As the World Turns' New Bumper

As the World Turns rolled out a new bumper that is pretty snazzy and makes everyone look great and the wonderful Colleen Zenk Pinter look amazing. Check it out.


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5 April 2008
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I agree, everyone looks great and naturally I love seeing Luke featured. But major kudos to Barbara getting the final spot there. I have enjoyed Barbara for years now, and CZP NEVER looks bad.

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27 March 2008
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I am in LOVE with this bumper and can't wait to see the others. Colleen Zenk Pinter looks radiant, but that shot of Noelle Beck is pretty awesome, too. Can't wait to see Ewa De Cruz!

THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 - Hi-Octane Version

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23 July 2008
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I loves me some Jack.

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9 October 2007
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I always worry that the great CZP will be forgotten, then she reappears better than ever.

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27 January 2008
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I love the new bumper! CZP is gorgeous and I'm so happy Luke and Noah are in it.