Caption This: All in the “Family”

Talk about two very different reactions. The revelation that Chloe is in fact Esther’s (Kate Linder) daughter resulted in joy from Esther and horror from Jill (Jess Walton) and provides the perfect opportunity for a The Young and the Restless Caption This.

Take your best shot.

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    Tuesday’s episode, 8/2/08/ was simply the most brilliant hour of soap opera I have seen in a long, long time. It blows away anything any of the other shows have done with 2 simple things. The pair of Sheffer and Arena Bell have taken this show, totally destroyed by LML who plainly knew nothing about daytime, and restructured it in 2 short months to be the most character driven, family-oriented show. That is what I want from my soaps, family connections, great characters and the core of the show pushed to the front and center being used in an organic way. Yesterday’s episode was all that and more.

    It involved the core base of this show, the Newmans and the Chancellors. Nikki and Victor’s scenes on the beach and at his hide-a-hut were full of emotional dynamite, acting beyond compare and at the middle were the show’s most popular couple fighting each other, their passion, their love. Victor’s denial still strong, his desire to just be left alone and wallow in his misery and loss while Nikki’s guilt was so over powering and forceful. She did not know whether to hug him or jump into the ocean herself. Especially when Victor said that he wished one of them would murder the other and just get it over with. Their hatred and love mixed together to form a vicious combination. Then, the scenes where each of his children read their letters was written so well. Each letter tailored perfectly to the relationship he had with each child, saving the most respect for Victoria because she will always be the little girl in the big, poufy, white dress who hung onto his every word and took on his business acumen like a bird takes to its mother. Adam, equally affected by his letter, but disgusted because he felt like Victor let him know that even though he was giving him the reigns of the estate and the business, he did not feel the same for him that he does the 2 children he actually tried to raise, And then Nicholas’ letter perfectly applied to their relationship, Victor telling his son that he knows he was not the best father because he was busy making Newman Enterprises the empire it is now. But he also told him that watching Nicholas be the kind of father he is(was) to Cassie, Noah and Summer giving him praise for showing him what a good father is. Plus, he gave Nick his freedom to run his business by giving him the mortgage to the building that houses the magazine free and clear. Wow. Family dynamics galore. Dynamite on screen. Electric.

    To top it off, the revelation and aftermath of Chloe really being Esther’s daughter, Katherine Tina Valentine, was not only hilarious but beautifully tied this story together in a pretty bow. By connecting Chloe to Esther and therefore Katherine, because she supported the girl’s education and life, the writers have brought this story, which began with too many question marks, full circle, making it a much richer, deeper story because of the connection. the poor little maid’s daughter who wants more out of life, struck out on her own, changed her name and tried to make it without Kay’s help. She wanted to feel like an insider at the Chancellor estate not like a servant. If only she truly understood that Esther is so much more to Kay then just her maid. She has been and is like a surrogate daughter to Kay. Before Jill, Esther was like the daughter Katherine never had and even though Esther has dutifully done her job, Kay has given her a life unlike most maids and employees. She is family, which makes Chloe(Kate) family. That is something Chloe will hopefully learn and take away from this. I am not so sure that Chloe is lying about the paternity for the Chancellor money more then she is lying about it because she wants someone like Cane to love her even if it means forcing him to. She told them yesterday that she has always felt like an outsider and that she wants her baby to have the father she never did (long, complicated story but Kate’s dad is dead nevertheless). Then Katherine trying, as usual, to understand the misguided young women she sees in herself. Letting her know that she expects Kate to follow through on all the support she has given her through the years. The care, the education, the life she has had would not have been without Kay. Meanwhile, Jill, of course, steaming from the reveal, only sees the manipulative gold-digger in Chloe that Jill herself was when she snagged Phillip away from Kay and got pregnant with his baby, Cane. She pushed Cane to get an anulment from Chloe to stop her from getting any closer to getting her hands on any of their money or power. What a complicated, complex, web the writers have woven with this story. What seemed liked a rushed afterthought as a way to break up Lily and Cane has become an organic situation with people doing things they think they need to in order to survive. I am looking forward to finding out who the biological father of the baby is. By making Chloe Esther’s daughter, that revelation is even more important and has soapy greatness potential. I still think it is Brad. When she first came on the show, she was working at Jabot at the same time Brad was. We saw Brad having poker games and even hitting on Adam’s ex, Skye. He is definitely lonely and probably horny as a rabbit. The only link we have to the father is the phone call she made to a man letting him know that they would no longer be having “booty calls” because she was pregnant, she told him, with another man’s child.

    I am so thrilled and excited to watch Y&R everyday now. I am so happy that they managed to save this show in a matter of weeks with good pacing, great dialogue and character-driven stories that are inter-weaved together, creating a pattern for the people in Genoa City. The families and friends we as viewers have come to love and hate. Y&R is showing that soap operas can still be relevant, still tell a juicy, dramatic story but focus it and concentrate it on the people on canvas, using their inner lives to create outer conflict. Brilliant! The other shows ( that means you OLTL and GH, which have both been plot-driven messes lately) had better get their best, most creative thinking caps on because they are going to have a difficult time trying to repeat their Emmy wins next year. Y&R has at least 5 episodes I can think of off the top of my head to submit for Best Show and Best Writing and the actors are going to be in a tizzy trying to find the best reel because the acting has thrived with the writing. They are all at their best right now. Y&R has always been my favorite soap and I am so happy to have it so beautifully produced and I cannot wait now to get home and watch it. For the last few years, I have sometimes not watched an episode for days because I knew I did not care. Now, I care a lot. I wish them all the best for continued success at what has been a long-running period at the top. Now, they aren’t just the number one rated show because of habit, they deserve and earned it.

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    Sorry about it posting twice. i am not sure how that happened. Please, if you want, take down one of them because I do not want to seem like I am trying to hard or forcing my opinion in anyone’s face. That is not me. I did not post it twice so I really am not sure how this happened. I apologize and like I said, feel free to delete one of them since they are both the same. Thank you and sorry I had no captions for the pictures. I just wanted to express how I felt about the story the picture represents and, obviously, how the rest of the show is faring right now. Thank you! – Corey

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