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Here’s the Scoop! 08.25.08

WELCOME BACK GENIE FRANCIS!  Laura Spencer makes her return today! Still hearing RUMORS that Tony Geary will be back before Genie takes her leave.

Claudia learns the truth!  I’ve told you that eventually Claudia finds out what really happened when Logan Hayes was killed.  Will she use that information to her advantage? SPOILERS say that Claudia tells Johnny she’ll keep her trap shut if he kicks Lulu to the curb. Nikolas goes in to big brother mode when he finds out Claudia knows the real story.  The dark prince tells Claudia, you say anything about Lulu killing Logan and I’ll go straight to Jason with the real story behind Michael’s shooting.

They’re picking sides.  Remember I mentioned Lucky and Nikolas battling for guardianship of Lulu?  More SPOILERS confirm that Tracy sides with her step-son while Sam finds a place on Nikolas’ team.  Who else is teaming up with Nikolas and Sam?  Elizabeth!  Lulu breaks down again today while at the PCPD.  Lucky will return her to the loony bin.  This part of the storyline COULD possibly do a lot of damage to Lulu and Lucky’s relationship. Will Lulu blurt out the truth?  RUMORS say she does and that Lucky believes she’s covering for Johnny.  Nikolas starts to realize what actually happened. 

It looks like Johnny’s going on trial for Logan’s murder.  The mafia prince is facing the death penalty.  Maxie is summoned in Johnny’s case and freaks.  Jason and Spin calm her down.  EARLY RUMORS suggest that Johnny gets off on a technicality, a mistrial.  Scotty will continue to build his case against his son’s "murderer."  Johnny breaking Lulu out of Shadybrook?  RUMORS have it happening and it could be when Julie Marie Berman is taking some time off for her honeymoon.  Will Johnny be aquitted?  Will there be enough for another trial?  RUMORS say that Laura’s return closer to November Sweeps MAY play into Johnny being saved from the death penalty. 

Nadine in the slammer too?
  SPOILERS say she winds up in jail after defending her prince, Nikolas.

Scrubs engagement.  It happens, possibly before that little girl pops out.  The actual marriage may not happen until after the birth.  RUMBLINGS surrounding November Sweeps say that Patrick and Robin’s baby will be born "under less than ideal circumstances." 

Jax moves back in! 
Before Kate learns about the limo sex, Jax moves back into Carly’s house. 

Liason… Elizabeth giving Jason the cold shoulder?  Wouldn’t you if the man you loved cut off your moment of passion? The RUMORS say that Elizabeth and Jason meet at the studio where she puts everything out there. Jason kisses her and things get heated only Jason pulls away and tells her not to call. At some point, Elizabeth points out all the people that Jason allows around him despite it being unsafe. 

Hmmmm… is Matt a Drake?  RUMORS were also saying that GH’s newest doc COULD be a Scorpio. The latest?  Matt is related to Patrick but not necessarily a Drake.  Will Maxie learn what Matt’s secret is? This COULD be something for the pair to "bond" over giving those Shelle fans something to look forward to. Remember, the popularity of Spixie sort of threw a wrench in the M&M plans.

Skate wedding?  I am hearing its not happening.  It can’t be a Skate wedding if Sonny marries Connie.

RANDOM RUMORS… Elizabeth meets Sasha.  Spinelli and Maxie MAY enter the counterfeit drug storyline. Father and Son make a good team at the defense table.  The penthouse is getting a new tenant… Maxie!  Is someone getting a stalker?  I hate to even drop this but there are RUMBLINGS of a rape storyline.  Is Anthony threatening Elizabeth again? Carly has to team up with her biggest enemy.  Lulu’s preggers.  Will something Scotty said to Johnny come true?

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  1. Profile photo of pchca

    UGH the popularity of Spixie exists because most of their fans have been waiting all year for something to happen, most of their fans never saw kirsten & jason on days, and because it’s what GH is feeding them! If tptb would just give matt & maxie some cute scenes together, they’d have a bigger fan base! but no, someone’s brilliant idea is to keep matt acting like a jerk so that more people support spixie. this whole situation is upside down and wearing on my nerves!

  2. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan for the morning spoilers. I thought the new tenant at the penthouse was going to be Elizabeth? Here we go again with the angst with this couple. I sure hope that the spoiler is true that Luke returns to see Laura, they are still the best daytime couple around. I hope the trial does not drag on too long. Looks like GH is trying to get back on track.

  3. Profile photo of Danielle

    I am so sick of Guza ruining couples! More angst with Scrubs and more with Liason! WTF! why bother anymore!  It’s really getting annoying.   I was sort of wishing that Matt was Mac’s son which would have brought him to the front burner again.   Oh well!

  4. Profile photo of Dr.House

    I really hope that they don’t put Matt and Maxie together. I mean so what if they had chemistry on another soap. It wasn’t GH so why try to force a pairing just to see if the chemistry and popularity still sticks?

  5. Profile photo of postsecret

    Interesting how Nikolas is drawing battle lines.
    As for Spixie, yes fans will be upset if this pairing is going to be stalled because of stunt casting. The writing for Matt is not that intelligent nor interesting. Enchiladas, anyone? I agree with Dr.House. It’s forced while Spixie organically happened.
    As for Liason, props to Elizabeth for pointing out the obvious.

  6. Profile photo of pchca

    Did you even see the Spixie makeout/sex scene? There was literally NO chemistry, it looked like a brother and sister going at it. Ackward! Kirsten and Bradford have good chemistry, but it’s the farthest thing from sexual chemistry that GH has.

  7. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Good thinking by season1217, when Jason was on trial, ther never was a deth penalty, I also thought that in PC, they don’t use the deth penalty????
    About Liason, I think its about time , that Liz will tell Jasont hat ther are a lot of people around him, like Spinelli,Maxi and Carly, so why can’t she???
    I just hope that in Maxi is not the new, tenant in Jason’s PH , or mayby she is , when Jason is moving in to Liz’s house.!!
    Thank you for the scoops, Regan!!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Lulu being pregnant is a RANDOM RUMOR and IF TRUE, it SHOULD tie into something Scotty said to Johnny. 

    IF someone moves in to the PH, it’s Maxie and most likely to get away from Matt.  I would guess she’s not there very long.

    Wasn’t Jason facing the death penalty in Alcazar’s murder? 

  9. Profile photo of postsecret

    pchca, if you pay close attention, most of Spixie’s chemistry lies in their dialogue. They don’t be a couple that is screaming for attention because of physical merits. And unlike Coop, Maxie wasn’t really friends first with him and besides, Spin is way more fleshed out as a character than Coop ever was.

  10. Profile photo of Dr.House

    I think Spinelli and Maxie could have better heat on screen if the writers would stop making Spinelli so completely inept and awkward. I mean I know that’s part of the charm of that character, but sometimes enough is enough. Much like people have an issue with Jason ALWAYS being the one to save the day, I’m tired of Spinelli acting so awkward all the time!

  11. Profile photo of season1217

    Also, if Alexis is the DA, why in the world would she allow Scotty to be the prosecuting attorney on his dead son’s case?

    And, please, stop talking about Coop. I miss Jason Gerhardt something awful!

  12. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I do feel that Sonny and Jason need to be real and human for the fans to care for them. I don’t think Guza is writing that part of sonny being nice and helping Lulu, but I just think that the fans want more of the old Sonny that was friends to Stone and Robin and protect his family and was funny with Brenda and protected with friends and family. I hope that it is a miracle and the tptb realize that keeping Guza on will be the death of the soap.


  13. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I don’t care if Sonny marries Connie as long as Maurice is the actor and Megan is the actress and they say the ido’s to each other!!!!
    I actually think it would be sweeter than sweet if Sonny married Connie!!!

    Don’t know what is going on with Spin/Maxie but I love these two together and I hope they let this happen before they even think about exploring this thing with the bore of doc Matt. Yeah, yeah, I liked Shawn and Belle too but the beard ain’t working for me and he just seems like such a boy.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Also, if Alexis is the DA, why in the world would she allow Scotty to be the prosecuting attorney on his dead son’s case?

    Alexis will be at the prosecution’s table.  I am not sure what role Scotty will have in the actual trial.  He will be looking for evidence against Johnny though. 

  15. Profile photo of season1217

    I don’t know…if I were a guy I’d want to stay far away from Maxie. Jesse dead. Coop dead. Logan dead.


    That reminds me of an episode of Golden Girls when Rose thought she killed men by sleeping w/ them.

    And thanks for the explaination Regan.

  16. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Pchca I too watched KS and JC as Shawn and Belle on Days and I loved them on that show. But, Maxie is a different character than Belle, and I would really like to see her end up with Spinelli in the end. She and BA make such a great team, and the build up for them has been awesome. I do agree with Dr. House though, they need to stop making Spinelli such a bumbling idiot. BA is great at drama, too, like when Georgie died, he doesn’t always have to be written so goofy. I think TPTB are just hung up on him as the computer geek and forget that he can be so much more than that. There have been random moments where there is potential for some heat between Maxie and Spinelli, but they are rare, before they go back to being the cutesy pair that they are. I think the writers should explore that a little bit more.

  17. Profile photo of ghaddict

    OH wow……I really wish that GH would have some sort of flow in their story lines….it always seems like they just pull ideas out of their asses as they go along…..I hope they don’t make Lucky look like an idiot in this s/l…like they usually do….

  18. Profile photo of hrfmom

    I am so sick of Liason not being on the show; their quick moments once a month has been agonizing but that is all Guza has been giving us! Maxie living in the PH while Jason is still there is not right! I have given up watching GH and have turned to reruns of Liason on youtube. Whatever happened to having super couples…like Anna & Duke, Frisco & Felicia, Laura & Luke?!?!

  19. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    LOVED Duke and Anna!!

    I’m hoping Maxie living at the penthouse isn’t true — that would be awful! Though if Liz ever moved in watching Liz and Maxie as roommates would be hysterical :D

  20. Profile photo of Jenny

    I do feel that Sonny and Jason need to be real and human for the fans to care for them. I don’t think Guza is writing that part of sonny being nice and helping Lulu, but I just think that the fans want more of the old Sonny that was friends to Stone and Robin and protect his family and was funny with Brenda and protected with friends and family. I hope that it is a miracle and the tptb realize that keeping Guza on will be the death of the soap.

    I agree. However, I still care for Jason.

  21. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I do have to say that I’m worried that they’re going to overdue it with Spin and Maxie. Once characters catches on, it’s typical Guza style to shove them down our throats. It’s already happening w/ Spin and even though I adore Kirsten Storms I could see it happening with her too. They’ll start putting her in every storyline, we’ll see her 4 days a week, suddenly everyone will be in love with her on the show (taking away her underdog appeal), etc… It happened with Sonny, Jason, Lulu…

  22. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I totally agree with you kristen28…..I love Maxie but the writer’s are totally over doing it with this Spixie storyline…..It seems like every other day she is saying that Spinelli is her best friend in the whole wide world and that she has no one else….have they totally forgot that she and Sam used to be friends and that Sam also never judged her….I actually liked that relationship but all of a sudden Maxie only has one person she could talk to….They should also give Spinelli a rest…he is on way too often….I don’t think anyone interacts with as much of the cast as he does…

  23. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Regan, if the powers that be are reading your scoops, I would hope they would pick up that we want Liason together and we really do not care if this means that Jason is still wearing his black tshirt!!!

  24. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I agree BigDede, Lulu causing tension for LuSam, is soooo not interesting.

    They already have a situation that would bring them conflict, and it would make more sense — Sam has always believed Jason should claim Jake, while Lucky obviously wants to remain his father. Why can’t the “secret” come out and have Sam take Liz & Jason’s side? It would be consistent, it would be a serious obstacle for LuSam (which they’ll overcome of course :) ) and it would make Sam/Liz bonding much more believable (instead of this “You healed me!” and “I want you and Lucky together!” nonsense that they’ve been throwing at us out of nowhere.) Just a thought anyway…

  25. Profile photo of Trisha

    Kirsten Storms may have great chemistry with Jason Cook on screen, but she also has great chemistry with Bradford Anderson. Frankly I’m not so into seeing her and Jason pair up, at least not immediately. It will obviously be forced, because they had a great fan base and great chemistry on their previous show. They tried it when Laura Wright came in to play Carly, but Carly and Lorenzo were on their way out regardless of the actors chemistry from their previous show. And when the writers tried to recreate the Payla chemistry of Days with Catherine and Stefan. And even now with Taylor and Jake on AMC. I really think that if you are trying to recreate a famous pairing, do it slowly. If it’s done too soon, people may notice how forced it feels and not take to it. Frankly, I really like Spixie and throwing Matt Hunter in the mix, because Shelle was so popular makes me hate the M&M pairing.

    On another note, if Maxie moved into the penthouse, why not just put her into the one next door to Jason. Don’t they still own it? It would be cute to watch her and Spin be roommates over there. This way Jason could have privacy again.

  26. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan, go check out abc’s previews, Jason in a black button down shirt and Liz in a black shirt. The man looks hot in whatever he wears. My question, why are they both in black? Did she finally get rid of green or are they both in mourning?

  27. Profile photo of pisces

    I did see them on Days and I was a fan then; they were good together. But this pairing seems forced to me. It feels like they’re trying to force the pairing because they were good on Days.

  28. Profile photo of pisces

    Pchca, I agree. But the reason I don’t want Spixie together as a couple is because Maxie has too much potential for breaking his heart. Look what she did to Coop, and she supposedly loved him, too. If Spixie become a couple, Maxie will hurt Spinelli in ways he’s never even imagined, and all in the name of furthering her own agenda, like she did with Coop to get back at Lulu. If they become romantically involved, I believe, as Maxie does, that it will ruin the friendship.

  29. Profile photo of kristen28

    spinelli and maxie have been nothing but force latley. the only time you see maxie anymore is if she is sniffing around spinelli and it is ridiculous, they were great together during the georgie and strangler wutever it was called storyline but now we never see her with her family or at work or even alone and its nauseating.spinelli and maxie dont have that natural magic anymore because tptb are trying to hard to please the whining spixie fans and are forgetting that maxie has a life outside spinelli and its over done. its like that really great new song on the radio that the ruined by playing every 5 minutes.

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