The Young and the Restless: Spoilers & Sneak Peeks

Victor/Nikki: The former spouses come face to face and have an emotional reunion.

Victoria /Nick:
The siblings are shocked by the letters they receive from Victor.

Victor/Adam:  When he returns home, Victor has a surprising altercation with Adam.

Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: After Nick and Phyllis decide its time for them to play dirty at Restless Style, business partners Jack and Sharon’s marriage is placed in the crossfire. When the Abbotts obtain the latest edition of the magazine, they are shocked to fine and article all about, “The Real Jack Abbott,” inside. Naturally Jack and Sharon assume Nick created the piece to exact revenge on Jack for the Sabrina article.

Nick’s ex Sharon isn’t portrayed in the best way just like her husband Jack. It seems that Jack is ticked off royally on how Sharon’s trashed and, then he realizes that bad press equates to good press and decides to keep the story.

Jack goes so far as to hype the feud to the media and then, proposes to a wary Sharon that she write a tell all piece about ex father-in-law Victor. While this takes place, Phyllis becomes jealous when she eavesdrops on Nick and Sharon having a private phone call and, warns Sharon to keep away from her man!

Later on, Jack and Nick get into an intense argument where the two almost engage into a fistfight when Sharon enters the fray. Sharon surprises Jack by supporting NICK! This latest bump in the road for the Abbotts has Jack questioning where Sharon‘s loyalties stands.

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    Luke Kerr

    Dammit…the local TV station broke with a press conference. Before the Press Conference Jack tells Gloria she has to sweet talk Katherine. When the press conference ends I find myself watching Katherine telling Gloria that if she pressed it she’d do something to Glo to hurt her. What in the hell did I miss?

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    YES! I want Nick & Sharon back together like yesterday. Phyllis was always better off with Jack.

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    Nnnooooo! Oh, I hope they do not put Nick and Sharon back together. I know they have many devoted fans who think they are the loves of each others lives. I can see that perspective. I watched them meet, grow up together, fall in love, experience pain and heartbreak, then love and marriage and a baby and even the death of Sharon’s daughter. They have a deep, rich history. But frankly, I think they closed that chapter for good when Nick and Phyllis got together. They were initially one of the hottest couples I have ever seen on daytime. The sizzled my TV screen. A lot has happened in the years since and I know that Nick and Phyllis have settled into a domestic haze but when they got it, the got it still. I am really torn about this issue. I had a feeling the new writing regime were going to make a change. If anything, it will put good use to history by having Nick and Sharon be there generation’s Nikki and Victor. No matter what happens, how many years they are sperated, for good and bad, they will always end up together. I do not mind that prototype. I think it is classic soapy goodness. I just wish they would give Nick and Phyllis another chance to get the heat back with a story line that did not test their love but that enhanced it. I do know that, with the brilliant Michelle Stafford playing tennis and the fact that she has 2 legacy children by major characters from the show, Phyllis is not going anywhere and she has chemistry with a chair. Maybe after Nick dumps her (if that is what happens), she can get her edge back, some of that nasty girl and seduce Adam to get back at Nick, make him jealous and keep herself in the thick of the Newman family. That would be delicious.

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    “Naturally Jack and Sharon assume Nick created the piece to exact revenge on Jack for the Sabrina article.”

    Since you wrote “assume”, are we to “assume” that it wasn’t Nick? As upset as he is I don’t see him attacking the mother of his child like that.

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    Nick & Sharon! :D I like that! That’s the way it should be. They both would be better without their current spouses. Hopefully they will go there. Because Phick was nice as a little dirty affair … but come on … there is nothing more. I have the feeling that sleeping with each other was the only real thing they had in common … and that days are over since a very while. And Shack … never really worked for me! So put together what belongs together and let out the truth that Jack is Summer’s daddy. :D

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    Jillian Bowe

    Luke Glo dissed Cane running Jabot and tried to say that Kay didn’t own Jabot that long and already she’s had tons of CEO’s come and go. Kay told Glo to shove her lil’ Jabot stocks! *LOL* Then Gloria tried to give off some phony apology which Kay called her on. TEAM KAY FOR THE COUNT!

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    Sharon is a flakey ho who wants a new man every other week. Please keep her away from Nicholas. She’ll just sniff after Bradley after a few weeks. Phick is very popular, and the show needs to start writing for MS again. What an insult to make her play work place romper room with some stupid model wannabe, when she can bury Sharon with a few words. I am sick of the Sharon love fest. I was hoping Victor was going to put her in her place after the Sabrina article. Show missed the boat on that.

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