General Hospital Night Shift: Chad Allen Scrubs In!

According to, Chad Allen (Our House, NYPD Blue) is joining the cast of General Hospital: Night Shift.  Chad, an openly gay man, will play Dr. Kyle Julian’s love interest on the primetime spin off.  He first appears on September 23rd.

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    He is the main character in the Donald Strachey series of movies about a gay private investigator. I’ve seen the first one, Shock to the System, but I haven’t seen the second and I don’t think the third has been released yet (although the IMDb says it has been completed). I enjoyed Shock a great deal and look forward to seeing the others. Allen is proof that an actor can come out and still work.

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    OMG! I am so excited that Chad is joining Night Shift! I had the HUGEST crush on him when he was on Our House and My Two Dads and loved seeing him on Dr. Quinn!!

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    I loved Our House…man he and Shannen have been around FOREVER. I can remember watching Shannen back when she was in braids on Little House on the prairie. LOL!! Anyways back to Chad, yeh I liked him on My Two Dads with Paul Reiser, wasn’t the other guy….Greg Evigan??? Man he was HOT! BJ and the bear…what a stud! LOL Showing my age..

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     season1217!  That was it! Autism! I couldn’t remember what the character had! Thank you!  I remember though he was like in the last scene of the Finale of St. Elsewhere!  Why I remember that I have no clue! LOL

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