One Life to Live: Ty Treadway Returns!

Ty Treadway (Colin, One Life to Live; Soap Talk) is making his way back to Llanview!  Soap Opera Digest Online reports that Treadway makes his return in a dream sequence as a game show host. 

"Ty Treadway returns to ONE LIFE TO LIVE as the villainous Colin MacIver (who died in 2001) to host a game show aptly titled SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE SHANE MORASCO’S FATHER. The dream sequence, which airs Oct 1-2, focuses on Rex and his not-so-good life as he is on the operating table being treated for a gun wound. The sequences were filmed on ABC’s WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE set."

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    I’m excited to see Ty……I always liked his characters! Personally I’m really liking OLTL right now. I know it’s all fantasy……but I liked the 1968 scenes!!! I think it’ll be fun to have Ty back (even if it’s only for a little bit). I miss SoapTalk…….I love Lisa & Ty!!!!!! Bring back Soap Talk!!!!

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    At least Marty McFly is back to the future now. And apparently all it took was telling the truth. I guess if we all told the truth all the time we’d be in the year 5000!

    And I thought Rex was trying to dodge bullets. He just escaped being sent to Vietnam and he’s getting shot anyway?

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