One Life to Live’s St. John Apologizes for “Gang Rape” comments

One Life to Live
leading man Trevor St. John (Todd) had to issue a mea culpa following comments he made at a recent Fan Club Luncheon.  Allegedly, when asked about the controversial storyline involving his character Todd Manning and Todd’s rape victim Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell), St. John replied, "I’m all for gang rape."

The actor issued the following response to

"I regret the way I responded to the question about the upcoming Todd and Marty storyline. It was meant in jest and I should know better than to ever try and make a joke about such a serious subject. I intended no disrepect and apologize to anyone I offended." –Trevor St. John

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    Um, yeah. Poor choice of words, to put it mildly. He clearly meant the opposite of what he actually said, but just not a good thing to be sarcastic about. Glad he apologized and hopefully it will not blow up into some big scandale.

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    Unbelieveable! I thought this was a decent guy. You should NEVER joke about rape…gang or otherwise. Really, my impression of Trevor just fell off the chart. (And I used to like his Todd.)

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    I’m not really surprised.

    He said some things in an interview (when he first began playing Todd) years ago that caused me to raise an eyebrow. I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but it has left me feeling strange about this guy since.

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    Well, that reinforces my decision to stay way from OLTL. It adds a bigger creepy vibe to him holding Marty against her will. When exactly did rape become entertainment?

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    I don’t know. I know I’ll get shot for saying this, but in a weird way, I understand his dry, twisted sense of humor. There’s a good chance I might have said the same thing if asked that question given the current mood I’m in. LOL! I appreciate that he apologized, and don’t fault ANYONE for being offended by it – but in terms of me personally? I get the joke. It’s in bad taste, no question. But I’ve heard PLENTY of jokes in my lifetime that were in bad taste. This is no worse.

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    Jamey Giddens

    How can the actors take this storyline seriously when the writers don’t? I’m sorry, but Todd romancing his rape victim is a HOT MESS. I’m sure St. John said it in a sardonic way.

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    I don’t think the writers are writing Todd to romance his rape victim, nor are the actors portraying it that way. Todd is using Marty’s blind friendship towards him since everyone else in his life has quite understandably abandoned him. That is still despicable, and I have no doubt this will blow up in his face. But it’s hardly a rapist/rape victim romance.

    It’s a weird storyline, but I think it is being written and acted quite well. Though I can see where TSJ might feel awkward talking about the sl in an otherwise lighthearted fan event, and can only guess that was the reason for his sarcasm rather than some actual callousness towards the subject-matter of rape. I don’t think it is enough of a comment to make an accurate assessment of his character; at least not for me. To each their own. Just my two cents.

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    I have met TSJ in person at a fan event and believe me, he is NOTHING like his character. He is very quiet and reserved and doesn’t say a lot. I think despite the fact that he is an actor playing a part on a television show where millions of people see him every day, he is actually quite shy IRL and at the event I was at, seemed a bit overwhelmed by all his fans. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a wallflower, but he’s no Chatty Cathy, either and he wasn’t one to really elaborate on his answers to questions. Sometimes when people are not comfortable in their element, words come out the wrong way. I give him credit for admitting that what he said could be misinterpreted, and apologizing for it.

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    I’d really like to know the question he was responding to. I’ve heard some really out of line questions asked in public Q&A’s and any answer other than “STFU and get out” is a gift.

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    He should really learn how to keep his mouth shut. What’s going to “joke” about next? The next thing that he would say is, “Yeah, I raped a london escort and proud of it!” That would be considered a joke to him? That’s just wrong. This guy needs to learn how to think before he speaks and offends the wrong people.

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