Hogan vs. Bell?

I don’t know if this qualifies as another "freaky friday," or not, but as if Higleygate, Hinseygate, and the Scott scandal weren’t enough, now TV Guide Canda’s Nelson Branco is reporting that "Y&R setsiders are buzzing that Hogan Sheffer is butting heads behind the scenes with his writing partner co-head Maria Arena Bell."

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Suds Report for more on the story.

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    I KNEW something was up when Hogan’s name began to appear with Scott Hamner’s on the same title card. When he first joined the show he had a solo credit after Mrs. Bell’s. I truly hope this does not mean Hogan is on the verge of leaving the show. He has improved this show in too many ways to count since he came aboard. I would rather see him take over as head writer but since she is a Bell, no matter her writing experience, she has got the edge.

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    What’s going on behind the scenes at Y&R? Also, why is there still no confirmation on the Josh Griffith firing?

    I think Y&R needs to let all of the present regime go and rehire people who worked on the show during it’s glory years, you know the Bill Bell proteges. I hope David Shaughnessy can return as Executive Producer soon.

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    nelson branco shut up already i am really getting tired of you spreading lies Josh Griffith he has not been fired or let go this has to stop i have had enough you are confusing the viewers and your making life difficult.

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    Griffith’s status at Y&R still seems to be in question. I wish we would get something official. I tend not to believe SOD’s statement, as they’re always the last to report on anything big.

    Hopefully, news of Griffith’s firing will be confirmed soon enough. He’s a really awful Executive Producer IMO, the show could use a stronger EP.

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