam where she wants to be, and I’ll be a happy camper. Oh, and if he should find Brooke English somewhere in his travels back to Pine Valley, I say the more the merrier! Erica and Tad both need their sparring partners. Erica’s is Brooke and Tad needs David.

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