The Young and the Restless: Spoilers & Rumors to Chew on

Lily/Cane/Chloe: The proud parents to be get married via city hall of all places next week. Cane and Lily fans fear not, you don’t see the nuptials take place onscreen. Cane starts to reminisce about Lily during his wedding and the scene fades to black. Seems like Chloe has a lil’ mystery that she’s trying to keep hidden and its not that Cane’s the father her baby. Rumblings online are saying that Chloe may be related to someone in Genoa City…. Can this coupled with faithful housekeeper Esther making a startling detection be linked?

Ana/Neil/Trya: Ms. Hamilton makes a move that has Neil’s feelings for her coming to light. Meanwhile Ana accepts an offer she can’t refuse and Neil tells Tyra to stay put.

Nikki: Next week she loses her battle of the bottle when she thinks Victor’s dead. Nick flies down to Mexico to be with his mother, she slips away to continue the search for her ex. Later on she identifies a body and then Nikki is overwhelmed with emotions when she finds out that Victor’s not pushing up daisies.

Victoria/Nick/Adam: Seems like the war of the Newman kids turns yet again next week. Victor’s will is read and changes are coming! Not only does Adam wrestle control of Newman Enterprises from Victoria, he fires Neil and has Heather move into the ranch! To top that off, he makes himself CEO of Newman Enterprises… The elder Newman kids dodge a bullet and are able to have a second chance with their father while, little brother Victor II finds himself in the hot seat.

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    Speaking of housekeepers, where’s my Mamie? Maybe she could slap some sense into Lily. You know what would be funny? If she came on the show and slapped Christel Khalil’s Lily and when Lily turns her face around after being slapped it’s Davetta Sherwood. Similar to when they switched Babe mid-hug or when Mason got punched in the face and fell to the floor and when he got up was a different actor on Santa Barbara.

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    It would be fantastic if Chloe turned out to be Kate but their had better be a good explanation as to why Katherine or Jill or Esther ( not that I have seen her share any scenes yet with Chloe) have not recognized her. If they are going to make this so, they need to start to sow the seeds of the story very soon.

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