Y&R: New P.I. Duo?

Anyone else digging the stronger Nikki?

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    Just lovin’ Nikki but the only problem I have is her looking for Victor. It seems Jack is the only one wise enough to know that Victor is indestructible. I hope the only reason she’s worried is because she wants to be the one to drown him. I know she married the sucker but I want her to get over the guilt she feels about marrying David because I know it will probably we a long time before Victor lets her forget.

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    Jillian Bowe

    IMO, Nikki’s trying to correc the right she thing she wronged in regards to Victor. She wants to help him out to clean the slate that Victor thinks she dirtied. Once this’s done they will be on equal footing. I don’t think Nikki has ANYTHING to repent about since she didn’t know that David was a mobster and a hitman for that matter. Victor will see the real deal and he’ll try to get his diamond in the rough back. Now we just need Nikki to make the mustache BEG for her to come back.

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    I still have the scene where he grabbed her and told her it should have been her instead of Sabrina in my head. I’m not a Victor fan, I prefer Jack, but a moron w/ a lobotomy knows that Victor and Nikki will get together eventually. I just want him to slither like a slug and beg like a member of Jodeci for her to take him back. That’s all!

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    Personally I’m hoping Niki stays away from Victor and goes full-force into a romance with Paul. I really like them together and think it could be interesting, especially if later on Victor decides he wants her back. I know Paul & Niki were together when they were kids (I missed that) so that makes it even more interesting IMO.

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