On the Newsstands

On the newsstands, The Restless Style war heats up on The Young and the Restless, when Nick and Phyllis decide to treat Jack to a dose of his own medicine. The Newmans write a scathing article about Jack in regards to his business dealings.

The duo dish about how callous Smilin’ Jack can be and due to his high handedness, cost him his job at Jabot. Phyllis also decides to write a bit of information on Sharon where she portrays Sharon as just Jack’s pawn and can’t think for herself.

The concept comes about due to Nick being upset with Jack’s unscrupulous dealings at the magazine and, Phyllis tired of Jack’s ego.  Working with him takes her back to the days when she and Jack were hitched and, she also isn’t able to tolerate Sharon always being around Nick.

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    I can’t believe Nick and Phyllis are going to do this! I don’t think they want Jack and Sharon cleaning out their closets. Let he who has not drugged men and tricked them into thinking they had sex, falsified paternity tests and slept w/ anything that moves because you are your wife are having trouble cast the first stone. That is how the saying goes, right?

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    This story is so screwed up already … it’s unbelievable. This four decides to be partner with all the history they have, why doing this in the first place? I think it’s not great to work with your ex-husband and the current wife of your ex-husband … and that on both sides. It just sounds so ridiculous.

    And now, after Nick and Phyllis lectured Jack and Sharon for weeks about the article, they now want to do the same thing? Funny thing, but definitely so Phyllis. And when she writes about Sharon in this article, I would be interested in what Noah has to say to this.

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    Y&R give it up yet, this story is boring like hell and I don’t care about any of it. GOT that.

    So now, Phyllis who became a Stratford’s wife pod and is always in agreement with clueless Nick is commenting on Sharon. zzzzzzzzzz

    This story is incredibly boring and Phyllis and Sharon are so out of character they could rename them and I would not see any difference.

    Just let it drop!

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