Intense Negotiations Between Minshew and ABC

Nelson Branco
is reporting intense contact negotiations between All My Children’s Alicia Minshew and ABC. In his latest Suds Report. Branco then suggests that if the negotiations should fall through that Tamara Braun would make a "fierce, three-dimensional recast."

Would you accept anyone other than Minshew as Kendall?

Intense Negotiations Between Minshew and ABC

  • Hell to the no! No one other than Alicia Minshew works for me. (59%, 699 Votes)
  • Yes! Tamara Braun would make a great Kendall recast. (33%, 393 Votes)
  • I'm not sure. (8%, 100 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,192


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57 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I like Tamara Braun, but when she played Carly on GH, it seemed like all she did was cry.

    What was her last show? Was it DAYS (I think so)? I didn’t see her, so I can’t comment on that character.

    Kendall is not a cry baby.

  2. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Tams would be perfect for the role of Kendall! God forbid that worst comes to worst, it could work for me! I might just finally get behind Zendall.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  3. Profile photo of Maura227

    I love Alicia Minshew but God forbid she does leave I think Tamara is the only choice to play Kendall. I can see Tamara being really coniving and manipulative.. She did cry on GH a lot but I think that was the material she was given.

    She played b*tchy Carly really well and she’d make a great Kane woman. I really do hope Alicia stays though. I just hope she convinces Pratt she needs better material.


  4. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think TB would make a great recast of “Kendall” if AM doesn’t resign, but I feel the actress is overworked and the character need to be backburned and then come back being a bitch on heels again.


  5. Profile photo of zks

    Alicia Minshew has made this character her own.

    I watched SMG in the role and she was o.k., however it never bothered me when she left town.

    Ever since Alicia took over the role, I have watched her faithfully. I will always support AM. She and TK are the only reason I still watch this soap.

  6. Profile photo of lovemydogs

    ABC/AMC needs to do everything possible to resign Alicia. She is a great, talented and beautiful actress and there is no one who could portray Kendall (there is no actress, in my opinion, that could take Alicia’s place or one that I would accept)!

    Besides, this is only rumour/gossip that contract negotiations are intense. and Nelson’s idea about Tamara playing Kendall. IMO, Tamara could not play Kendall (and do the character of Kendall any justice). I didn’t like her portrayal of Carly on GH (and hated the Ava character portrayal on DOOL).

  7. Profile photo of birdie

    Hell no, I wouldn’t watch AMC if anyone replaced Alicia Minshew. She IS Kendall and anyone who came in would be some poor imitation, I don’t care who the actress is. IF Alicia Minshew goes, I go and given the horrendous ratings AMC is getting because someone stupidly believes we want to see Rylee Redux, Greenlee, Aidan, Annie going crazy, Taylor and Jake and some boring teens and a whiney Babe and Amanda who I have yet to see actually DO work, they can’t afford to lose anymore viewers and they will if Alicia Minshew doesn’t stay with AMC.

  8. Profile photo of gush900

    Right amc is on some shaky ground.The whole annie storyline is tired.For me Tamara Braun would be the only choice as kendall.Im hoping Alicia re ups with the show.

  9. Profile photo of Pavarti31

    TB is a fine actress, but she isn’t Kendall, and she couldn’t stand up to the talents of Thorsten Kaye. No offense to the actress, but she doesn’t have the chops. And you know, if AMC loses Zendall, they might as well kiss it goodbye right now. They can’t afford to make any more mistakes, especially since the ones they made last year almost did the show in. Zen is the one consistantly popular pairing they have. And Zen is TK and AM.

  10. Profile photo of hot4tk

    Alicia Minshew IS Kendall… There is no one else for the role.
    TB is ok, I didn’t like the character of Carly when she was on and I don’t watch Days. There is no way she would be accepted as Kendall, Zen would die and so would AMC.
    This Soap’s only chance is to re-sign Alicia. The only reason it’s still on now is because they were able to re-sign TK, now they need to do the same for Alicia.

  11. Profile photo of Desertrose

    I’d hate to lose Alicia but honestly, IMO Tamara seems to have chemistry with everyone she acts with. If anyone could make the part of Kendall her own after AM, it’d be TB. I think she could rock it with TK, too.

    That being said, I doubt AMC could afford her.

  12. Profile photo of Diva

    If Alicia Minshew does not resign I will be through with AMC. She is KENDALL….the only Kendall. She has made that role her own and as far as I am concerned, no one can take her place. Any other actress, no matter how good, would IMO fail and the show’s ratings would be even lower than they are now. AMC cannot afford to lose Alicia Minshew. They must negotiate in good faith and do whatever it takes to keep her on the show. Alicia’s talent and beauty have made Kendall one of the most fascinating characters on the show and her chemistry with TK is through the roof.

    AMC must allow Kendall’s character the growth she attained during the Satin Slayer s/l. The present story about psycho Annie is boring and contrived and is not allowing Kendall’s character to be who she really is. I hope the new head writer will recognize the potential and complexity of Kendall’s character and give her and Zach an adult front and center s/l and remove them from propping characters that can’t carry their own s/ls.

    AMC, do not lose Alicia Minshew as Kendall. Resign her now.

  13. Profile photo of season1217

    A point could be made that Zendall is already dying. A couple that was well on its way to becoming a supercouple is stalling thanks to the poor writing for these characters and lame story lines. Which I also fear is happening to Nuke on ATWT but I digress. And Diva, I feel the Satin Slayer story line is where the downward spiral began.

  14. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Thanks, season1217, you are right about AM’s poor writing for her and destroying the great coupling of Zendall. Now Kendall is a meddlesome bore and Zach is a supporting character for the Rylee crap. They need to do something or before AM will resign. I feel the character need her bitch back and not this wet blanket that it her now. I hope that Pratt is noticing what we have been about the destruction of Kendall and Zach and get them out the the “supporting s/l’ and into their own lead s/ls.


  15. Profile photo of zenzone

    NO WAY can anyone replace AM as Kendall. Her chemistry with TK is off the charts-eve though they’ve been given lousy storylines lately. TK and AM are Zendall and no one can replace either one of them!

  16. Profile photo of season1217

    siomonstuart2003, didn’t you hate it when Kendall pleaded w/ Babe and Amanda for forgiveness about how she was sorry for not being around Fusion more. I’m thinking, “Who is this woman?! Kendall should come into Fusion like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. And don’t get me started on what the writers did to Greenlee when the character returned to the show. OUTRAGEOUS!

  17. Profile photo of Flo

    Good luck with recasting Kendall. Nobody can replaced AM as Kendall they could try and try but it will be a doom recast and I will feel sorry for the actress who will replace her.

    ABC/AMC they hit the jackpot when they hired AM as Kendall. AM/Kendall is their money making machine and the most hard working actor they had. It’s about time for the upper ups of AMC to reward this actress. Re-sign her, don’t waste time because there is nothing to waste. AM is the REAL DEAL.

  18. Profile photo of davidandgreenlee08

    I have to be honest and say no Kendall at all is the option I want. I think she needs a break, and I think the audience needs a break from her. I don’t understand why Lish is pulling the diva attitude with the money. It’s not smart to do that right now. She may end up suffering like others have for a lesser offenses.

  19. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I do agree that AM needs a break and needs to be written as the bitch on heels persona when she first came on AMC. This pod of Kendall is boring and needs to get her bitch back on with Greenlee and the rest of the town instead of letting everyone walk all over her.


  20. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    Forgive me as I am a casual viewer of AMC. I used to watch it regularly for many years. Now, I watch once in a while, but I keep up with the main characters and story lines.

    For those that commented that AMC is going down hill, didn’t it get a boost with bringing back Jesse and Angie? Or have the writers screwed that up?

    I also do not like what they have done to Greenlee. I don’t like that they try to make it like Ryan is her true love when it really was Leo. Rebecca and Josh had amazing chemistry. The chemistry with Ryan (Cameron) I think lies within Kendall (Alicia).

    As for Alicia making the role her own, I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely loved watching her try and try to get Erika to care about her. When they finally did, I was elated. I also loved the relationship with Bianca and her nickname “Binks” for her. I miss that.

  21. Profile photo of birdie

    To make sure you’re paid what you’re worth is not being a diva. Would a man be criticized for standing up for his rights? Of course not. Alicia Minshew is worth more than a lot of the actors currently on the show combined, including a certain actress who came back this year and showed she was a REAL ratings disaster. Talk about a diva! You could see how they twisted the show and half the cast to suit her needs and make sure her character was worshipped as the Saint of Pine Valley and look where it got them: even crappier ratings. The ratings for the start of her latest wedding last Friday (8/8/07) earned a 1.7.

    ABC and Brian Frons needs to stop their chauvanistic attitude of bending over backwards for the men when they negotiate and treating the women like crap. Remember what they did to Kelly Monaco during her contract negotiations, trashed Sam completely to turn the audience against her. Same thing here. Wake up ABC and Frons, I know you’re not the brightest bulbs out there, but the audience knows EXACTLY what you’re trying to do to Alicia Minshew and if she walks, there’s going to be a whole lot of people who walk out with her and you’ve got nothing on AMC to save it.

  22. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I stopped watching AMC but Tamara Braun would make me tune in. I loved her as Carly. She already has experienced the pressure of being a recast. She is awesome.

    And birdie, there were a lot of people who never liked Sam. I am proud to be a member of that group. I guess I prefer strong female characters who do not need to use sex to get what they want. They use their brains. I know it is a novel approach but it can’t hurt daytime.

  23. Profile photo of birdie

    Oh Carly, talk about your self-entitled, whiney characters. Sorry, I like my characters with more depth and three dimensional which is what Alicia Minshew brings to Kendall, DESPITE the horrendous writing and constant unpopular character propping she’s been forced to do. If they actually give Alicia some decent writing instead of forcing her to carry dead weight like Ryan, Greenlee, Annie and now Babe and Amanda, the show would be a lot better.

    And for the record, I’m not a Kelly Monaco fan, so I’m looking at her situation objectively and that was CLEARLY a network hard-ball negotiation tactic, a tactic they don’t seem to use with their male stars.

  24. Profile photo of Amy

    I really hate it when these shows recast, it’s a different person and therefore they become a different character. I could watch Tamara’s Carly on GH, but I can’t stand Laura’s Carly. Why? Because Tamara brought something more relatable to her interpretation of Carly. If they want to bring on a lead like Tamara, they should just build a new character.

  25. Profile photo of zks

    Alicia Minshew is the “real” Kendall.
    She has grown by leaps and bounds since taking on the role. She defines AMC by her part in Zendall. AM and TK are the two most talented actors on TV. Their interaction in stories with each other or with other actors always make the scenes worth watching.
    Alicia works harder than anyone else. She deserves some time off, but not permanently.
    If AMC loses AM, they will lose a lot of viewers, including me.

  26. Profile photo of season1217

    birdie, I have to disagree w/ your comment about Rebecca Budig. It’s not her fault but the writers. Even when Sabine played the character it was wrong because the things they had her do was totally out of character for Greenlee. The writers tend to have characters do awful things and then whitewash it.

    sueboo54321, I’ve always been indifferent to the character of Sam but daisyclover has shown me the error of my ways. GH, for the past few years, has not written women in the most flattering of lights. And while the same way you describe Sam can also be applied to the description of Carly (all the versions) Sam has never been as malicious in her actions as Carly.

  27. Profile photo of melanna249


    Alicia is my favorite actress in the show and she is the reason why she made root for Kendall. I did not like the original Kendall actually i was rooting for Erica to kick her to the curb and send her back home where she belongs but since AM replaced the role the day I saw her in the court with Erica I fell in love with this Actress and I did not know her then and since then I was mesmerized by her charisma and beauty.
    She gave Kendall a heart and soul that the original Kendall don’t have. she still fiesty, conniving, fiery and headstrong but she played that with a big heart and to me no body can replace Kendall the way AM playing her. She make Kendall her own and she makes Kendall a beloved fan favorites.

    So please Mr Frons & Ms. Caruthers keep AM in the show do everything you could to resign her she deseves a reward for all the hard works she put on to this show anyway.

  28. Profile photo of buddah42

    I loved SMG who originated the role, but Alicia won me over and she has been robbed of two Emmy nods (especially for the scene when Kendall saw Bianca in the clinic when Bianca was raped). They need to get rid of Ryan, Greenlee, and Annie and use that $$$$$$ to keep Alicia. That was the last time AMC was worth watching for a whole hour.

  29. Profile photo of lovemydogs

    I may be too much of a suspicious person, but I find it very co-incidental that Branco is reporting intense negotiations (over money) for Alicia Minshew, and then he is pushing TB as a potential recast. Why? Obviously if word can get out that another actress could take over from Lish to play Kendall, it could potentially weaken her negotiating position. Could ABC/AMC be leaking information to Branco about the negotiations and suggest a recast to boot (and of course gage the reaction of the AMC viewers).

    So ABC/AMC and Branco — there is only one actress that can play Kendall and that is ALICIA MINSHEW. She is very popular with the viewers (and absolutely wonderful and sincere to her fans), talented and beautiful, a great asset to AMC — she is worth every penny!

  30. Profile photo of Boidiva02

    yesi could accept someone other than Minshew as Kendall, i mean she’s good and all but if i could get over Sarah Michelle Geller i see no issue getting over Minshew who has never been as good a kendall as SMG was. To be fair though i think Alicia Minshew deserves every penny considering how much they’ve worked her the last several years— i mean girl hasn’t had a day off in nearly four years. She’s been front burner basically since she came on the show. If they can’t give her more money than she at least deserves some vacation time.

    Wishing Lucy Coe was still around!

  31. Profile photo of birdie

    Since Hinsley-Gate exploded, Frons most likely lost his #1 press toady so he could be searching out a new one and decided to “leak” this information. Again, just another one of ABC’s nasty negotiating tactics. ABC needs to realize that the fans aren’t that dumb and can recognize stuff like that.

    It’s Alicia Minshew ONLY as Kendall Hart Slater. ABC is more the fool for screwing around in this contract negotiation.

  32. Profile photo of elbugten

    I have to agree with the poster who said Alicia Minshew IS Kendall, and one of the only reasons I’ve continued to watch All My Children. IF she leaves (and I sincerely hope everyone is panicking for nothing), there is no actress out there who could take her place, IMO. TPTB need to wise up and give the girl what she wants, including more time off, if that’s the problem. Despite what they think, two characters cannot carry an entire show, nor should they be expected to. Zendall is the only couple I care about on AMC, and AM is half of what makes that work. If they think the show can bounce back should she walk, then they are severely out of touch with their audience. No surprise there, given the ratings. But there’s always Rylee Part Deux (or Duh, as I call it) and Pratt’s tornado to look forward to. NOT!

  33. Profile photo of elbugten

    Now that I think about it, ITA w/ Lovemydogs and Diva about the suspicious timing of this. Is it a coincidence that the “story” (leak, whatever) was released on Friday, right before the AMC/OLTL fan club weekend, one of the biggest fan gatherings of the year? Why? To test the waters over a possible Kendall recast? To upset Alicia just before she meets hundreds of her fans in person? To upset the fans and make them think Alicia is a diva who wants more money? Shame on whoever started this “story”, and shame on Nelson for reporting it, and even suggesting that Kendall could be recast!

  34. Profile photo of birdie

    elbugten, if that was ABC’s hope, leak the story to create problems for Alicia at the Fan Weekend, they failed MISERABLY. From what I hear, the two most popular stars were Alicia and Michael E. Knight, and they both had the longest line of fans waiting to meet them.

    ABC needs to stop with their cheap tactics, and why is it that they only employee such tactics with WOMEN?

  35. Profile photo of davidandgreenlee08

    I want to know where Alicia has proved herself invaluable to AMC. Where has she shown that she’s a hard hitting actress like the ones who have received accolades in the form of a nomination or emmy win?

    I remember how for years people whined that Susan Lucci was a horrible actress because she only received nominations and no win. Now, we’re reduced to accepting one that has taken over the soap and cannot even get a nomination – not one. Yet, she has been hand fed storyline after storyline that has been dramatic. Screaming out “my boys” is not acting. Acting like a foolish school girl in love scenes is not acting. She can’t cry on cure and she sounds like a donkey when she tries. She has this hyperactive style of acting that grates on your last nerve.

    Let’s also remember that Kendall has been on less lately, and even when she is on the show, her presence hasn’t added anything to the ratings. So, really why is she worth more than actresses that were let go in order to keep the Zen legacy alive? I am really at a loss as to why she is worth it. I don’t see it. Let’s bring back Dixie and Brooke instead. I honestly feel the majority of the viewers are the ones that watched the show pre-recast Kendall days. Whatever she brings for her fans to the table, she isn’t bringing to AMC. The only time the ratings truly saw an increase was when Dixie/Tad were reunited. It just shows you that the Zendall show is not working anymore nor is the Kendall one.

    So, she doesn’t add anything to the ratings nor does Zendall. She hasn’t been nominated for one emmy nomination. Yet, the other women who have been front and center have all had that – from Alexa to Eden to Rebecca and Cady. All of these women are recognized for their acting, and the industry recognizes them as well. Most of them were given horrible writing too, in order to give Alicia the best that the show had to offer. Her character has remained at top and taken down too many to count. Really, when you see a vet thrown away in order to keep her, doesn’t it make your stomach churn as a long time viewer? I know that’s how I feel.

    I say let Kendall go for a while, but really, we’re not losing much without Alicia. I could see if her acting ended up giving something to the show. That isn’t the case. She had more air time last year than any other actress on daytime. Yet, nothing came of it, and politics or not, DC was nominated. Take the writing that has been given to Kendall and give it someone else. Bring back Eden again. The show has finally made the smart move of bringing back Vincent. The days of having Alicia front and center need to end. It’s just not working or doing anything for a show that once was known for its acting and writing.

  36. Profile photo of terrifictam

    I absolutely love Alicia Minshew. She and Thorsten carry the show ALOT of the time. She definitely deserves a pay raise and some time off. Working your lead actors day in and day out with no rest isn’t fair. Alicia brings it EVERYDAY because she’s an amazing actress. I don’t want them to recast her because she’s a huge reason why I watch the show. The Zendall Chemistry is incredible.

    That said; Tamara Braun is my favourite Daytime actress and will watch her in ANY role. I have no doubt that if Tamara was recasted as Kendall Hart Slater I would be thrilled. Doubtful at this time she’d accept such an offer as she’s been trying to stretch her wings and play different roles. A huge reason for leaving GH was because her contract didn’t allow much room for her to take on other projects.

    I think all the media hype and speculations over contract negotiations could prove to be favourable for Alicia.

  37. Profile photo of birdie

    davidandgreenlee08, I saw a comparison of 2005 ratings when Rebecca Budig was on the show compared to AFTER she left when the focus shifted off of her to Alicia Minshew and the ratings went UP. The comparison was provided with data obtained from SON. If you look at the ratings BEFORE Brown and Esensten made AMC the Greenlee show (both during Sabine Singh’s and Rebecca Budig’s time), they were higher. In fact, Rebecca Budig brought on to RAISE ratings has failed miserably no matter how much storyline they provided her. It’s not all RB’s fault, but she’s done nothing for ratings and neither has her character.

    Since August 2007, Alicia Minshew has not been given her own storyline. It’s been about Greenlee. Poor, abused Greenlee, poor betrayed Greenlee, then we had Greenlee, all the men after her, blah, blah, blah. Alicia Minshew was reduced to propping Greenlee, Ryan, Annie, and Aidan. That’s not a storyline for Alicia/Kendall.

    As for a ratings increase with Tad and Dixie’s reunion, one episode and the ratings went down again. During Cady McClain’s return she failed to raise ratings more than 0.1. I was surprised by the small bump too, but there it is.

    The Satin Slayer storyline was the LAST time AMC saw ratings over 2.5. They were averaging that or more. You want to talk about one episode bumps, Valentine’s Day 2007, where Zendall was featured: 3.0.

    As for Emmy nominations, I guess you missed the massive criticism of the Emmy nomination selection which included nominating panels not bothering to watch clips, voting just for friends or just for a name.

    The actress they really need to let go is Budig who has had more airtime this year than Alicia Minshew and ratings are even worse.

  38. Profile photo of Diva

    ITA Birdie. The Satin Slayer s/l received a 2.5 rating with AM and TK as Zendall front and center. Last week’s 1.7 rating for the Graiden wedding showed how little the audience cares about RB/Greenlee’s return and how disgusted they are that TK and Alicia as Zach and Kendall are used to prop the toxic four of Greenlee/Aiden/Ryan/Annie. It looks from the Fall previews that the new head writer at AMC has seen the light and is giving Zendall their own front and center s/l. I hope that this does not change.

    The Emmys this year were highly criticized for their unfair nominating process. Many in the nominating committee wrote that they were overwhelmed by the number if show DVDs they were asked to view and just voted for the ones that had won before. The Internet and magazines were rife with criticism how some of the most deserving actors, Alicia and Thorsten among them, were left out because of the unfair nominating process and questionable network politics. Alicia not only deserved the nomination, she deserved to win. One wonders if the fact that Alicia’s contract was being negotiated this year, denied her the nomination. I personally do not trust TPTB at ABC Daytime.

  39. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I feel that Kendall needs to get away from our screens for a minute to have her come back and in a better s/l of her own instead of propping the quad from hell. I sick of the Ryan show and I do believe that AM needs a break from the show to come back stronger and feistier than ever before.


  40. Profile photo of AMCfan30

    birdie, I agree with your post #21, your response to davidandgreenlee08.

    Anyone who wants to bring up Emmy noms as “proof” of an actors’ talent or popularity is fooling themselves. The Emmys are considered a joke, amongst the fans and the people in the industry. As was stated above, how much of an accurate or fair system could it be when some of the judges publicly stated they did not have time to watch all the submission scenes, so they just voted for friends or for those who had been nominated in the past?

    I thought the show was much better after Rebecca Budig’s Greenlee left in 2005. I watched the whole show again, instead of fast forwarding through Greenlee, Rylee, and Kenlee. I even fast forwarded my favorite character, which is Alicia Minshew as Kendall, when she was in scenes with Greenlee, a character I have never liked. Since RB’s return last January the ratings have sunk even lower. She is not contributing the ratings I suspect TPTB were hoping she would bring with her. She is the one whose presence is not adding anything to the show or ratings. TPTB should consider not renewing RB’s contract and instead offering some of that money and contract perks, such as extra time off once or twice a month, to keep AM, and maybe go towards getting one of our vets, like Cady McClain, back. Greenlee’s recent marriage to Aidan did not bring in the fans of that pairing. A wedding episode should be the one they would make a point of watching, and they tuned out. Doesn’t seem like she’s worth the money they spent on her and her return promotion.

    The show is no longer the Kendall show, and it certainly isn’t the Zendall show. Zendall fans are lucky if we get a few moments of our pairing alone each week. They are always with the other 4 characters of Ryan, Annie, Greenlee, and Aidan. The show is now the Greenlee show. RB as Greenlee has had more episodes than AM as Kendall this year, and, IMO, the falling ratings show it. I have no interest in Greenlee centric storylines so I’m not tuning in as often. I just hope TPTB do what they can to keep AM as Kendall, because bringing back their “go-to” girl, RB, isn’t working. Recasting Kendall with TB or anyone else will just be one more nail in the coffin. Maybe it will be the final nail for this show. I won’t stick around to watch if AM walks. She’s the only Kendall for me.

  41. Profile photo of dancingchick

    Amen to your post sister, AM is the only Kendall to me. No one can ever replace this kendall. If she goes then I go, Zen and Kendall/AM is the only reason holding me to this show.

    I hope JC & BF will do everything they can to keep her, AM deserves it, she works so hard on this show for seven (7) yrs now with few days off and she carried the show for more than two yrs while they keep firing the beloved vets. AM deserves to be rewarded and treated with respect . She proves her selling value with her book Charm by being No. 13 at New York Times best seller list. So please Mr. Frons keep AM.

  42. Profile photo of Diva

    Lovemydogs, those are my suspicions as well. The timing for such a poll is tacky and smells to high heaven. Alicia Minshew has done such amazing work as Kendall on the show, despite the bad writing and suspicious attempts to reduce her character’s popularity this year. Thankfully those attempts failed and she is more popular than ever. She is beloved by the public and ABC reps should see how beloved she is by her huge number of fans at personal appearances. I attended her two CHARM book signings and people stood on long lines for hours just to greet her and get her signature. ABC should appreciate the work she has done marketing their products with her popularity and reward her with a contract befitting such an amazingly talented actress. Nothing less is acceptable.

    There can be no recast for Kendall. Alicia Minshew is the only Kendall I want to see on my screen.

  43. Profile photo of elbugten

    Thanks for the info Birdie. I’m glad to know that Alicia had long lines at Fan Club Weekend. She’s worked hard to get where she is and it’s about time ABC stood up and took notice.

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