BREAKING NEWS: Days of Our Lives exec Ed Scott FIRED!

This just in
: According to reliable sources Days of Our Lives co-executive producer Ed Scott has been relieved of his duties. Scott recently came under fire when TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco ran an item in his column The Suds Report alleging Scott was re-writing  scripts submitted by Days scribe Dena Higley and encouraging one of the soap’s lead actresses to re-write her scenes. According to sources, the reports "really scared (Days Executive Producer) Ken Corday" which may have led to Scott’s dismissal. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as the story develops.

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    Bells, Sony, CBS: please, Please, PLEASE reassign him to or rehire him at “The Young & the Restless.” He VIVIDLY understands William J. Bell’s vision and would be a tremendous asset to Y&R’s burgeoning resurgence.

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    This can’t be true!!!!!
    Look I’m not going to get into who I think is writing now, but Ed Scott has always had a greate rep. with everybody in the buisness. I honestly and truely hope Days didn’t just sign their death warrent.

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    Sorry to say it, but say the show is cancelled. I feel that Ken doesn’t want the show to be on anymore and Ed Scott have a good reason for going over DH head because look how she ruined OLTL those two years that she was on. I hope that Y&R picks him back up and shove it in Ken C face.


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    I agree with SoapSnob, my fingers are cross for Y&R to come and snatch him up.

    They are in a dire need of his magic. Y&R is starting to get better, but barely!

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    What role does Sony have in firing/hiring Executive Producers? Edward Scott has had such a POSITIVE role on the show! Why does Ken Corday hire writers who are fired from shows for a reason? OLTL under her reign was horrible and she was fired for a good reason! Why bring that same negativity towards something his parents created? I don’t understand it. Under Scott’s guidance, the show looks better and more than anything, they GOT Emmy nominations. The stories returned to more realistic, CHARACTER-driven tales versus crazy plots with microships and mysterious diseases that have no name and a weird cure with a root in the Bayou buried next to formerly dead babies and scarred actresses pretending to be Hortons. Come on people! Those stories need to stop! Higley is NOT the key to keeping the show alive! Keep Scott and cut your losses with Higley. Hire a new writer, or heaven forbid, promote within the ranks. OLTL did it with Valentini. I’m sure there are writers who have been with the show long enough who have an understanding of the rich history that is Days. Don’t let a good thing go! We, the viewers can overlook that other story about Scott’s “alleged” behavior! KEEP HIM on the show! Please!

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    Not to defend, Higley, but just because Scott was a good fit for Y&R does not mean that he was a good fit for Days. Like Snowi said, I wouldn’t care if Lucille Ball was writing the show, as long as it gets good again.

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    I don’t believe that charge and doesn’t really said he did it just because someone put it out there doesn’t mean its true and too bad the guy “ran scared” without solid undeniable “proof.” Scott has an excellent reputation. I don’t watch Days consistently anyway.

    I’ve “always liked Scott from the get go back in the day” and I hope someone snaps him up fasterthanthis he’s a good writer so why would he have to ‘re-write by perpetrating a fraud…he can write in his dreams he doesn’t need to do all this crap; I can see him asking Melody for help but not this other baloney.

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    DOOL and Corday have made a major mistake with firing Ed Scott, one of daytime’s most brilliant, legendary producer of any capacity. He executive-produced Y&R during it’s most fromidable, creative periods and added more mayers to the already lush and gothic production of that show. If the rumors are correct (per Nelson Branco in TV Guide Canada) that Ed was re-writing scripts, inserting new dialogue and maybe encouraging the actors (many of which have played their roles for 20 years or more) to improvise or change their own lines, then he is doing an amazing job because the last few weeks of Days have been some of the best episodes they have produced in months. Having Stefano wake up and revolving the show around the DiMera’s and Stefano’s revenge have been riveting drama. It seems to me that Corday does not really care about the quality of his show. This is another sad development for the industry that has been rife with controversy lately. Are the producers of daytime intentionally trying to destroy the genre we all love and have loved for 40 years or more? A very, very disillusioning departure. I only hope that maybe Y&R has the good sense to bring him back into the fold and have him help this already improving show!

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    Right now i think days best bet is to promote someone whos been with the show for a while.Look at oltl when they gave dena the ax ron brought this show back to life.I hope this show bounces back from the brink.Ed scott was an asset

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    I am really upset here. It should have been Dena Higley that got fired since her writing was crap. Who ever is writing the s/l that is going on right now is doing a great job so if it is Higley then keep it up but if this is what happened as a result of Ed Scott than Ken Corday is an idiot for letting him go. While I know of Gary Tomlin’s work on Another World as a writer I do not know of anything he has done after that. It would make much more sense to hire him as head writer than producer.

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