General Hospital: Another Rape Storyline?

Is General Hospital gearing up for yet another rape storyline?  Every time I post the possibility of a rape occurring, our Daytime Confidential readers cry out in outrage. Is this an overused storyline, too controversial or are our readers tired of the victimization of women on General Hospital

Brace yourselves Sam fans (Kelly Monaco) cause she’s the RUMORED victim.  Tied into the counterfeit drug storyline, Sam McCall has gotten in bed with the Russian Mob.  Karpov takes a special interest in Sam, but he’s not that interested.  Romantically speaking, Karpov only has eyes for Carly.  It’s another employee of Karpov’s that finds out that Sam is really working for the good guys and he threatens to expose her unless she sleeps with him.  Sam tries to put Karpov’s guy off by flirting her way out of it but he apparently doesn’t like to flirt for very long and the RUMORS say he rapes her. 

The storyline that made me fall in love with Lucky (then played by Jonathan Jackson) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)  was Elizabeth’s rape.  Much like then, Lucky is RUMORED to help Sam through this.  Will this be a grown up re-do of that famous storyline? 

General Hospital is definitely not afraid of such a controversial storyline.  Luke raped Laura (Anthony Geary & Genie Francis) and Elizabeth was raped, as I mentioned above. Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) was a victim of rape at the hands of her husband’s look alike when Tyler Christopher was playing Connor in a dual role.

While this is all still in the RUMOR phase of the SPOILER world, it seems to be gaining some steam. So weigh in my fellow Spoilerholics!  Is this a good idea for General Hospital?  Does this controversial storyline give Kelly Monaco fans hope that the actress will stay on with General Hospital once her contract expires?

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    The obvious problem w/ this alleged story line is not only does it continue the cycle of victimization of women on this show it’s also because the writers of this show can’t write themselves out of a paper bag let alone tell a story that was half as touching as Lucky and Liz’s. Look how royally they botched Emily and Nikolas’. Her rape is what led to them breaking up because they wrote Nikolas as a jerk.

    Also, if this is true, sorry Daisy.

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    It just goes to show that the writers (Guza) can not think of anything new to write. It is all about the violence with that guy. I understand the story with Liz and Lucky back then. There was more romance than violence at that time. But at this time on this soap there is nothing but violence.
    I am excited though that Kelly and Greg will get a good storyline. But does it have to be rape.

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    If this is true , than I don’t like it.!!!
    ther is so much violence on the Show, do we really need more??
    If they want Lusam to be more connected, than they should connect them with another way.!!
    Why can we a have stories about pure love, couples who are just in love , and together!!!!!!!

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    This is stupid! The only thing that would redeem this story is if the guy tried to rape her and she kicked the crap out of him. Remember she did hold her own against Manny and the text message killer. She is no weak little flower she would fight and fight hard. Show the woman coming out on top for once!! And by the way, that is coming from someone who is not really a Sam fan. I think she has been getting better again to watch. Would love to see her kick some butt!

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    This is stupid! The only thing that would redeem this story is if the guy tried to rape her and she kicked the crap out of him. Remember she did hold her own against Manny and the text message killer. She is no weak little flower she would fight and fight hard. Show the woman coming out on top for once!! And by the way, that is coming from someone who is not really a Sam fan. I think she has been getting better again to watch. Would love to see her kick some butt!

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    Guza’s continued abuse of women on GH has got to stop! This is thoroughly disgusting.  I don’t care if your a Sam fan or not, this character nor any other woman on this show deserves to get raped!!!!!!!!!   The show continues to use rape like it’s nothing, like it means nothing, as though it’s a part of ones daily activities like cooking. 

    Should this happen, I am done with this show.

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    forget that i know the actors involved would be great, but please no!!! i agree with all the posts already made. not only has this story been done but it’s kind of already been done with sam when manny kidnapped her. she’s been beaten, shot, miscarried, her brother died, and countless other violent and sad acts. even for gh, this is too much! i just had another horrible thought: if this is more attempts at cementing liz and sam as bestest buds because liz can understand what sam went through than stop it now!! can’t they just tolerate each other without trying to kill each other? why do they have to be friends? ugh!!!i want kelly to stay, but i want her to stay as a strong, non-victimized sam. now if jason or jagger found found her and this strengthens that relationship than maybe….. but i think lucky will just constantly reference liz the whole time and that is not a story i’m particularly interested in.

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    I really don’t like it for several reasons. It is overused on this show, especially with that family. I mean the only woman associated with them that hasn’t been raped is Lulu (and as much as I dislike her, the writers better not go there). It is too controversial. Though guza doesn’t seem to care about controversy. He’s writing a show where the cops are a bunch of bumbling idiots and the mob is glorified, rape happens far too often, and kids are shot in the head. I personally would like to see romance, not violence. While a little violence is okay to do every now and then, I can’t take it happening once every two weeks. It’s like I’m watching the Sopranos. And finally I really don’t like the fact that they keep making the women get hurt and murdered senselessly. And now it’s not even just the women, it’s also children. All the women on this show have been become endless damsels in distress. I need them to start giving the women power, without being irritating.

    But anyhow, I really don’t think that the writers can make this storyline as good as Liz’s rape. All I can see is the writers attempting to make it the same story, but failing miserably. If they do it to make Liz and Sam friends so they can bond over the similarities, I will want to throw up. Don’t make them bond over that. They have enough similarities to allow the women to find a common ground, rather than adding a rape.

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    Regan Cellura

    There is no doubt that everyone who would be involved in this storyline has the acting chops to pull it off.  Could that make the storyline more appealing to the actors involved?  If written as well as it would be acted, could this be Emmy material for KeMo and Co? I always said Greg Vaughn was robbed of a nomination for the Lucky is as high as a kite storyline.

    Blackjack brings up a good point.  For some reason Guza wants Sam and Elizabeth to be friends.  Not even frienemies, but on pretty good terms.  Would this bring the ladies even closer? 

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    This is another reminding why, we, the fans want Guza out of Gh. I am sick of the victimization of the women on this soap is getting out of control. I do believe that it will be the final nail in the coffin for Guza so that we can get a head writer who can balance the soap and make the characters likable again.


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    Come on, not another rape. I can think of a better story than that. What every woman has to be either raped, attacked, kidnapped? I hate when Guza has to recycle which proves he is not a good writer and needs to go. If you notice, NS2 is bringing in the ratings and the story is good why? Because Guza doesn’t have a part in it. Change the writting and the story will probably improve. I for one thought the scabs did a good job, they gave us our Liason. Back to the rape, Lucky has been there with Elizabeth why does he have to go through the whole thing again with Sam? They could come up with a better story for Sam where Nik has dealings with Karpov and Sam finds this out and has to deal with her cousin or something better.

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    "The thing is Regan, do you have any faith in the writers ability to write a sensitive, touching and compelling story?"

    No.  I honestly don’t.  I have hope but absolutely no faith.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Rape storylines on soaps used to be really powerful and thought provoking, i.e. Holly’s on GL, Kayla’s on Days, Liz’s on GH, now it screams of lack of creativity in the writer’s room and a peverse desire to "punish" women.

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    As a HUGE Sam fan, I hate this. I am with the previous poster on this one, lets have Sam kick the crud out of the guy instead. My favorite SuperSam stories are when she is saving the day! Plus, we have seen this story too many times already.

  15. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I don’t really see this plot as trying to get Sam and Liz to bond. I see it as trying to get fans who are anti- Sam to start liking her. It won’t work. It will just make me stop watching all together. I haven’t watched OLTL in weeks. Rape and rapists are not entertaining.

  16. Profile photo of Beth

    The only way I would even remotely begin to accept yet another rape storyline on this show is if: the show did not glorify the violence of the act the way they did with Emily’s rape; care and time was given to showing a recovery story from the woman’s POV, rather than putting emphasis on peripheral issues; and if the show would promise to put this particular plot point to rest once and for all. Since I don’t see the current regime of GH at all capable of doing any of these things, they’d do well to let it be altogether. This constant barrage of violence and misery is NOT entertainment.

  17. Profile photo of KingTV

    I am sure that I am just repeating what most all of the comments here have already intelligently gone over and criticized but I must put in my 2 cents. I was a huge fan of “GH” for the 80’s and around half of the 90’s. It was then that the show turned 180 degrees and instead of focusing on the hospital and the lives and loves, happiness and heartache of the people/families who worked there, the show became not even a shell of itself. It then and now made the criminals/mobsters into the leading men with their molls and mistresses and their families continuously and violently being victimized by the “career” that these men make their living with. At first, there was a good balance between the 2 worlds. The hospital was useful for a town full of mobsters shooting each other. Now, it has almost disappeared as a setting and character in the show. The victimization, of course, comes at the expense of the female characters, girlfriends, wives, sisters, daughters, who are shot at, raped, drowned, molested, murdered and generally traumatized by the deeply f-ed up men that we, as viewers, are supposed to accept as romantic heroes. Plus, the backstories that they have come up with for Sonny, Ric and the others do not give them any sympathy. I am not sure how or why the writers think that they can just keep writing the same 3 stories over and over, even with the same characters, and keep the ratings up as well as fan morale. Out of any of the surviving soaps, GH seems like the show that cares the least about what the fans are writing, posting or talking about. Do they not see the possible great reaction the fans would have if some changes were made? I do not think Bob Guza or Jill Faren Phelps care one inch about the fans. Bob is writing the middle-age crisis fantasy of his dreams, I suppose. Ms. Phelps, while being a formative executive producer, has become just another victim of Guza’s misogyny by allowing these stories to be greenlighted. I know that there is a separation between the 2 positions. The writer writes. The producers produce. But as a woman, I am not sure how she can justify being part of a creative project that allows for such hatred. And also, as Executive Producer, does she not have some kind of say in s/l consideration or can she take something she finds objectionable to a higher power at the network? By having yet another female character raped, by a Russian mobster of course, this show is really sinking to the lowest and laziest form of artistic productivity. All integrity is now out the window.

  18. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    I really hate that it is pulling from realLucky and Liz’s story to be written. I know I’m supposed to see this Lucky and that Lucky as the same, but I just don’t and it cheapens JJ’s Lucky to have this played out for me.

  19. Profile photo of Danielle

    If this is how Guza & Co. wants to earn their emmy nomination by raping women, then those that support it, can go f-themselves. And I mean that with all the love in my heart!  

  20. Profile photo of suave

    Oh Great,

    What would make the BEST stoyr is if she lost her memory and then was kidnapped by her rapist and she fell in wuv with him. It would be great because if she does’nt have her memory she wont remember who raped her and when she sees that russian dream boat she will forget all about that pesky peckering..ITS REAL WUV YALL!!!

    Go ABC!!

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    Once again Guza proves that he has totally lost it. Okay, the man is golden during sweeps (for the most part) but in between sweeps, he’s horrible. The only good thing that can come out of this is that maybe he’ll write Lucky as he used to be and not the village idiot as he writes him now. I watch GH and yell at the tv – come on, cowboy, buy a clue already!!! That and maybe Guza won’t have Jason punking Lucky every week as he is prone to do also.

    As much as I hate the amnesia stories almost as much as I hate the rape stories (going to that well much?), I would rather the amnesia angle in this case. I would do it similar to what AMC did with Ryan, have Sam go back about seven years and think she really is working for Karpov and scamming Lucky. Then have her fall for Lucky while still not remembering and have her turn on Karpov. Plus I’d add scenes where she doesn’t remember Jax, Sonny, Carly, Liz and esp. Jason. See how the old Sam reacts to them. She knows something’s wrong but she’s playing the game until she figures out what is happening. Once her memory returns, have her realize how she really feels about these people. That would actually far more interesting than this…

    Can we get a new writer for GH like, tomorrow?

  22. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Gosh I had a perfectly lovely afternoon and I come back to this…this…MONSTROSITY

    When we did Best/Worst storylines for 2007 I chose Rape Storylines for Hall of Shame. And I included Jax’s rape as an example. If a rape story is written well, with sensitivity and depth, it can be deeply moving. But I have absolutely no faith in Guza to tell this story properly and give it the respect and thoughfulness it deserves.

    I am tired of the gratuitous violence, I’m tired of women being victimized sadistically time and again, and I’m tired of Guza giving us gimmick rapes (Emily, Jax)!!

    I adore Kelly Monaco, and as some of you might have noticed I’m a HUGE Sam (and LuSam) fan, and I have no doubt that she would do a fantastic job in this story (turning crap into gold is something GH actors are great at), but I do not want my favorite heroine to be brutalized on my screen, just to fulfill Guza’s Bloodshed Quota for sweeps.

    BTW, thanks season!!

  23. Profile photo of rskuggs

    Guza is HACK! Pure and simple. This is 2008 and he still thinks that RAPE and romance still somehow go hand in hand. You write a female character strong enough to infiltrate a criminal organization by using her brains but you then turn around and use her gender against her as a weapon by raping her. Why can’t she be a strong,capable heroine and STILL get the guy? Why cheapen her character by raping her and having her big,strong hero redeem her with his love. That is such CRAP!He would never do this to Carly or LuLu who are both brain-dead,but to Sam who is smarter and more savy then both of them put together he does. STUPID! As messed up as the whole rape storyline is ,it would make much more sense if it were Carly,due to her constantly putting herself in the line of fire,after being warned not to time and time again. Then the chain of events would make for a much more compelling story due to the enormous fallout that would come from Jason,Jax and Sonny.

  24. Profile photo of Jenny

    “The thing is Regan, do you have any faith in the writers ability to write a sensitive, touching and compelling story?”

    No. I honestly don’t. I have hope but absolutely no faith.

    This is my issue with the whole thing.

  25. Profile photo of Kelev Ra
    Kelev Ra

    Good Lord not again :( I think it’s a bad idea, but I’m not surprised at all by the lack of creativity on the part of the writers.. (one writer that is) Beat the women, rape the women, make the women sluts and sex addicts… :O Sad sad sad….

  26. Profile photo of season1217

    Guza shows as much respect for women on this show than a rap video.

    And it’s not just women he doesn’t respect. If your a man and your name isn’t Sonny Corinthos or Jason Morgan you probably don’t get much love from the writers either.

  27. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Okay, I’m still pissed about this… i just wanted to add that Guza needs to understand that rape is a social issue, not a plot point.

    I wrote this on the Ways to Improve GH thread and it pretty much sums up my feelings about Guza and GH:
    …I think the show’s misogynistic tone is a major problem. The women are constantly victimized, become man and/or baby obsessed at one point or another, get involved with psychos, and are written as “sluts” or shrieking nagging shrews, and in general are treated like second class citizens. It’s only the talent of the actresses that keep any of the female characters likeable. Even if it’s not in the writing, the actresses try to instill their characters with warmth, intelligence, humanity. Unfortunately Guza writes the show as a machismo fantasy, instead of writing a show that would appeal to women (you know, the core audience).

    I know this is only a rumor, but just the thought of it get’s me so angry and it brings to the surface all the feelings I’ve had regarding the way women are treated and portrayed on the show.

  28. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Since Liz’s rape storyline the only other character on GH to be raped was Emily, and Sam almost by Manny but she kicked ass. I could see them writing this storyline (not completely well), if it wasn’t so close to when the character of Emily was raped. It was many years between Liz’s attack and Emily’s. The other problem is, the women are always in trouble on this show. They are hostages, held at gun point, shot at, falling down stairs, in explosions, dating thugs, screaming naggers and just plain idiots. Plus Sam is always in some trouble or other. I’m not so much up in arms about it as everyone else is. I could see this storyline, but it’s not the right time to tell it. Plus come on, so many shows use rape as a storyline point, which they shouldn’t. It gives off a bad message, like it’s nothing and something to take likely, which it isn’t. The days of telling socialy relevant storylines is long gone.

  29. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Jax was raped last year… And remember Ric made Carly think he raped her. And Logan attempted to rape Maxie right? (I skipped those scenes)

    And let’s not forget, Diego slipped Brook Lynn a date rape drug and took nude pics of her.

    So there’s been plenty of sexual humiliation to go around :(

  30. Profile photo of Desertrose

    If everyone who hates the way Guza writes this show would quit watching- if he loses his audience, maybe (hopefully) something might change. I watched and loved my GH family faithfully since 1963. Early on it was only 15 minutes in B&W…but the drama! I couldn’t wait to get home from school to see what was up with Dr Steve and Audrey & Jesse. *sigh*

    Last fall I realized that I could no longer stomach what this sick twisted f*&$#up hackwriter was cramming down my throat. So I quit watching GH…hell I no longer RECOGNIZE GH. It infuriates me & makes me very sad to see the sick misogynistic violence obsessed mob mess that “passes” for GH.

    Another rape? please…..what in the world would be wrong with an uplifting story of hope…or a little love and romance in the afternoon that doesn’t involve bullets?

  31. Profile photo of Perkie

    Well sure, why not.  I mean, we haven’t had a rape story in what, a minute and a half?  You know what else we need?  A "who’s the daddy" story.  Haven’t had one of those in a while.  And also, another mobster needs to come to town to set up shop.  That would be fabulously interesting and enjoyable.  You know what else we need, a hole in the head.

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