General Hospital: Laura’s Back!

Genie Francis
is back! Ok, not quite but close, she’s in the General Hospital promos and that is good enough to tide us over until next week. Check out the promos and tell us what you think.

Thanks to ghaddict for the tip!

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    I can’t wait for this part of the s/l to begin! I’m wondering IF Laura gets her sanity back and is not just a figment of Lulu’s imagination, how will she react to know that Lulu killed Scotty’s son, intentional or not? Will she be as supportive as Lulu hopes? Scotty was Laura’s first love. This has the potential to be GOOD. Guza better not screw it up.

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    He already screwed it up when he made Scotty Rick’s killer. As much as Scotty hates Luke he wouldn’t just keep his mouth shut for Laura’s sake. Also, I’m interested in how Laura will react to finding out her daughter is dating a mobster. The Laura I remember wouldn’t like it at all, especially since what happened when Lulu was a baby.

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    Is Laura really awake or is this a Guza crackpot story? I will be watching again until Genie is gone again, nonetheless.

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    Looking forward to Laura’s return I just wish it wasn’t all about ShruLu. But this is GH if don’t focus on the Mob or Carly and mini me whats the point. Guza don’t screw it up!!!

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    Of course Guza will screw it up. The only way Laura could be prominent on the show again is if she marries Anthony Z.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    I have to say the promo looks good. I am going to assume that Laura coming out of the illiness will all be in Lulu’s head, but it has potential…IF done right.

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    GH may be unbearable to watch but they sure know how to make one heck of a promo. It made me actually care about Johnny and LuLu and I don’t care about anybody on this show. Laura being in LuLu’s head could actually be a compelling and heartbreaking story line if written 11 or 12 years ago on this show. I have all the confidence in the world that the current writers will botch it.

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    I want to watch GF return, but I and the fans know that Guza can’t write a decent story if his life depended on it. I believe it will be about Shrewlu and not about Laura and her family. I feel that Lucky and NIK and Luke should be involve with the s/l, not just Johnny.


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    GHfan4life2008, I sit corrected. Maybe if 1996 Guza was writing it would be compelling because the 2008 version sure isn’t cutting it. I don’t want to come down on Guza and his writing team or trash him but this show just ain’t what it used to be and I hate that. I actually think there should be a co-head writer on this show. Someone needs to add balance to this show because it’s way off kilter.

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    I hope the ratings go down even lower so the bosses of ABC see that the fans are not the only one seeing the damaged Guza has been doing to this show for years and no one haven’t done anything to get rid of him and bring in a headwriter that can balance the show and bring back legency characters and s/ls that doesn’t around the mob. It is getting old and the fans are sick of it. The ratings is reflecting that. I don’t feel that tptb will do nothing until GL beats them in the ratings.


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    I’m sure Laura won’t give a rats behind about Scott or his son….she’ll be there for her daughter. But………I think it’s all a figment of Lu’s imagination. We’re just gonna be disappointed (again….). Only way to explain (away) how Laura is (gone) again. She never came back to them because she was never there, she was in Lu’s head. I can see it now. Guza may suprise us, but I highly doubt it, he’s pretty predictable.
    I want the GH of old………sigh.

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    The first time around I LOVED Guzas work and when he came back I was so thrilled…..and when ppl talked bad of him, on my old message board, I defended him. Man that was SOOOOOOOOOOOO long ago. Guza is so one note, it’s all mob all the time, 24/7, how many mob families/stories are we going to have on? Til everyone else is gone????
    Maybe then they really will name it General Mobsters!! Expect viewers to drop like flys from their sets.

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