Whitesell Named Co-Head Writer at “DAYS”

Well, if Hogan vs. Bell wasn’t enough to call today "Freaky Friday" than the following may just be.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Days of Our Lives’ Gary Tomlin, who took over after Ed Scott left, has appointed Christopher Whitesell as Co-Head Writer along with Dena Higley.

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    Love chris whitesell he was a headwriter on my all time favorite soap sunset beach.Im thrilled chris is on board.Why in the world would mr corday keep dena higley as headwriter the woman doesnt even watch the show so she stated.Ans ed scott was a saving grace for the soap.Personally id take jim reilly back over dena higley.

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    I am excited for this. With Tomlin and Whitesell on board, Days will end up being more like SuBe, which is one of my fave soaps ever.

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