Beemer, Brandon Beemer. Bjorlin, Nadia Bjolrin.

Beemer, Brandon Beemer. Bjorlin, Nadia Bjorlin. Proving once again that they are one of daytime's hottest real-life couples, Days of Our Lives' Bjorlin and The Bold and the Beautiful's Beemer posed for an awesome photoshoot for Fixation Magazine.


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14 November 2007
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It's almost too much HOTNESS!!! Can I be Nadia...PLEASE?! Smile

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18 November 2007
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wait there dating in real life?

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2 January 2008
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Yes, they've been dating for a while...since both were on DAYS together.
Too bad they didn't break up Shelle and give us Chlawn or Shloe!
That would have been very hot.

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They are HOT!!!