Days of Our Lives: Queen of Goodnight

For years, whenever Stefano DiMera would refer to Marlena as his "Queen of the Night" I'd snicker because I thought someone at Days of Our Lives or the peacock network were closet Whitney Houston fans. Every time Stefano uttered the phrase I would wait for Whitney to jump out and start singing her smash hit - along with Deidre Hall as a backup dancer.

Even though it's late in the game, I want to give a shout out to Days for the return of Stefano DiMera. The iconic supervillian proves time and time again he knows how to make a grand entrance and that revenge is best served cold...


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Uh uh, I'm about to get up and do the Roger Rabbit!

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OMG, I completely forgot about this song. The Bodyguard was the pinnacle of Whitney's success. It pains me to see '90's Whitney and the present version. I start to feel like Marlon Brando in A Streetcar named Desire "HEY, WHITNEY!!".