Eden (Possibly) Kissed A Girl And She Likes It!

I've heard of people doing a lot of weird things to deal with the parts of their sexuality they aren't quite ready to face, but I must say creating three unique imaginary friends er bitches to ease the transition from hetero to homo is a new one.

Not that we're saying Imaginary Bitches' Eden (Eden Riegel) is definitely a Xena: The Warrior Princess fanclub member (we'll all have to wait until Friday night's explosive-they always have to be explosive-season finale of Imaginary Bitches on You Tube to find out!) But from the looks of these pics, Eden just might be in for some Same Sexual Healing.


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Don't know if your gay or straight? Sounds like a job for Samantha Ronson!

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I just want to say that it's "Xena: Warrior Princess," not "Xena: The Warrior Princess." Kthanx.