Testosterone Meet Estrogen

Testosterone meet estrogen. The ladies of The View are going to be dropping in on the gents of Entourage for a cameo in the upcoming season according to ET Online.

It should be interesting to see how Entourage pulls this off since Entourage is primarily set in California and The View is based in New York. Of course the guys could make a trip to New York or vice versa but even though I enjoy both shows, having the two converge in one place is a bit scarry.


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Testosterone doesn't stand a chance!

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24 March 2008
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Entourage is by far the best show on television right now. I love the cameos they seem to score every single season!

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I love Entourage, I can't wait until it comes back! But will the boys be able to get a word in edgewise...on their own show?