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Here’s the Scoop!  08.28.08

Lulu’s spilling more than just her murderous secret. She’ll tell Laura that she did not kill Rick Webber.

Everyone’s asking: Where’s Jason?  Why hasn’t he been to the hospital to check on his grasshopper? We’ll learn that Jason is in South America on business. Maxie will insist that Diane get a message to him. Spinelli needs him!

Witness list… Claudia and Lulu are both RUMORED to take the stand in Johnny’s trial. Talk about the right to a speedy trial!  What lie will Claudia be telling under oath this time? The trial should begin later on next week.

Johnny enlists Nikolas’ help.  Who will Nik need help from?  Jason!

Elizabeth is really upset with Jason.  Pay attention to their dialogue on Tuesday.  Yes, Liason Fans, Friday’s stuff carries over to Tuesday!  RUMORS surrounding sweeps have all this here and there paying off.  Liason will continue with their angst and get a slow build with everything coming to a head for sweeps.  Jason thinks he’s keeping his family safe.  He’ll learn he’s wrong. 

Health Scare for Scrubs?  RUMORS say Robin has a bit of false labor pains.  My GUESS?  Stress related. 

Nadine-Nikolas-Claudia triangle? And where does Ric fit in? RUMORS say we’re getting a bad vs. evil sort of thing with Nadine and Claudia. Does it all depend on Sarah Brown? RUMORS say that so far, no extention has been signed for the actress so unless something changes, Claudia is gone by January.  Why not a classic soap love triangle until then?  Nikolas has sweet Nadine and then this undeniable attraction to bad girl Claudia.  Don’t count out Ric Lansing. EARLY RUMORS had Ric and Claudia hooking up and we all know they’re deal.  I would GUESS that Rick Hearst’s contract will play into how much he gets to play onscreen. Rick’s current contract expires in October. So far, no word on how things are going. MEMO to TPTB, ya know just in case they’re reading, DO WHATEVER YOU MUST TO KEEP RICK HEARST.  Oh and I am still waiting on those curtains

LuSam Fans… your couple MAY be co-habitating soon. 

Karpov orders a hit? I mentioned Karpov ordering one on Matt Hunter yesterday.  There are RUMORS that he sends gunmen to Kate and Sonny’s wedding and NOW I am hearing he MAY send a bullet in Sam McCall’s direction.  These RUMORS also say that Sam is saved… by Jerry Jacks. Will someone else wind up with a bullet in them?

RANDOM RUMORS… Matt Hunter is a lurker and this time he’s spying on Noah & Anna.  Ric keeps his promises.  Claudia does too, only Ric tells her the "payment" isn’t necessary.  Does Kate have a dark side? If she does, it’s coming out to play.  Claudia hits on Patrick.  More secrets?  Can we get answers to the 500 other secrets hanging out there first?

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    Regan, Any idea who else may be shot? Do you know if Liz and Jason attend the Skate wedding? I really hope the Liason rumors are true, but I will take it with a grain of salt. It would be just like GH to finally put Liason together and then Steve Burton doesn’t renew his contract . . . I just couldn’t take it!!

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I read that Elizabeth does attend the wedding however there was an EARLIER RUMOR that said she would be unable to attend.  I’m not sure about Jason.

    No idea (yet) who MAY be shot when karpov orders a hit on Sam.

  3. Profile photo of hrfmom

    I also hope the Liason rumors are true! At least Liz is getting angry/upset with Jason! I cannot believe that we will get 2 days of Liason. If Rick Hearst stays around, I hope he is used a little bit more. Loved the actor when he is Alan-Michael on GL.

    Thank you for the scoops! Any chance you have anything on One Tree Hill?

  4. Profile photo of hrycko48

    Thanks Regan! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Guza actually made Scotty prosecutor for Johnny’s case. I get the unbelievability that is soap opera land but come on now!

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    "Any chance you have anything on One Tree Hill?"

    Actually I sort of do…. I hear its Peyton on the other end of Luke’s phone call, it’s definitely not Lindsay but it COULD be Brooke (doubtful though).  Evil Nanny Carrie is back.  I hear hottie bartender Owen is also back.  We’ll meet Quentin’s mom.

    OH NO.. I’m hijacking the GH Spoilers!  Sorry!

  6. Profile photo of ttny007

    Please let the Liason rumors be true. If these two dont get together I will give up on this soap. There is only so much waiting a person can do and I think all these years we have been waiting is enough. By the time Guza puts them together they will be to old to do anything!

  7. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Oh, I for one am COMPLETELY looking forward to Liz being COMPLETELY ticked off at Jason and giving him some attitude!! And I hope he gets ticked off back! LOL

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No updates on Spixie or M&M… so far its status quo with the possibility of a triangle and M&M sharing the screen more.  We MAY see Matt taking an interest in another female on the canvas. 

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    Regan Cellura

    RUMOR…. that Lucky wins and Nikolas is not going to take it too well.  Will the Spencer’s have a reunion?  We heard no at first and all reports have been that only Lu and Laura interact, are TPTB trying to pull one over on the SPOILER seeking fans? 

  10. Profile photo of Eleonora87

    i was thinking about matt hunter and maybe he isn’t a possible Drake or Scorpio.. Maybe he’s a Devane-Lavery? I wasn’t watching back then, but is it possible that Duke and Anna had a kid?

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    am i the only one on this board who’s rooting for nik and nadine? i really really like claire coffee; she just kinda snuck up on me. i just think she is a ray of sunshine in this otherwise drab soap.

    that said, i’m a HUGE SJB fan and i would love to see her character written better (yea right, not much hope of that with guza in charge). but i’d rather see her with rick (who i also loved as alan-michael on GL back in the day) than nikolas.

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    first: thanks for the OTH spoilers!! that is very exciting news for me as i love that show.

    second: LIASON GET TOGETHER NOW! Elizabeth going back to her attitude days, I think it’ll be good for her and for Jason. Jason will finally (I hope) realize that he is being stupid by not being with her and protecting her and the boys. As he says in one episode, “I wanted to live in that house with you and the boys”… why doesn’t it just happen already?

    Anyone think Claudia might lie on the stand to protect Johnny and say that she was the one who killed Logan? I know, far fetched, but she lied once, why not do it again? Plus, Anthony said that he would kill her if anything happened to Johnny being behind bars.

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Claudia : Ric or Nik?  I tend to like Claudia (the character) better when she’s with Nikolas but there is something sexy about Ric and Claudia.  As much as I am not a fan of the character of Claudia, if the writing were to turn around for her, I’d be 100% behind her staying.  NOW, Ric is another story.  Love him to pieces, the bad, the good and the down right ugly.  Give him whatever he wants (except a LiRic {sorry nicki} reunion)!  Note: I actually don’t mind LiRic, BUT this die hard Liason fan wants her couple FIRST! 

    Do you like Coffee with your Prince?  I love me some Claire Coffee BUT Tina and I are rooting for the day that Johnny leaves Lulu and takes up with the cute nurse. Nadine, even though I love her, is not necesarily Nikolas material. 

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    i was thinking about matt hunter and maybe he isn’t a possible Drake or Scorpio.. Maybe he’s a Devane-Lavery? I wasn’t watching back then, but is it possible that Duke and Anna had a kid?


    Unless they pull a Chelsea on DAYS or a Josh on AMC, Matt isn’t a Devane-Lavery. Duke and Anna’s baby died when she miscarried.

  15. Profile photo of pchca

    I hope Matt is a Drake. He and Patrick would make great brothers. Him being a Scorpio makes no sense and I have no desire to watch that. I think Spinelli should be a Scorpio!!!

  16. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan for all your spoilers. I kind of enjoy the Nik/Nadine story they make a cute couple and I love Claire, glad they are giving her some screentime. I can see though the chemistry with Nik/Claudia but I think Ric would have found his match if they hooked him up with Claudia or at least tried and see how it goes. Well, Regan, if Liason don’t hook up by October, I will have alot to say or ask Steve Burton, I am going to his event on October 18th so you may get your questions ready by then. I want my Liason before this year is up. We have waited way too long and have come way too close and if they don’t give it to all of us, I think they should fire all the writters. I am glad that Liz is getting her spunk back after Tuesday maybe Jason will realize it that they need to be together in order to protect her and the boys. I still don’t understand how Anthony Z didn’t remember the B/W ball and them on the balcony? Sometimes or should I say most of the times, the writters don’t remember what they wrote that they throw too many stories at us.

  17. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I do think they are going to have Kate show a darker side. This jealousy/competitive thing with Connie/Olivia and Kate/Carly can’t be for nothing.

    All I care about is that SKate stays together and they don’t completely assasinate Kate’s character to self destruct the only reason I watch the show. I feel lots of soap angst via Guza’s need to prop Carly up coming on strong! Aughh!

  18. Profile photo of lilwolf

    Liason….Liason…Liason…they better get together or I will stop watching. Kate needs someone to kick her off her high horse and who better than Carly. :)

  19. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    See lilwolf I can’t agree with that statement because Carly has needed a swift kick off her high horse for so long, I just can’t take her showing up yet ANOTHER person.

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