Unhealthy Dialogue

Sarah Bibel has written an excellent piece called Unhealthy Dialogue about the recent firings of Ed Scott and Josh Griffith and how it cut close to home for her since she worked for both Scott and Griffith in the past. She also points out how only in daytime writers are considered interchangeable and expendable. Here is an excerpt.

"It seems like the writers’ strike ushered in a new era of nastiness in daytime. While the rest of the entertainment industry shut down, daytime, as it has during every other strike, kept going…Daytime writers were the only writers forced to choose between their union and their job, the only ones with anything to gain by leaving the union. If a couple of primetime writers went financial core, NBC wouldn’t have handed them Heroes. It’s only in daytime that writers are considered to be interchangeable and expendable."

Unhealthy Dialogue.

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    I have been reading Sara Bibel’s blog religiously since it started in May. She has proven herself to be an intelligent, funny, knowledgeable and very talented writer. If only her talents were being utilized to do what she truly loves to do and has proven in the past that she is very adept at doing – writing for a daytime drama. Any of the eight remaining shows would be very lucky to have her as a member of their writing team.

    Today’s post, Unhealthy Dialogue, was especially well-written and touching because of Sara’s professional connection to both Ed Scott and Josh Griffith. I hope that Ed, Josh and all of daytime learn a very valuable lesson from this latest scandal. Or we will all have very little to blog or comment about as it relates to the daytime genre.

    PS: And I still hope Ed Scott finds his way back to “The Young & the Restless.” :-)

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    Y&R still hasn’t named a new Executive Producer? That’s weird.

    Hopefully, they look back to their past and hire David Shaughnessy, who had a great tenure there and trained with Bill Bell and Ed Scott.

    If not, I say they better get the best damn Executive Producer they can. Someone like Wendy Riche or Shelley Curtis would be ideal for Y&R.

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    This whole thing is making me sick. The fact that Dena gets to keep her job while Ed was fired is a joke. And I’m sure Corday will dig in his heels now to validate choosing Dena in the first place.

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    An uncharacteristically short response to Sarah’s always enlightening blog, specifically Unhealthy Dialogue:

    Sarah points out that it was the writer’s strike that ushered in this age of nastiness, but I think the strike was little more than the straw that broke the camel’s back. I would argue that it is fear with a capital “F” that is driving all of this madness we are seeing played out. Much of this is all about egocentrism but fueled by the kind of second guessing and factional politics that come into play when an organization, a company, an institution or an industry is threatened or in peril. We see it all the time in other areas and businesses. We saw it in reports regarding the meltdown within the Hillary Clinton campaign and conversely among among the Bushies as Dubya’s Administration slowly and painfully imploded after being discredited time and again. We saw it with the music industry fighting not just piracy, but even digital formats. We’ve witnessed it among reality show “alliances” and among those affected by the mortgage crisis. Same script, different casts.

    And so it is with our beloved soaps. The ax is swinging and no one knows where or upon whom it will fall. So folks in the industry — producers, network execs, and even some in the soap press — are acting out and acting up as if the monsters are due on Maple Street.

    As my mama used to say, they need to sit their asses down and be still. And do the jobs they were hired to do instead of being on that bullshit.

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    Question: Did Higley and Bell speak to their respective bosses bosses before going to the WGA?

    Sarah reiterated a statement I made before that this can’t be the first time EP’s have taken liberty and changed scripts.

    There are so many words to describe what the problem is that Webster has yet to catch up!

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