All My Children: SOAPnet Sneak Peek

Here’s the Sneak Peek at what’s happening in Pine Valley!

It’s the launch party for Bella, Amanda and Babe’s (Chrishell Stause and Amanda Baker) new perfume, which means the entire cast will be in the same room with sleek clothes and good hair. But tensions are running high, especially between Aidan and Ryan (Aiden Turner and Cameron Mathison). Makes sense, given that Ryan admitted he still loves Aidan’s wife, Greenlee (Rebecca Budig). Despite her commitment to her hubs, Greenlee can’t help but grow closer to Ryan, who’s as sensitive and kind as ever (although we’re dubious as to the romantic appeal of telling Greenlee that, if they had kids, Greenlee would never act mental like Annie [Melissa Claire Egan] does).

Marital Troubles all over town? What has Jesse been up to while he’s been away?  Taylor has a secret and someone pulls a Lulu and becomes a killer.  Check it out!

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    Does he really say to Greenlee “if they had kids”. This dude drives his motorcycle off a cliff, pretends to be dead, leaves town and only comes back when he finds out his brother had a tumor in his head and that was the reason he became a psycho killer and not because he inherited his father’s evil genes and has the nerve to say something that dumb and insensitive. Where’s my early 2000’s Greenlee who would have knocked the hell out of him for saying that?!

    Also, I hope that they deal w/ the whole Kendall sleeping w/ Aidan thing. When Greenlee asked Zach had he forgiven them and he just said sure (not very convincingly, I might add) it was very telling. And another tainted cream story?! Don’t Adam and Pete watch Y&R?

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