Exclusive “Life in General” SNEAK PEEK for First 200 Daytime Confidential Visitors!!!

God Bless The Net.
Video killed the radio star and if this keeps up the Internet will kill the television show – and for the first time in years I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I just finished watching the sneak peek of General Hospital writer Karen Harris’s new web show Life In General and I am blown away with how smart, fast-paced, emotionally resonant and sexy the show managed to be in just its pilot episode.

It is so refreshing to see talented soap stars like Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days; Winnie, LIG), Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie, GH; Maddie, LIG) and Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon, GH; Fritz, LIG) hold their own with legends like JoBeth Williams (Mary Kate) and Brynn Thayer (ex-Jenny, OLTL; Rachel, LIG).

John Ingle, does a hilarious departure from his incorrigible Edward Quartermaine day job on GH as Raymond, the "legend in his own mind" creator of Greenville General. Ingle and Zucker – whose head writer Winnie must deal with Raymond rewriting her scripts – have instant platonic supercouple chemistry from their very first scene .Thayer and  Robert Desiderio (Brian, LIG) are both poignant and kneeslap-inducing as the show’s reigning supercouple onscreen and off.

LIG comes at the perfect time for this soap lover for two reasons, first, it manages to showcase all of the backstage shenanigans of a daytime soap (which unless you’ve been living under a rock this month, you realize is all-too-true to life!) without being vitriolic or demeaning to the genre we all love and want to see restored. It will also no doubt help me get over my web-withdrawals since Imaginary Bitches is currently on hiatus.

Okay, so now here’s the fun part! Strike TV is holding a special Beta Launch to make sure all the kinks are out before the online network’s official debut this September. Karen has provided us with a special code allowing the first 200 Daytime Confidential readers an opportunity to go to Strike TV and check out Life in General as well as other Strike TV shows!

Here’s a note from Karen explaining how it works:

"Log onto http://beta.strike.tv and enter the code STV0035KH (as well as name, e-mail, and other required info).  Once the code has entered and taken effect, anyone with it can sign on to the page again and view as many times as they want — including viewing the other terrific shows. If you have any problems with the site, feel free to make comments in the comments section at the top right corner of the main page. Enjoy!"

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    Thanks so much for the code!! It was amazing. I loved every second of it and can’t wait for more! The writing was good and character’s intriguing. This should not only get sponsership, it should be picked up for a cable or network show!

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I just watched it and I liked it alot! It’s got such a great cast — I especially loved seeing Brynn Thayer again and she’s looking FAB (same with JoBeth Williams). And there are some great lines that soap fans are really going to appreciate :)

    My only complaint is a tiny one: Arianne Zuker seems to have a southern accent that comes and goes…but that’s really not a big deal.

    Can’t wait to check out Greenville General!!

  3. Profile photo of DolFan

    Great show, had trouble viewing it the first time. But 2nd time it worked fine. Greenville General will be interesting to watch since we know what happens behind the scenes.

  4. Profile photo of KingTV

    I did not even need the special code. I just went to the website and signed up. Anyway, I wanted to say that I thought it was pretty good so far. It set up most of the characters with quick brush strokes and gave us a sense of what it will be about. I always love behind-the-scenes viewpoints of anything entertainment, be it a book like the “Saturday Night Live” book by Tom Shayles, which is a sort of documentary-style history of the show with various people’s reminisces and antidotes regarding the famous skits, the scandalous dressing room activities and the wrath of Lorne Michaels, the producer, also a show like “Sunset Strip,” which was a backstage TV show taking place at a SNL-type show that was unfortunately canceled after it’s first season or a movie like “Swimming With Sharks” or the current “Tropic Thunder” which both skewer the Hollywood game so many actors, agents and producers play in order to succeed in a tough, ego-bruising industry. “Life In General” has all of those potential qualities to make it a really biting backstage look at the soap opera industry. Being an enormous daytime fan, it definitely attracts the nosy, gossip in me who loves to know what is really going on with our favorite divas, head writers and producers. I am looking forward to the next epsiode and especially, the first webisode of “Greenville General,” the soap within the show that they are all working on. Brynn Thayer was fabulous and hilariously sarcastic in her role, Lindze L. from “GH” also totally made me forget all about goody-goody “Georgie” by appearing naked (but covered) after a sex romp with a co-star and Arriane Zucker successfully got across her character’s frustrations at trying to reign all of these people in while fighting for her job at the same time. John Ingles was a hoot and the guy who played the new guy who wrote a theory on soap opera that acted as his Master’s thesis (shades of Sam Ford, no?). Having Arriane’s character running around constantly finding pink pages (changes in a script) being handed out that she did not write was something I personally know is a truth in all genres from my experience working at a talent agency in Los Angeles for 4 years. I worked in the writing department assisting an agent who represented some of the top movie writers at the time. She was always trying to calm her clients down when they learned that another writer had been brought in or pink pages had been snuck into the script. So, all in all, “Life In General” is a good start for a show that could be a great insider look at soaps and entertainment in general. If I could make one criticism, it would be that it needs too be a little more edgy and satiric. Some of the scenes were treading on not wanting to insult anyone or any subject too much when I think the show should be more dark and biting. The truth is things are even crazier in real life then portrayed here. All in all, a great first effort and it will hopefully just get better and bring a touch more black comedy to it.

  5. Profile photo of Desertrose

    Darn…I’m too late. I get the message that the “code has been used the maximum number of times”….any ideas as to how we could view this?

    It sounds really cool.

    See what happens when I’m off my computer for a day? LOL

  6. Profile photo of dellygrim

    What a great offer. But I missed it by a long shot. Anyone know when in Sept. they expect to be up? Sorry if that was in the podcast, I promise I listened to it but I know I didn’t catch every word. I just tried to create an account there but I don’t know if I was in the proper section. It seemed to me that is was for people looking to contribute videos etc,. maybe they just want everyone to theoretically be able to contribute. It seemed like it was going to send something to my email but nothing yet. Also I was required to say which state I’m from but I’m in Canada. Does anyone know if Strike.tv will be one of those sites that tells me the vids are not available outside of the US (more likely than not will let me watch their ads 2 or 3 times before telling me that)?

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