Tristan Talking Night Shift!

Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, General Hospital / Night Shift) is talking Night Shift on his blog.  It's an interesting look as to where Robert Scorpio is heading. 

My first show was an introduction. From here on in it gets gritty. Maybe a little to real. I have just shot some scenes which were quite disturbing for me, so I can't gauge how the public are going to deal with them. We are looking at the mortality of what, till now, has been an iconic hero. What's approaching will alter some of that.

Some people are qoing to feel quite uneasy at the upcomming material. I can't remember a person in daytime, much less any other time, ever putting themselves in the pathway of reality quite like we have here.

I think it's quite unique. How it will be percieved, I have no opinion on right now.

There's no question NS is breaking some interesting story. It may in fact be a first. But soap stories don't usually confront issues like this with characters like me. I cannot imagine Gloria ever allowing something like this to take place on her watch.
But the challenge, as an actor, was just plain undeniable. And I am for it.

We'll talk further as it develops.



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I am looking forward to seeing what happens with Robert in the next coming weeks.  It's obvious that decisions are going to have to be made by both Robin and him, things will have to be talked about that are uncomfortable.  Also, it is obvious this is why Anna will be seen too, she maybe part of the process as well.   

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Sounds like he is trying to hype the show. I don't see GH breaking new ground at this point. They usually just play it safe. Hopefully, I am wrong. I would love the show to get back to it's glory days.

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If these upcoming episodes are as powerful as he claims it's a shame that they won't be in Emmy contention. Maybe some of this story can bleed over into GH.

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If Tristan is referring to Robert's health problems, I wonder what ground-breaking stuff he's talking about. If it even approaches the emotions that were evoked during Monica's breast cancer scenes, it'll be something to watch.... but it'll take a lot to top that storyline in terms of medical angst.