Van Peebles Not Wearing Boxers or Briefs for Obama

Mario Van Peebles may not be wearing Boxers or Briefs for Obama but the All My Children and Damages star is showing his support for the Presidential candidate in his own way. Check out The Insider to watch the clip.

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    Interesting to me that McCain is running ads about Obama being a “celebrity” – the implication being that Obama is all fluff and no substance/experience to do the job – and here we are with a number of stories on an entertainment site discussing his candidacy. HMMMM maybe McCain IS on to something…..

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    Luke Kerr

    Oh EET….i just love you. You always put things in perspective. lol If there were any soap stars attending McCain events we’d post about them too. Problem is we haven’t seen any and if we’re really honest about it, the stars are all probably afraid to get near him for fear that his "immense age" might suck all of their beauty out of them in order to smooth out some of his wrinkles. lol

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    Or Roseanne Barr will crucify you in a blog. LOL!

    And actually McCain supporters did something similar to the underwear ad that featured soap stars supporting Obama. Yeah, the stars that were featured in that underwear ad were Walter Cronkite, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn and Paris Hilton. And the fact that two of them are dead only shows how staunch their support is for McCain! LOL!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I wonder if McCain was worried about Reagan’s celebrity aspects, I mean, you know, since he was an actor… Hypocrisy much? There’s nothing wrong with celebs supporting  Obama.

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    Was Nia Long name dropping? “I had a chance to meet him @ Oprah’s house.”

    And go Mario Van Peebles! Rarely are celebrities so eloquent in their support of a candidate and in their opinion of what’s going on. I really wish AMC had brought him on as a different character because Samuel just ain’t doin’ it for me.

    And not to get too political myself but Hillary as VP would be a disastrous mistake. He’d need extra Secret Service just to watch out for Hill and Bill. I’d also prefer one of the Lohan children. LOL!

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    Typically celebrities do trend liberal, but there are a number of them (some that are cooler than others) that are openly supporting Mccain including sylvester stallone, angie harmon, rip torn and yes, even Heidi Montag. (and before anyone pokes fun, please remember phil spector endorsed Obama – nuff said)

    Personally I could give a fig who any of these celebrities support – I certainly dont find their opinions to be any more valuable than anyone elses. In fact, I find it silly that some of them think posing in their underwear is a good way to show their support for a political candidate and sad that unfortunately some people are influenced by such antics.

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