Y&R: You’re as Cold as Ice

Victor’s not even dead a day and Adam’s acting the fool! Neil baby, pick your face up on the way out.

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    Well, I wouldn’t expect Adam to be that torn up since he’s only known the man for 6 months. But Victor leaving the business to Adam, especially, when Neil has been, for lack of a better term, his most faithful dog is ridiculous. Although, no one is more faithful than old faithful herself, Ashley. I wonder how his last baby mama is taking the news of his untimely “death”?

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    If I make make a comment that I KNOW is going to be completely misconstrued and misinterpreted by some:

    Mammy took care of Scarlett all her life, but I bet she didn’t inherit Tara.

    I’m just saying….LOL

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    OH SNAP SISKO! And I was going to write faithful servant. That too deep, too deep! I just told someone what you wrote and their jaw hit the floor. That’s a sermon right there, an old negro spiritual! LOL!

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    Neil so just go postal on Adam and beat the crap out of him. I sorry, but if I was Neil, I wouldn’t take that crap from anyone if I work my butt off for this company and still be treating like a redhaired stepchild, you must be kidding me. Neil, don’t take that family’s crap anymore.


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    I love Adam! He really puts all the smug, sanctimonius characters in their place. I would love for him to punch out Victoria, though.

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    Jillian, don’t even mention Mamie. We all know, except Luke, that’s who John should have married, not Gloria. He’d be alive today if he had! And I hope Neil gets pissed at Victor for not leaving him the company or at least making sure he would always have a place. But, alas, he won’t. He’ll immediately attach himself to whatever leg is free after everyone else is finished humping.

    And Mike, maybe it’s better that Ashley doesn’t find out. She probably couldn’t deal w/ it anyway. Although, her reaction would never equal Nikki’s performance from yesterday!

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    i found it hilarious that adam fired him, what did he expect, adam is in charge now. I loved it!! & when had him escorted out! lol priceless!! can’t wait to see when he kicks nickolas & victoria out!!! they had it coming!

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    Jillian Bowe

    DS I know what you mean its the same as Maime and the Abbotts. My thing is that Adam’s not waiting for the body to be brought back to be sure and he’s already acting up. Not even VICTOR would pull a move like that. One thing I will give to him, he does care for Neil a great deal and when he finds out Adam did this…. Well you can fill in the blank.

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