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Here it is!  Jason Morgan in a black button down!  I asked for no more black t-shirts, at least they got it half right. 

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    OMG, Liason are both in black and they’re kissing!! Does that mean someone’s died and they’re gonna have grief sex…again? [sorry, couldn’t resist :) ]

    Greenlee can really get on my nerves sometimes, but wow RB is GORGEOUS

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    OMG, just about to go to bed & boom, holy hot hell, sorry I don’t care what the hell anyone says, Jason/Steve oh so hot!!! Man am I going to have sweet dreams tonight, but from your earlier spoilers we aren’t going to see a NOP are we?

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    I hope these little videoblog previews will be continued. I realize that these previews, Liason not withstanding, are clips we all knew were coming, but I like this type of promotion. I like the idea of featuring a different actor each week to provide the voiceover for the overview . . . good show, Fronzie

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    Oh Liason. Oh Liason. OH LIASON!! I hate that I love Liason because I know Guza uses Liason fans to pump up the ratings when needed. So even though I feel used, I can’t help it.

    I would love to see a promo with Lainey from GH visiting AMC to help Colby with her drinking and falling for Frankie. I want to see Lainey and Frankie together than all my daytime dreams would come true

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    Does Ryan think telling Aidan that he’s in love w/ the man’s wife is going to stop the fight?! I know it won’t happen but I hope Greenlee takes Aidan’s side.

    Am I the only one who is over Rex and Gigi? This story line sure hasn’t helped matters much. I was a fan in the beginning, especially of Farah Fath, but now I could care less. While Brody’s no Ward Cleaver he loves Shane and he should remain in the boy’s life. And get Brody a love interest ASAP, please!

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    Oh Season, you are not the only one…I’m over Rex and Gigi too. I adored Farah Fath on DAYS and I still like her, but I’m just not feeling the Rex and Gigi thing. Is it me, or is FF kind of twitchy in the role? And I think she overplays the “cute” thing. Well maybe once the 1968 stuff is over with I can start getting into them

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    that button down shirt looks amazing on him though, but how shirt at all? wouldn’t that be awesome? lol
    Liason fans want them to get together, I just want Jason to take his shirt off already, it’s been months!!..and no, I’m not crazy.

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