DC #288: Top 10 Ways to Improve Days of Our Lives

What can bring TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco and former Days of Our Lives writer Tom Casiello together on a podcast for the first time? The Daytime Confidential Top 10 Ways to Improve Days of Our Lives episode!

Join Daytime Confidential’s Luke and Jamey and guests Nelson Branco and Tom Casiello for a lively discussion and debate about the Top 10 Ways to Improve Days of Our Lives.

In each of The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soaps episodes the Daytime Confidential gang discusses some of the common issues facing the soaps as well as some of the unique problems facing each show.

This along with your comments on the blog and on the Daytime Confidential Comment Line makes for an entertaining discussion on the ills facing Days of Our Lives and its fans.

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11 Responses

  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Hey guys, I want to say hey to Tom and Nelson and Luke and Jay for a great podcast. I do believe that they need a head writer who watches the show and know the characters. I don’t know DH is going to bring the show out of the doldrums and Ken corday needs to just go away and let someone who knows the show to get it back what it is. I do agree that the core families needs to get back to what they use to be. I feel it can be campy, but not the over the top that doesn’t make sense. They need to have a sense of direction of what the soap should be: real life drama, family, relationship, love, rivalries, backstabbing, and character and plot driven but more of the character driven s/ls.


  2. Profile photo of snowi

    I agree, I hate what Higley has done to Sami. Jamey was right…..is Lucas that great that Sami has spent the entire summer acting like a pathetic mess trying to win him back? Seriously woman, do you realize who you just jumped out of bed with?

    Anyways, lately after watching Days I find myself staring at the screen, watching the credits roll, asking myself, “What the hell was that?!”

    Days used to be fun to watch, now it’s just plain frustrating. I agree that Days needs to respect their audience’s intelligence more. Yes Soaps aren’t Shakespeare, but the people who watch them are not idiots. We remember history, which Higley apparently does not. In my opinion Days needs to get rid of some characters that really don’t serve a purpose. Sorry I don’t understand why they brought Nicole back. The girl has no chemistry with anyone and is just plain annoying. Stax takes up too much airtime. And this melanie chick, I barely know this character and I already can’t stand her.

    My patience is wearing thin with Days. So much so, that I really hope that my favorite Days actors get offered better roles on other shows. They deserve better than the shit that Higley & Co. has been giving them.

  3. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    It does need camp, but I think it also need the real side to the show. But I would make a Kate/Anna rivalry going because Anna hates Kate and vice versa and can be a great rivalry if written right.


  4. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    ROSCOE BORN AS ROGERT THORPE (on GL)?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

    Jamey, that is the THE SINGLE MOST BRILLIANT CASTING idea i have heard in at least the last 5 years!!!! I bow to your genius, sir. LOL

  5. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Everyone was so passionate. I love it. Awesome podcast and I havn’t watched Days since Hope turned into Gina.

    On a side note, British soaps do have major stars, like the US shows, they just don’t make fans burn out on them.

  6. Profile photo of cubsgirl

    Loved the podcast. You guys hit on many of my issues with Days which has caused me to turn it off the last few months. The show has COMPLETELY lost any type of focus and direction. There are so many things about Days that at one time was successful, but doesn’t work anymore. Times are changing and Days refuses to make those changes.

    And Jamey hit on the one thing I can’t stand about what has happened to Sami. She needed to get over the whole John/Marlena affair and being a whiney baby because mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore. That type of maturing was needed for the character was needed. However, Sami wasn’t the character that men were fighting over. Sami would scam and plot in order to get what she wanted. Months ago Sami would have found a way to “marry EJ” WITHOUT divorcing Lucus. She wouldn’t be crying all of the time for Lucas. I also have forgotten that at one time Lucas was a slimey character which goes to show how much they have whitewashed that character. But with Sami he puts her on a morale standard way above his own and if she can’t achieve it she doesn’t deserve his love.

  7. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    Days is known for two things: supercouples and schemers. I was never a fan of the supercouples but I loved the schemers. Sami, Lucas, Kate, Victor, Nicole, Vivian… on and on. My favorite was the scheme dream team, Lucas and Sami. Friends or fighting, I didn’t care.

    When they put them together I thought, Boom! Money! Then, they rewrote the characters into St. Luke and Sappy Sami. They didn’t scheme anymore. Lucas had so upright that he couldn’t motivate himself to do bad, even for Phillip. And the two who were always looking for success were all of a sudden happy with no jobs.

    They need to write these characters back into character. Like you said, they have become core characters. Bring back Scami and bad boy Lucas.

  8. Profile photo of pchca

    I’m nervous to even listen to the Podcast. Can dool even be saved? I think it will take at least a year to turn it around. The current cast is fine, it’s the people behind the scenes that need replacing.

  9. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I believe that DOOL can be saved if Corday leaves and give someone else who know the show and wants to revive it and Ken can’t half-a@##$ it because he does not know what to do about the show. I do think that the show is camp, but it is too much camp is making the fans tune out. I also believe that they need a head writer that has a long term plan and has s/l for years to come. I do hope that something happens because DOOL won’t survive if the behind the scenes and the show wants to stay on the air.


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