Leah Remini Developing Talk Show

Could Kirstie Alley gal pal Leah Remini be the next queen of daytime? The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the former King of Queens star is developing a daytime talk show for CBS. Would you tune in for a Remini talker? I’m not sure I would.

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    Maybe she’ll have a whole show on L. Ron Hubbard and Tom Crusie can jump all over her chairs and can then yell at all the women who have post pardon. Have the audience do an E-Meters read, of course they’ll have to pay for it. Throw Kirstie Alley in there, actually half of hollywood. Hey, I like some of those celebrities, considering. I know, stepping into the fire, ;) I just don’t care.

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    I love Leah,but good God! Do we really need another talk show? If i see another judge/talk/reality show i’m going to climb a bell tower with a rifle a start shooting! When are these people going to start thinking outside the box and give us something different?

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