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Here’s the Scoop! 08.29.08

Happy Liason Day!  Today’s the day my fellow Liason Fans. Their scenes kick off today and continue on Tuesday.  Keep watching all week though. Elizabeth gives Jason the cold shoulder at GH and we MAY have another scene after that as well. 

Lulu sees dead people.  She’ll see Logan while talking to Laura.  Will Mommy send the bad guy away? I mentioned before… this storyline MAY have Lucky looking like a jerk when really, he just wants what is best for Lulu.  Lucky wants Lulu to stay away from Johnny.  Lu says she’ll never forgive him if he takes Johnny away from her.

Claudia figures it out.  Look for Claudia to put the pieces together and see the real picture.  Lulu killed Logan. What will a girl on the witness stand do with that information?  Claudia is desperate to get Johnny released, will she spill the truth?  No!  This is Claudia, she lies on witness stands.  Don’t count out Lulu’s prince.  Nikolas has the ammunition to keep Claudia’s mouth closed. Claudia hurt? Sick?  RUMORS say that she wants to get to Johnny’s trial but Patrick won’t let her leave the hospital.

Robin may have said No…but Patrick isn’t a quitting kind of man. Well, at least not until the false labor pains happen.  When Kelly gives the couple the all clear and the news that mommy and baby are ok, Patrick promises to back off. 

Sonny and Kate took a vacay.  Will it be as relaxing as Kate thought?

Maxie is moving in!  But it really has nothing to do with Matt Hunter.  She packs her bags and takes up residence at the Penthouse to nurse Spinelli to a speedy recovery.  Will Maxie be the cause of the Mob War?  RUMORS have her saying something that could possibly set a war in motion.  RUMORS say Sasha shows up to tell Jason the Karpov organization had nothing to do with the hit and run on Spinelli.  Maxie, never one to turn down a bitch fight, threatens the attorney with death at Jason’s hands should Karpov and Company not stay away from Spinelli.  Thankfully, Jason walks in and puts the ranting to rest, kicks Sasha out and tells Maxie she’s next to go if she doesn’t stick to her nursely duties. Also out there… Maxie and Trevor mixing it up.

Limo Sex revealed!  Kate and Jax present a unified front when confroting their significant others.  Alexis warns Jax that he is only asking for heartache by staying with Carly. 

Finola Hughes News!
  RUMORS say the actress has been asked to extend her stay through November.  Don’t forget, Anna also makes the primetime leap to Night Shift

Monday is a Labor Day Replay. Logan dies, again, the Jax and Kate paparazzi incident and Robin goes to see Sonny.

PROGRAMMING NOTE… I might put a SPOILER post up on Monday.  It really depends on how my Labor Day goes. 

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  1. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Yippee!!! What a great way to end the week (or start a boring Friday at work)…a Liason scene. Do you know if it will a 2 minute scene today (typical Guza style) or will the total amount of screen time be in the double digits? Regardless I am excited to catch this episode on SoapNet since I still do not get ABC in my area!!!

  2. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Sorry I am full of questions today…when will the limo sex reveal happen? I love Maxie (since I have a 7 yr old I tend to think of her as Zenon) but does she have to be on every day?!? I saw a little bit of Laura’s scenes yesterday…I wonder if the writers will touch upon her recent weight loss compliments of medifast? :)

  3. Profile photo of season1217

    What? Spinelli can’t stay at Mac’s if Maxie wants to nurse him back to health? Better there than at a mobsters penthouse and your father is the police commissioner.

  4. Profile photo of hrfmom

    I live in West Des Moines, Iowa…home of olympic gold medal champ Shawn Johnson. Sorry…that is our only claim to fame besides having John Wayne’s birth place! We have been without ABC for over a month due to contract negotations with Dish Network.

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sorry I am full of questions today…when will the limo sex reveal happen? I love Maxie (since I have a 7 yr old I tend to think of her as Zenon) but does she have to be on every day?!? I saw a little bit of Laura’s scenes yesterday…I wonder if the writers will touch upon her recent weight loss compliments of medifast?

    No apologies necessary, I totally do not mind answering questions.   The Limo Sex reveal happens next week.  I love Maxie and Kirsten Storms, but I agree they are walking a fine line with the possibility of a Maxie overload.  I doubt Laura’s weightloss will be mentioned. 

  6. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Great to have Finola Hughes stay around…only wish they would give her a great detective/spy storyline like she used to have when Duke and Robert were around! I really do not want to see this great character turned into a groupie (reminds me of Goldie Hawn’s character from Banger Sisters) for Rick Springfield.

  7. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “Maxie, never one to turn down a bitch fight, threatens the attorney with death at Jason’s hands . . .”

    It took me a while to warm up to Maxie after she messed up Lucky and Elizabeth, but I love her now. However, please do not turn her into another Carly. One (well, Claudia too) is enough. :-)

  8. Profile photo of wannanewGH

    I am hoping as well that they don’t try to overload us with Maxi. They did that with Lulu and I can’t stand Lulu. I want Maxies personality to stay the same. Just hoping they don’t make her like Lulu and Carly where they never listen and think they are invincilbe. There are tough female characters that can take care of themselves( Anna , Sam ) with out having to be all Carly and Lulu syndrome of not being able to back it up because they always need to rescued by Jason or Sonny or Johnny.

  9. Profile photo of Jenny

    Why do I get the feeling that TPTB are about to turn Maxie into another Carly? I only watch Scrubs and Maxie stuff. I’m telling ya’ll, if I have to start FF’ing Maxie, I will go postal.

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Happy LIASON DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the right thing to make my bad day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think they are over using Maxi, and why the hell will Jason agree that she will stay at his PH??, it makes no sense.!!

    Thank you for the Scoops, Regan.
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  11. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    They also never explain how Laura eats in a catatonic state with no feeding tube… This is so GH…..

    This week has been horrible. Hopefully Liason can at least redeem today!!

  12. Profile photo of Danielle

    I love my Miss-Twit-Maxie!!!! She has proven to be a loyal friend to Spinelli.  At first I never liked her using him, but now she has grown up because of him.  Although I think she was stupid for sleeping with the poor guy, but she might change her tune when Leyla shows up!  Any word still on those two getting together? 

    I have enjoyed the scenes with Laura and Lulu.  Lulu needs to remember that Laura is not the answer to all of her problems she is part of the solution.   

  13. Profile photo of pisces

    Season, Mack would never allow Spinelli to stay at his place, but if Maxie wants to move out he can’t stop her, so the penthouse is the logical choice if her reason for leaving is to look after Spin.

    GH Lover, Maxie probably finds a way to convince Jason that she can take better care of Spinelli during his recovery than he can. Not a spoiler, just my speculation.

  14. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    pisces , I agree with you that is what will probably happen.
    but I have to say, that if it is true , am starting to think that Sonny is right, and Jason is making the worng choices, all the time??!

  15. Profile photo of SarahSmiles

    I live in West Des Moines, Iowa…home of olympic gold medal champ Shawn Johnson. Sorry…that is our only claim to fame besides having John Wayne’s birth place! We have been without ABC for over a month due to contract negotations with Dish Network.


    ME TOO hrfmom! I live about thirty miles from Sioux City (on the Nebraska side) and we don’t have ABC anymore either! SUCKS! Problem is, I don’t have Soapnet either! :( I am totally lost and trying to keep up through Perkie and Regan posts! :)

  16. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan as always and Happy Liason Day to everyone!! Well, we started off with Liason on August 1st and now it ends with Liason which is good enough for me to have a good weekend until the dreaded Tuesday. I love Maxi but I think she should stay out of certain things that have no concern to her either. Jason, I hope really puts her in her place once and for all. Carly and Jax, I think for once, they should just let these two be happy together and get into trouble together which would be a good thing if both of them deal with Karpov and his threats together. I am getting alittle tired of Kate. I liked her at the beginning but now, she has alittle too much to say. I am wondering what she did to Olivia?

  17. Profile photo of ghaddict

    you guys can easily watch all the episodes on youtube if don’t have ABC….
    I have to agree that they have Maxie on way too much now even though she is one of my favorite characters…..I guess that’s because she is involved with Spinelli who they also have on way to often….I really really hope that they don’t do to her what they did to Lulu and make everyone hate her……

    Are those scenes with Sam and Maxie still coming????? (I loved their friendship)

  18. Profile photo of season1217

    pisces, even if Mac has a problem w/ Spinelli, it’s better for him to be under his roof w/ his daughter than for Maxie to be staying under a mobster’s roof. Another problem I have it the blatant disrespect that they have characters like Maxie, Robin and Lulu show to family members by having them associate w/ the mob when Mac’s the police commissioner and Lucky is a police officer.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Have not seen anything more on Sam and Maxie. 

    I am hearing that the Liason scenes were actually well written.  It MAY not be the same old same old.  RUMORS say Elizabeth tells Jason she’ll leave him behind if he can tell her he doesn’t love her.

  20. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Happy Liason day, hopefully you are right Regan and their scenes will be well written. I am going to have to watch today and Tuesdays show in peace (ie: at night with no kids to interrupt . . . lol). You said yesterday to listen well to their dialogue on Tuesday so I will need my quiet time. Thanks as always for the great scoops and have a nice long weekend!!

  21. Profile photo of wannanewGH

    Do you know if the Connie outing is coming.?

    And who is Jason to be the one to put everyone in thier place.. He seems to be the one who is always in the right. I’m sorry . I know that thier is alot of Jason lovers out there, but come on. Someone needs to Put Jason in his place. He had no right to take and keep AJ”s son away from him. He also took it upon himself to take care of Brenda so she would not go near Sonny, He was going to take Sonnys child with sam as his own. He also had no right to take Lulu out of the hospital to see Johnny. If someone needs to be put in thier place I think it is Jason it is long overdue..

    Ok. now I am ducking for cover. ;)

  22. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Dont do what you did with Shrewlu. Dont overexpose maxie like you did shrewlu. Shrewlu is hated because of it and I cant bear if it happens to Maxie.

    maxie is to great of a character to ruin. Maybe thats Guza plan. hes angry that his princess Shrewlu is hated and wants Maxie hated.

  23. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I am glad to just to see the Art Studio again its time GH got back to some of its roots and it was gorgeous and so Elizabeth….The GH settings have really stepped up for me,

    eg Sonny’s Bathroom wh/Kate takes a bath was breathtaking; Jax sitting down at a “TABLE” in a kitchen to eat instead of coffee tables. The floral arrangements introduced a month or so back are stunning (still see the prayer plant on Stumpy’s desk)…the settings are so glam right now for me.

    Elizabeth said a lot of what I have been wanting to hear from her
    like how come everyone has easy access to your PH and those who hang out and be seen in public with you even your arch rival’s daughter who comes in and out of your house not to mention Sasha who sayshays up to PH#2 so? So Michael and Morgan’s mother can hang out with you without a safety issue for her children (that’s the reason he took over the mob to keep Carly safe) but they aren’t endangered? Why can’t I it seems Jakes safety has is a mute point. Good to see Michael’s father smiling and getting married and going down to the island while Jason is stuck in a rut….can’t get off square 1.

    It was good to see them but knowing the formulic scribing of GH Tuesday, the shoe is about to drop….they won’t leave us happy dancing for long….just like the 24 hour proposal he took back. I have a bad feeling of predictability and frankly I’m sick of my Elizabeth being rejected…

    Bring Jagger Cates for fair Elizabeth screw Jason. I’m sick of this which has been going on for nearly a decade; either put them together already or write Elizabeth Webber another storyline where she can get some air…this pairing is not doing it she’ standing around holding a clip board where is her storyline? She is the only one who emerged out of the quad from hell without story.

    Is Spinelli ever going to keep his mouth shut? I mean he lives with a mob lord and a hit man yet in dialog time and time again all I hear is Maxi/Spinelli talk about him being a hit man or a mob lord which brings it to a “cartoonish” parody for me. If you are doing mob lets at least do it somewhat stylish. Some semblance of believability is sorely needed here. I realize this is a soap opera, but if you shove mob down my throat please make it a good mob tale.

    First LuLu now Maxi moves in why is it that everyone usually women move in with Jason but not his kid? For me Spinelli is a thorn in my Liason story’s side…I’m getting sick of him

    Where’s Det Cruz?

  24. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I’m deft setting my DVR for this (he better not disappoint), because I have to work and can’t watch in real time. :(
    You have SN in your area but not ABC???? Weird, usually it’s the other way around, if you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?

  25. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Oh, ok…so this just happened a month ago. I thought it was one of those things were ABC just wasn’t aired there. Well hopefully everything will get worked out. But at least you have Soapnet, but ABC has some good shows on PrimeTime too…yikes. Good luck!

  26. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Maxie doesn’t have to turn into Carly, she already is…LOL
    or she’s pretty close. I like her cute friendship with the Jackal but from bedding and supplying Lucky with drugs and her little scam with Logan…she isn’t on my favorite list. Refresh my memory…I remember that Lu and Dillon slept together, but who had a hand in that? Was it Maxie or was it all Lu? I personally think that Maxie is Carly in training.

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