Y&R: Fashionista busted as maid’s daughter!

Hang onto your hats everyone! The true identity of The Young and the Restless‘ Chloe is revealed as Esther’s daughter Kate! As reported earlier, Chloe has a secret besides not being pregnant with the Chancellor heir. According to Soap Opera Digest, the quirky fashion diva gets a long overdue reunion with her mother Esther.

"Esther hasn’t seen Chloe yet, so she doesn’t realize that she and Kate are the same person," explains Kate Linder. "She’s always liked Lily, so before Chloe shows up, she’s going on about how Chloe got pregnant to hold on to Cane. When she sees her daughter there – and that Kate is pregnant – she’s floored. I was shocked too! I had no idea about this reveal."

The shocking revelation upends the Chancellor mansion as Esther comes to terms with her daughter’s betrayal while Jill sets out to rid Chloe from Cane’s life and Lily ponders the possibility that Chloe duped Cane with her baby and marriage.

For more of the storyline to come pick up a copy of the latest Soap Opera Digest.

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    Well, someone called it before. And when Chloe was talking to Cane about her mother working all the time and never being there for her, it kinda sounded like Esther. Things are going to heat up, especially since Esther & Jill never liked each other anyway. Damn, Dru needs to be in the mix like yesterday!

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    Excuse me, “Lily ponders the possibility that Chloe duped Cane with her baby and marriage.”??? Where the hell has she been these past few months?

    Seriously, I want to know what they have done with Dru’s daughter. Find her, bring her back, and rid GC of this imposter. This girl bears no resemblance to Drucilla Winters daughter.

    YaYa might be a good recast. Lily needs to be older and more mature.

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    I hear that about Ya-ya DaCosta but I still haven’t gotten over Davetta Sherwood. She has always been THE Lily for me. A perfect combo of Drucilla and Malcolm. No against the current actress but she’s too soft (as is Ameila Heinle) for that character.

    I just watched the episode where the Kate reveal happens and it’s quite good. (Thank goodness for NTV here in Canada!!!!) I really like the fact that they brought this character back like this. It’s going to be fireworks in the old Chancellor manse in the coming months. I’m holding on to my hat.

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    This is an absolutely fabulous story twist. Y&R is slowly and in a focused manner, pacing it’s current stories so much better, the core is being rebuilt (although they do need to work on the Abbott’s. I just wish Bradley Bell would give in and hand Eileen Davidson back over to the mothership because she is completely being wasted on B&B. When she is on screen, she is just a talk-to person mostly for Ridge and then half of the time she is away on business. She has no future potential as the show is being written now. Jack needs his sister and wouldn’t it be great if Ashley came home and jpined forces with Jack, Glo and Jeff to help take her family business back. She can get back in the lab creating perfumes and while Victor and Nikki are still separated, maybe Victor could turn to her for support and comfort. Plus, she has Abby, a Newman child who is the future generation of this show. Maybe they could age Abby to be closer to Noah’s age and begin a new teen group. The prior teen scene are now the young adults of the show.) and they are mining their rich history for story.

    It is a real stroke of genius to connect Chloe to Esther who has been Katherine’s right hand since the dawn of time. Having them ship Kate off to school makes it entirely plausible that she could have started a new life with a new name because she is embarrassed that her mother is a maid. Chloe clearly has superficial morals and cares more about designer clothes then reaching back to her family. My question will be how are they going to explain Chloe’s deciding to come to Genoa City in the first place. She knows her mother lives and works there. Plus, she knows exactly who her mother works for which deepens her plot to snag Cane even more dubious. This reminds me slightly of when Nina got pregnant by who they thought was Phillip Chancellor III and Kay and Jill kept her locked in an upstairs wing that was never used. There are going to be fireworks when Esther recognizes her daughter and Jill and Kay realize just exactly what Cane has gotten into. I could see Kay making an effort to help Chloe and inviye her to move into the mansion while Jill’s anger at Chloe will only get stronger knowing she is the daughter of her mother’s maid whom she has hated for years. There are so many levels and subtexts to explore with this story. I will have to suspend beleif, though, that Kay has not recognized her. Hasn’t Esther shown her pictures of her daughter as she has grown. They have not mentioned Kate in many years so I suppose they could come up with a plausible explanation for this. Wheee! I am just so excited that finally Y&R is plotting long-term stories that resonate and using it’s canvas to formulate complicated scenarios. I think that OLTL, with the horrible Mendorra story that they are still pursuing because Antonio wants to rescue Talia, the cartoonish 1968 story, while exploring history and questioning David Vicker’s parentage, has been so poorly acted (with exceptions) and played for laughs (unintentional at best) and even the Tess story have all combined to put a halt to the show’s resurgence. I am not sure how they went from having the smartest, most complex stories on daytime to being so disappointing but somewhere after the 40th Anniversary episodes and now, the writing has plummeted. Y&R is now the show to watch and it is just getting better all the time. Of course, I wish more then one show could be really good at the same time but it seems like each show is taking it’s turn and not being consistent. Ron C. really screwed up Tina’s return. Of all actresses and characters not to carefully plan out a compelling, deeply psychological story for, Andrea Evan’s Tina is the one.
    2 months ago, I could not wait to watch OLTL each day, loving every moment. Now, I am truly only interested in the story of Todd and Marty which is as dark and disturbing a story could be. Now, I can’t wait to get home to watch Y&R with my BF, who I have turned into a soap fan. I love watching the newness through his eyes and his fresh perspective on a genre I have been watching for too many years to count. With this Chloe is Kate reveal, Y&R is too good not to watch on the day it airs. Will this make it easier for Cane to swallow or more difficult considering his mother hates hers? I am really proud of Y&R for facing it’s challenges and making the changes it needed and for plotting a deep path for it’s characters and their histories, present and future. I am also still keeping my fingers crossed that the real father of Chloe’s baby is Brad. They both worked at Jabot at the same time and he hit on Skye at one of the pker games, showing that his sexual drive was in gear. It would make perfect sense that the 2 of them would have late-night booty calls, a casual, commitment free relationship, easing each other’s solitary lives. Plus, Brad has wanted another child for so long that, if it is his baby, Y&R would have built in further plot taking these characters into a tight, focused, long-term story. It could also be the beginning of a new rivalry between Lily and Chloe, the new generation’s Jill and Kay. I could go on and on but to summarize it simply, Hogan Sheffer has revitalized this show with so much force and a brilliant, psychologically rich imagination. Y&R had better hold onto him and get him to sign a multi-year contract.

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