Did Josh Griffith say to Y&R: “You Can’t Fire Me I Quit”??

While Soap Opera Digest Online is reporting that Josh Griffith wasn’t fired from The Young and the Restless, inside sources are saying the executive is still indeed on his way out.

"Josh quit," says a source. "He decided not to renew his contract."

Griffith, who was allegedly re-writing Maria Arena Bell’s scripts, reportedly stopped after being warned by the CBS sudser, however the damage to his working relationship with Bell was already done.

"It was too little, too late," says the source.  Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential  as the story evolves.

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    As long as Josh Griffith is gone, then I’m happy. He had no business being at Y&R, yet alone being the Executive Producer of that show for as long as he was. His background is in writing, not producing. The fact he was the show’s Executive Producer for so long is a travesty.

    Hopefully, Y&R will rehire an Executive Producer from Y&R’s glory years that knows how to run the show and understands the show’s uniqueness. David Shaughnessy fits the bill nicely.

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    I am reading so many different, conflicting stories regarding Josh Griffith’s status at Y&R, I am so confused. But, I know that I can trust you guys at DC to carefully post items that have been confirmed by some media outlet or representative of Josh, the show, Mrs. Bell, whomever. Basically, I was surprised the hired such an inexperienced producer for the number one rated daytime drama which has some of the best production qualities of all the soaps. With all the shake-ups going on, this is just another one bites the dust.

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    I believe we need someone who knows y&r history, and who wants it to return to its glory days. Lets bring back the Genoa City we have come to know and love for 35 years.

    Joe Sales

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