Guiding Light: Grady's Murder Trial, Yay or Nay?

It's been a year and a half since Tammy Winslow Randall was tragically run down by Grady Foley. Last Friday and Monday's episodes of Guiding Light finally saw the murderer go on trial for his crimes. However, it was nothing like I expected it to be.

Instead of having a big soapy courtroom affair, we were subjected to watching a pathetic excuse for a courtroom set along with the fastest murder trial ever. You would think the trial would be a long-term event, especially with all the drama that came from Tammy's murder itself. Yet, I forgot this was Guiding Light and as usual there is no justice. Even though, the show has been improving lately they really dropped the ball on this one. I was wondering how everyone else felt about the trial.

Did you enjoy Grady's Murder Trial?


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This was a farce in every sense. Tammy's death was one of last powerful moments on GL that I can remeber and this did not do it justice at all. This trial could have been drawn out a little bit longer and have a lot more powerful performances. Instead we got that spoiled brat Daisey lying to protect that scum. I am so beyond disgusted with the Daisey character right now, I wanted Reva to haul off and slap her! And Cassie has more important things to do then hear the verdict in her daughter's murder trial? She showed up at the last minute, but it was still beyond silly. It seemed liked TPTB used Tammy's murder as a way to prop up a ridiculous couple. Don't even get me started on Daisey's "we" comment to Grady! Yeah sweetie, Tammy gave her killer a second chance Shock

I loved Tammy and Jonathan. And as a fan of theirs, I feel disrespected. We should have been given more.

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Thier was a lot of things wrong with the the trail, here is some: Jothan, Harley, Lizzie(she know all about it), Allan, should have tesityed.. One there would have been more than one muder charge: Pre Meditated murder, Murder, Hit and run, and much more. The trail should have been longer(In my opoin they should have saved the trail for fall s/l's.)

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The whole trial was screwed up from the start. G should have been charged with manslaughter instead of first degree murder and don't get me started on the sets.

"G" ending up as the victim in a murder mystery is the only way to salvage this horrible story.

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To hell with the set. I would have forgave that if that little bitch, Daisy, hadn't lied to protect G. I wanted Reva to knock the snot out of that twit! Hopefully, Cassie will go postal on her ass.

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Get rid of "G"(what a stupid name) NOW!!! The trial was a joke, insulting and a slap in the face to Tammy and Jammy fans. Why was Daisy a witness? She was passed out on the back seat!! And the nerve of her speaking for Tammy about giving the murderer a second chance. And Reva? Hello I don't think she would be so understanding with Daisy if JONATHAN had been killed by that scumbag G!! Where was Lizzie(she's the one who started the whole thing), Remy, Marina the idiot, she was apparently on the case, and of course Jonathan should have been there but then again EW and the writers never plan ahead....GL is a JOKE!!!!

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I wish Jon was there and became a personal anti. Let Lizzie have sarah for a couple of months have Jon beat the shiz out of G and have tam tam come back Smile :)