Robin Christopher Returning to All My Children?

Never has reporting something on this blog been so bitter sweet or felt like a double edged sword as this does. For years I’ve dreamt of Robin Christopher returning to All My Children. Having Skye return to her roots and shake up Pine Valley is/was right up there on my wish list with having Rebecca Budig returning to All My Children and having Louise Sorel return to Days of Our Lives.

Never, not even in my worst nightmares, did the possibility that Skye’s return might coincide with the possible death of Myrtle Fargate cross my mind. However, according to Nelson Branco’s latest Suds Report that just may be what happens.

Talk about taking the fun out of what could potentially be an awesome return.

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    Sad she has to come back for her grandmother’s death though. :(

    Anyways. Skye was one of my favorite GH characters. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of her on AMC. But, I’d love to see her interact with her family in PV. And, allow Adam to get to know Lila Rae.

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    Can we not talk about Myrtle’s death as if it is etched in stone. It’s just speculation. Let’s hope that if Skye does come back it’s to help in nursing Myrtle back to health if she’s injured in the tornado. And you can’t bring granddaughter w/o bringing her mommy back too. Get Linda Dano on my television now!

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    Luke Kerr

    I’m not saying I want Myrtle to die, far from it, but if they could figure out a way to keep her alive and bring Skye and Linda Dano back, Skye for good and Linda as a cameo I would be in heaven.

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    I think a Syke return to AMC might be the shot in the arm that show needs. However, it would be an absolute travesty to kill Myrtle to do so!

    So, what’s the deal with the Josh Griffith situation at Y&R? Is he out or not? Why is there no certainty on that matter?

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    I posted awhile back that it would be my wish for Robin to come to AMC take over Fusion, even come with Lorenzo, or a love interest for Tad.  As for Myrtle dying bite your tongue ! LOL I would not like her to come back for that reason!

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    While I only ever saw her on OLTL and GH. I would tune back into AMC to she Skye return to her Chandler roots. I love Robin Christopher! It would be sad though if Myrtle had to die though to bring her back to the story.

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    I want RC back as SKYE in PV more then you can imagine!!!
    AMC is missing two very important factors– which I think shows in their ratings!
    1. The powerful bitch role & Skye could fit the bill perfectly.
    I’ve said this numerous times RC’s Skye could become AMC’s version of Dorian Lord!!!
    2. Feuds. Look at OLTL– the feud between Viki/Dorian and Lindsay/Nora is part of what fans love. When OLTL is at it’s best– we see these 4 women at each other’s throat!!
    Same goes for Y&R– Jack & Victor.
    Feuds are just as important in soaps as love/romance and family!!!

    Maybe Adam will take over Fusion and put her in charge. Can you imagine a Skye/Kendall feud– their claws would be out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What about Skye & Jackson— that could cause a feud between Erica and Skye– who were once good friends????
    And imagine her telling KWAK off for the games she’s playing with Adam???
    I for one would rather see her feud with Kendell & Greenlee
    And how nice would it be to see Adam have an off-spring on his side these days

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    Can we hold off on the doom and gloom? Remember all the handwringing when people thought Greg Nelson was returning to Pine Valley for Opal’s funeral? Instead it was for J&A’s wedding. And it was great.

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    I hope Skye returns to AMC! We need Big returns to help the show, I am a huge AMC fan and its sad to see it dwindling in the ratings. I am not listening to the Myrtle rumors, because wasn’t their rumors of Opal hitting the deathbed? AMC wouldnt kill a core character like Myrtle off, but if the actress doesn’t want to work/ or simply no longer can, then if they can write a good story towards it, i dont see a problem with it.

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    Oh I wonder what damage Louise Sorel would cause if she returned to Days right about now. I was about 8 years old when she buried Carly alive and I still remember it clearly. That was some good stuff. Thanks for the throwback.

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    I hope that it isn’t true, but if the actress wants to retire, I say do it and have a big funeral and write a telling s/l involving Myrtle’s death. It will give great material to Robin Christopher, Thorsten Kaye, Susan Lucci and others who interact with Myrtle. I glad that RC is coming back to PV and needs to be hell on wheels and stir up trouble and make sporadic appearances on OLTL with the history she have on the show too. I do hope the Pratt will write a good s/l involving Skye and the Chandlers that will have fans tune back in. GH did a horrible disservice to her and I hope that Pratt will infuse what Skye is. He have write for Gh and I hope will tie her past history for GH into AMC.


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    I don’t like the idea of seeing Skye come back in order to kill off a matriarch of the show. Plus, this SUDS guy isn’t any better than RavenB in my book. However, think of the possibilities with Skye/Greenlee maybe forging a friendship or becoming the new frenemies. Let’s face it, Skye would wipe the floor with Kendall, but Greenlee could actually be a great rival or even friend. I’m so sick of Kenlee. Rebecca needs to be challenged as an actress, and AM is like playing with a minor league player. Bring on the big guns again. RB does her best work against them. She doesn’t need to play in the sand box anymore. A triangle with Skye/David/Greenlee would be HOT.

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