Greek Returns Tonight!

I’m a huge fan and had no idea that GREEK returns tonight on ABC Family. Thank God for the commercials I caught yesterday.  Spencer Grammer (Casey, GREEK; ex Lucy, As the World Turns) and her college pals are back tonight with all new episodes!

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    We must have the same tv viewing schedule! I was so happy Greek moved to Tuesday night so it would not interfer with my One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl! So do you think Fran and Even will be a couple? Will Casey find a new man or end up with Cappy?

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    Regan Cellura

    We apparently do watch the same shows LOL…. I’m a faithful OTH and GG watcher! 

    I’m thinking Frannie and Evan MAY BE hooking up.  Casey is getting a new man from what I understand.  Cappie is still with Rebecca at the start of this season.  Here’s the promo.

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    Regan Cellura

    SHOOT… just realized I am going to have a lot of overlapping on my primetime viewing schedule.  Anyone else need a roadmap when primetime season starts?  I know I do! LOL!

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    I am just thankful that my cable provider still has ABC Family! As of right now I do not have ABC!!! I hope I get ABC back before Grey’s returns in late September! I am still mourning the loss of Wildfire but it just means I can pick up a new show or have less things to watch on the DVR.

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    Dish Network and ABC are having a rate issue which has resulted in no ABC for the last month. Like I said, I still have other ABC owned channels like ESPN (I would trade this one for ABC!) and ABC Family.

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