Josh Griffith Given Walking Papers

Nelson Branco has updated Friday’s Suds Report today (Sunday) with more information about Ed Scott’s firing from Days of Our Lives by Ken Corday and reveals that The Young and the Restless’ Josh Griffith has been given his walking papers.

Check out the excerpt below.

Moments after Giddens’ bombshell scoop aired online, The Suds Report soon learned The Young and the Restless executive producer Josh Griffith was also given his walking papers on the very same day. Astute Suds readers will remember broke news suggesting CBS chief Barbara Bloom was angling to replace Griffith this past June. The reason? Griffith was also reportedly re-writing Maria Arena Bell’s scripts. However, after the Writers Guild of America sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Y&R studios, “Josh stopped hijacking scripts immediately, but everyone still wanted him fired,” points out a snitch. One can only assume Paul Rauch, who recently served as a consultant on Y&R on a short-term contract, will most likely inherit the top spot on daytime’s No. 1 soap opera.

Read the Suds Report for more details.

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    What the hell? Is it just me or is this just another excuse to fuck with this show. I hate to use this language but it’s necessary.I better see some positive results from this firing. I mean I’m so tired of seeing all this juggling going on behind the scenes. I mean if anything get Ed Scott back. And let this show alone because if it starts going down the crapper again I WILL watch another show. I could always use my hour for something else.

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    elvara, that is what i am wondering! Why in the Hell is EW adn DK still at GL? Maybe they are going thrue each soap and getting read of pple who don’t/can’t do thier jobs right… GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/B&B/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!

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    I posted the following when I read that Ed Scott had been relieved of Executive Producer duties at “Days of Our Lives.” However, it bears repeating…

    Bells, Sony, CBS: please, Please, PLEASE reassign him to or rehire him at “The Young & the Restless.” He VIVIDLY understands William J. Bell’s vision and would be a tremendous asset to Y&R’s burgeoning resurgence.

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    Luke Kerr

    Unfortunately this was also in Branco’s update:

    Sadly, Ed Scott fans, which include this reporter, cannot expect the former Y&R producer to reclaim his position in Genoa City. “Because Josh Griffith was re-writing Maria’s scripts, they can not infuriate the WGA any further by bringing in Scott, who is accused of doing the same thing at Days. And that also means Scott’s ideal Higley replacement, Griffith won’t be allowed anywhere near Days, either. They — and us — are both screwed royally.”

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    This may also answer the question, “Why hasn’t Ellen Wheeler been fired?”. The firing of Scott and Griffith were likely more about appeasing the WGA and alleviating any damage done than about firing them because of the quality of the shows they produced.

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    If not Ed Scott, then they should take a very close look at John Conboy. Or, revisit John F. Smith. Both are very familiar with William J. Bell’s vision for “The Young & the Restless.” But, please, NOT Paul Rauch. I understand that he is well-respected; I am very familiar with his work and I have enjoyed what he has done in the past on AW, OLTL, and GL. But I do not believe that he would be the best fit for Y&R. I could be proven wrong, but I hope I do not have to go through those motions.

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    WOW this is like a soap within soap! I am not an NBC viewer,  but it appears the ones who might suffer in the end is the fans.  Good luck with this! If you want, we always are looking for new viewers over at ABC! LOL  

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    My 2 cents are as follows, which will not and for logistical reasons probably can not be implemented. By I like them just the same:

    • Scott, Tomlin, Griffith, Conboy (who I have suggested to take over GL’s EP spot), Smith, [insert name of respected producer here]: ditch ‘em all. As fans, we are always suggesting that the networks and production companies look outside the box for new writers, a la Hogan Sheffer who came from DreamWorks and a career in film. I think they should do the same with new producers, as well.

    I would do something absolutely radical: go to someone like Ventanarosa Productions (Ugly Betty) and Bertlanti Television (Brothers & Sisters) and strike a deal with some of their talent to produce Days or other soaps.

    • The Madness at “Days” Must End. Unlike a great many people here, I have very little attachment to DOOL. I love many of the characters, but I’m basically a “stunt/storyline” viewer when it comes to the show. However even as someone who might be described at best as ambivalent about Days, I see this constant turmoil is a toxic stew waiting to poison all the guests at the party.

    It’s a terrible thing for the entire genre when a low rated soap is cancelled, whether it be Generations, Santa Barbara, or Passions. It comes with the territory and no matter how much many of us miss Edge or Another World or Port Charles (and some of us really do miss PC) these sorts of cancellations can be placed in their proper context. But this hot mess going on at Days is bad for the fans who have suffered creative whiplash for at least 10 years, bad for the actors who have to make sense of the stories they are given and the morale of cast and crew, and it’s bad for the network which not only has do deal with the negative publicity but can’t find any reliable measure by which to base their ad rates as the ratings tend to see saw more than McCain and Obama’s political positions. Not to mention the fact that NBC really doesn’t want to be in the soap business at all.

    If the reports about the scabbing/rewriting are true, then Corday and company had no choice but to take the actions it did as Nelson reported. And Y&R has foiund itself in a similar predicament.

    But here’s the thing. This madness going on at Days is directly correlated to Hinseygate because both instances are really about how massively inflated egos are tearing some shows specifically and the industry at large apart.

    By almost all accounts, Carolyn Hinsey along with Lynn Leahey And Stephanie Sloane were like the Gorgon sisters of myth with Hinsey playing the role of Medusa causing havoc everywhere and turning people into to stone with her gaze, the authoritative castrator of an entire industry according to her whims. About Ed Scott, even if you LIKED what Scott was doing at Days (and reportedly Griffith at Y&R) as a producer, he wasn’t hired to write scripts or dialogue given WGA rules. Scott and Griffiths played variations on Icarus, who used their wax producers wings to fly to close to the sun, which the melted and now they have crashed to earth. As talented as they are, who will want to touch them with these WGA allegations and investigations hanging over them? And Corday-as-Zeus of days, charged with being the “god” of his show but beset by whims and favoritism often as tossed by the tides of his creation as one who controlled them: as the boss he should have reigned BOTH Higley and Scott in or let them BOTH go. Instead, he’s got a publicity fiasco on his hands that could negatively impact the future of his parents’ creation.

    In other words, a hot damn mess.

    I feel for the fans of Days of Our Lives, but most of all the cast and crew who actually have to deal with these issues in ways we don’t. Hopefully a stronger and more stable show will be the result and Mr. Corday will be a bit wiser for it.

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    What I find frustrating is that was Josh Griffith co-head writer for a while there on Y&R. So if he had input on scripts wouldn’t that an extension of his EP duties. Isn’t EVERY head writer on that show EP at some point. This sounds like a big excuse to mess this show up. What chu think?????

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    No, you don’t DS — Jamey and I even mentioned u in our THREE-HOUR DC Podcast last nite as the smart thinking reader/fan/pro. People like you should be working in this biz! We’re fans.

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    Not when you re-write scripts and change long term story YOURSELF; you can ask for REWRITES, but a producer can only give notes, not write a show. Does that make sense? And you certainly can not hijack a show from a hired writer. It’s like editing out an actor, and you as a producer replace the actor in a scene to “act it better.” I don’t get why this is so hard for certain fans/readers to get. Not screaming at you guys, but the majority of fans, not on this site, don’t seem to get the ethical issues here. Can you imagine someone changing your work without you knowing or having the chance to redo it ALL THE WHILE with your name STILL ATTACHED TO it. Say what you want about Dena, but if some actress tried re-writing my storylines, I would scream bloody murder.

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    What I want to know is how two men who have been in the industry as long as they have could be so dumb as to pull a stunt like this. It also makes me wonder how long this script tampering has been going on and have other EP’s in the past also taken liberty. You just don’t decide one day that you’ll change scripts and invite others to do so w/o the knowledge of the head writer and the people in charge who sign your paycheck knowing the consequences you could face. Not only do you disgrace your own name and the soap industry, as so eloquently put by Sisko, you also make people like Dena Higley look good. And by the sound of it no DAYS fan wants that!

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