Myrtle Fargate to be killed off?

Is Eileen Herlie’s Myrtle Fargate being killed off All My Children? According to Nelson Branco’s latest Suds Report "Myrtle may also be a victim" of upcoming tornado storyline.

What do you think of this?

Myrtle Fargate to be killed off?

  • I'm ok with it. We hardly see Myrtle. (9%, 50 Votes)
  • The only way this is ok is if the actress chose to leave. (46%, 259 Votes)
  • This is outrageous! (45%, 251 Votes)

Total Voters: 560


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11 Responses

  1. Profile photo of season1217

    I know we don’t see her all that much but they can’t do this! Any scene w/ Myrtle in it makes you smile. The woman has presence even with actors one-third her age. If it’s Eileen’s decision to leave then have her go stay w/ Bianca in Paris or something but don’t kill her please!

  2. Profile photo of joshua2854

    If EH has decided to retire I’m kind of ok with it . . . sort of. It would be kind of cool if CP and EH consulted over the history of the show and discussed how Myrtle’s death might send shock waves throughout out Pine Valley and how it could drive storyline for certain characters . . . seriously, what am I thinking . . . but wouldn’t that be cool. Otherwise, it sucks, I agree with seasons 1217, send her to Paris to be with Binks.

  3. Profile photo of weareclouds

    If Eileen wants to actually be out of AMC for good. And, she chose this as the way to go. Than I’m absolutely fine with this. :)

    If not, and they fired her. Than boooooooo to Pratt.

  4. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I don’t care what they do, just don’t kill the character off…give her a kick ass goodbye by giving her one final storyline where she finds romance late in life and let her go off into the sunset.

  5. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    WHAT :? !!! I can’t beleave that they might kill Myrtle off :jawdrop: ! This makes me sad :( ! I smile everytime she appers :) ! I agree with Luke, let her find a sweety and go off into the sunset ;) . Pine Valley will be lost without her :O . Zach will be devistated, Myrtle has become a sarrogate mother/grandmother to him. This whould rip his heart apart, along with numorous Pine Valley residents :( .


  6. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    I know many are upset over the idea of Myrtle being killed off– but in respect to the actress– perhaps she wants or needs to stop.

    I am in favor of giving the older actors/actress a send off that they can participate in. Rather then them pass away in real life– then months later have them kill off the character off screen— like Phoebe & Mona (AMC) or Lila (GH). Especially since many of the older stars arent working much to begin with— we hardly see them anymore— so we no longer appreciate their actting ability & remember why they’ve lasted on their shows as long as they did.

    I would rather see Mrytle injured in the torrnado and have her act in some goodbye type scenes with her costars. Imagine the inpact of a scene where we see Myrtle in a hospital bed with Erica, Zach and Opal by her side. I would much rather that — then these silly filler scenes with Myrtle as a glorified extra. If written correctly this goodbye could win the show an emmy!
    Look at the death of Asa on OLTL. It was a beautiful send off to an actor who just didnt want to work as much these days– plus it show cased the talent of the show & the richness of the character. I think a goodbye scene between Erica and Myrtle (AGAIN– IF WRITTEN RIGHT) could win Ms Lucci her second Emmy

  7. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    If this is her choice and if RC was writing AMC instead of OLTL then MAYBE this wouldn’t be as bad as it looks like it could be. As it is though, I do not have a shred of confidence that this will be done well. Stranger things have happened though.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I have a feeling that her health will not allow her to continue on the show. There have been reports of health problems and if she is not in a position to work any more then I think this could be a good way to send her off. If she went off with a new love or something like that, it would probably have to be entirely off camera (if she cant film) and that would be empty. If they kill her off then we get to see and experience how important the character was to the entire town. So IF its done right and IF this is her decision then I am okay with it.

  9. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Hell, no!!!
    This will NEVER do. Even though we don’t see her all the time, it’s still good to know that she’s there & okay. It’s like that one family member that you barely see, but it’s all good because everything is kosher with them. I hope that this is just a rumor like Opal being killed off was back in May.

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  10. Profile photo of weareclouds

    I really hope that if this is true. That Eileen or her family will personally release a statement about it. To tell us whether she chose this fate or not.

    Like I said above. I’ll miss her so so so much. :(

    Myrtle reminds me of my late grandmother.

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