Like a (Lesbian) Virgin

Eden finds herself sliding up and down the Kinsey Scale on the second part of the first season finale of Imaginary Bitches.

Last week, Eden created a new imaginary friend, who was more likely to listen to Indigo Girls, than sit around talking with her gal pals about the marvels of penises and body hair (as Eden does with Besties Erin, Connie and Lizzie in a scene that would make Michael Patrick King proud).All of this this leads to Eden embarking on her first potential adventure in Muff Land.

Eden meets a sexy blond, with lips created for sex (or same sex, sex) played by Chandra West (soon-to-be, 90210) and just when you think they're about to rush home from the restaurant and live out the fantasies of every Womens' Studies professor and frat boy in America, something happens. Make that someone-Jessalyn! (Jessalyn Gilseg). That's right the bitch is back and she ain't imaginary either.

As usual this episode of IB makes good use of Eden Riegel's newly-realized (by the press and blogosphere at least) comedic chops, but in one brief scene where a dejected Eden sits alone, it also reminds viewers why Riegel was so heartbreaking, earnest and believable as Bianca Montgomery on All My Children.

Kudos to Andrew, Eden, Lizzie, Connie, Erin and all the phenomenal guest stars, writers, and crew members who all donated their time and talents to create the best show to debut this season. Oh...what's that? Shut up Christian! Okay, okay, my imaginary bastard Christian Troy (hey Miller isn't the only one with Nip/Tuck ties!) just told me I was rude not to include Catherine and Heather, sigh. You guys did okay too, just don't be holding up my show with your Katherine Heigl-esque bullshit next year!

FYI: Eden's new potential stud puppy is played by Billy Aaron Brown of 8 Simple Rules Fame.


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And we were just discussing men and body hair a couple of days ago on DC. Also, next season Jessalyn has got to get got. Catherine and Heather can't let her get away w/ this one.

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Haha. Great Ending. Now we just need dates for the next season.

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