Days of Our Lives: Caption This...


At least, that's what it looks like Steve is saying to John in this screencap from Tuesday's episode of Days of Our Lives.  I can just hear Stefano saying 'I would help you Steve, but I have DiMinions for that."

LOL - what is your first reaction when you see this screencap?

Screencap from Chit Chat Haven.


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23 July 2008
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I gotta start watching DAYS again!

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27 March 2008
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"I TOLD you to use Astroglide, but noooooooo, you wouldn't listen! How does THAT feel Robo-John!?!"

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30 June 2008
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"So you're the one that has been writing this shit!"

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18 November 2007
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John- "KINKY this is what Ava does in bed !"

gah im too tired.

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15 April 2008
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John: I know you like me, Dead Eye, but don't be so happy to see me.

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Patch: He's mine!

John: He's MINE!

Patch: No he's MINE!

John: NO MINE!

Stefano: Boys boys, there's enough of the big Stef-daddy to go around.

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"You call that a choke hold?"